How to do pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy / Am I doing kegel exercises right?

hey guys today we're talking about how

to do pelvic floor exercises during

pregnancy as well as three self

assessments to ensure that you're doing

them correctly and also a daily pelvic

exercise routine to help prepare for

labor and prepare for the fastest

recovery after and prevent leaking after

baby as well my name is Joakim humble

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new video of course this is general

information only and I always recommend

going to speak to your own doctor a

pelvic floor physiotherapist they are

amazing and can give you individualized

advice our public floor muscles are a

really important part of our core and

they hold up our organs as well as

during pregnancy they're gonna hold that

baby and placenta and everything else

extra that's happening in there so they

attach from our pubic bone to our

tailbone and then our seat bones on

either side making a hammock to hold

everything in we have two types of

muscle fibers in our pelvic floor

muscles so we have our slow twitch or

our type one muscles which are

constantly engaged there our endurance

and they are a little bit activated to

keep everything holding in all the time

and then we have our type two or fast

twitch fibers that protect us when we

sneeze or laugh and we really want to

work on these to prevent any leaking

when we're seizing or laughing you can

do public floor exercises in a variety

of different positions if you're in your

first trimester then sitting on a ball

or sitting on a chair is a good position

if you're in your second trimester

actually then being on your hands and

knees is a good position and then if

you're in your third trimester when your

belly is big and heavy than actually

finding a comfortable position and

sideline it can be a good position to do

them in there are a couple of different

keys that can be helpful when you are

doing your pelvic floor exercises so the

common one that you

is to stop the flow of urine and if that

works for you then I would also

encourage you to think of lifting up a

little bit a cubit my favorite is

picturing a blueberry or a raisin at the

opening of your vagina and sucking it up

into my vagina and then another cue that

is helpful is picturing there is a

string from your bellybutton to the

opening of your vagina and you are

cinching up and shortening that string

as you Kegel those are the three cues

that I find helpful if you have another

cue that is helpful for you please share

that in the comments below I'm sure that

other mums would love to hear other

options as well ideally we just want to

be activating around the vagina and not

around the anus but in the beginning if

you haven't been doing Kegel exercises

regularly this can be really hard to

just isolate those muscles so it is okay

to do both until you can find the

strength to isolate the muscles just

around the vagina so the first exercise

you can get into your comfortable

position either seated on all fours or

lying down and then picture whatever cue

so for me I'm gonna picture my blueberry

and I'm going to suck it up then I'm

gonna hold for up to 10 seconds I want

you to count and see how long you're

able to hold before you get too fatigued

and have to release it and that is

you're starting at number and so you can

write that down remember it and then as

you practice you can build up to the ten

seconds so let's say you make it to six


that's how long you're going to attempt

to hold it for and you're going to

repeat that five times so you're gonna

pick it up hold it count to six fully

relax take a breath and then you're

going to repeat and hold for six and you

can do that five times in a set the next

exercise is working on our fast twitch

muscles so we're going to take a time

period of ten seconds and we're gonna

see how many we can do as quickly as


in that 10 seconds so you would want to

go keko keko keko keko

Kegel counting to 10 seconds and then

you're going to repeat that five times

so the next exercise is gonna work the


or the front of our pelvic floor which

sometimes can be weaker than the

posterior side and so you're going to

picture the opening of your vagina and

you're going to visualize moving it

forward and you're going to do that ten

times relaxing and taking a breath so

fully relaxing in between and then

moving it forward the movement may be

very very little or it may even be in

the beginning more of an energy feeling

but when you practice as you build up

those muscles you will start to feel it

the next one we're going to work on is

just using the isolated muscles around

the vagina and trying to leave our back

passage muscles out of it again it may

be the tiniest movement or more of a

feeling of energy but we want to start

to work to be able to isolate those

message so take ten times and just even

if it's the slightest movement try to

isolate the muscles around the vagina to

do these kegels now I'm going to talk

about how to do the self assessment to

see if you're doing it correctly but if

you did want a video where I walk

through all the exercises and sets with

you I will link to that in the

description box below and if you're on

your mobile device I'll also put a card

up there that you can click on to walk

through those exercises with me so to

assess whether you're doing it properly

the three ways that you can do are you

can put your hands on your lower abs and

if you were doing it correctly you

should feel the slightest movement in

your low abs and so you should feel it

kind of tightening and coming together

just ever so slightly and that's going

to be a cue that you're doing it

properly another way to do it is to feel

the perineum that skin it between your

vagina and your anus and so you can even

do this with pants on especially if

they're tight so you can get down into a

comfortable side lying position and

literally you would just put your hand

right there and as you can go you would

be able to feel it tightening and the

third way is actually what the pelvic

floor physiotherapist would do and so of

course you want to make sure that you

have clean hands or gloves on and you

could actually end

two fingers into your vagina and you

would want to be able to feel a

tightening and lifting when you're doing

your Kegel and of course if you're still

not sure than a pelvic floor

physiotherapists will be able to do

their assessment and give you

individualized direction if you have any

more questions or comments please feel

free to put it in the comments below and

in the description box I'm also going to

put a printout to the exercise if you

prefer to look at a printout as you're

working through the different exercises

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