Premature Pet Names

If you do end up partying with coworkers,

try to refrain from giving them any sexy nicknames.

Unless of course you're actually dating them.

>> Yes, in fact,

a recent story on MadameNoir asked the question, is it okay for

someone to call you baby, or honey after only dating them for

a short period of time. >> Hm.

>> One woman in the article claimed that

she only had two dates with the guy, that he's all ready texting her

how are you babe? >> So ladies, how long do you think you

should date someone before you start giving them cute nicknames?

What do you think? >> I think there's even a difference,

honestly, between babe and baby.

I know that. I even have girlfriends.

And I'm like, hey babe, how are you?

Like, that's like

a little bit more casual. >> Yes.

>> Saying baby to me is a bit deeper, and

my only concern with that is if you use that too freely,

you're not just using that on me.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Yeah.

>> You probably use that on everybody.

Hey baby, what's up, baby. >> Yeah.

>> And it just makes me think,

you don't know my name. >> [LAUGH]

>> No, I'm not being funny.

There are guys that use the word baby just in case,

like if they are multi-dating as Loni encourages.

They might not know who you are.

They might, if they're dating Loni, Jeannie, and-

>> Yeah, cuz I call everybody boo-boo, and

I don't know their name. >> That is true, yes.

>> I'm like, you're my boo,

my boo-boo, my boo.

>> Yeah. >> I don't

care. >> [LAUGH]

>> I like doing that though.


>> You know, even though you say,

Adrienne, that it almost normalizes it, I like calling people by endearing titles.

You know, like hey love or what's up boo or you know, I think it's just a

difference when you want somebody to know that you like them a little differently,

then you're gonna be like what's up daddy. >> But when I'm having sex,

I call him by his name though. >> [INAUDIBLE]

>> Say that again.


>> Mm-hm.

>> She doesn't say daddy,

>> Yeah, I call them by their name,

cuz I want them to know I know their name. >> [APPLAUSE]

>> That brings a whole new definition

Destiny's Child song, Say my name. >> Okay, well, well, well.

>> [LAUGH] Look at everybody that got

quiet, what happened? >> [CROSSTALK]

>> Can you imagine in this day and

age when you could confuse somebody, can you imagine if you got your partner's full

name, middle name, last name, and their social security number and

you were just yelling that out. >> Okay.

>> Edward Thornton.

Five, five, two, eight, three.

[LAUGH] >> It is pretty scary.

>> But don't front.

In the movie Dirty Dancing, the character Baby.

They call her Baby.

That's her nickname.

And I thought it was so sexy when he asks her, what's your real name.

And she says, Francis.

And it sounds so official.

That the nicknames are cute, but when a man says your full name.

That's kinda sexy. >> Not if

it's Francis. >> [LAUGH]