How to Germinate Pepper Seeds INCREDIBLY QUICK with 99% Germination!

first you need seeds certain containers small plastic cups or pots work best

then fill your container of choice with potting mix ensuring that it's crumbly

and without chunks I add some perlite to the cup and mix it into the top layer

this creates a loose environment that will help the seeds root better I use a

heating mat because consistent heat is critical for good germination around 85

degrees Fahrenheit or twenty nine point four degrees celcius is ideal for

peppers I pre moisten the potting soil in the cups by bottom watering as shown

once you have your pepper seeds place them in the refrigerator for three days

this mimics winter temperatures and when the seeds get removed they will sense

that it is spring and be more likely to Germany

now it's time to make some tea I recommend orange pekoe for this but any

type of black tea should work let it cool down a bit and stir well pour the

pepper seeds into the tea and let them soak for 30 minutes this softens the

seed shells speeding germination once 30 minutes has passed it's time to drain

the tea to do this I use coffee filters these ones are made out of bamboo and

are quite expensive sorry mom and dad place a filter over the mug ensuring a

good seal then turn the mug upside down over the sink and let all the tea drain

out leaving the seeds behind in a filter

now that you have everything prepared it's time to plant your pepper seeds

sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil and try to place some fairly evenly

apart you don't have to be perfect because you'll be transplanting the

seedlings later on next I sprinkle a mixture of 25 percent perlite 25 percent

vermiculite and fifty percent potting soil onto the surface of each cup adding

just enough to cover all the seeds now spray the tops with some lukewarm water

to contact the pepper seeds with moisture the soil should be moist to the

touch but not soggy in order to avoid mold which would not be good

you're almost there now all you have left to do is cover the containers with

plastic here I'm using plastic base but clear plastic domes or saran wrap works

just as well

only eight days later the peppers are germinating congratulations you now know

how to start peppers indoors for super quick high germination rates good luck

on your pepper growing journey I know you can do it thank you so much for

watching and as always grow at best