Physical Therapy Restores Walking After Stroke

Ready now we're going to walk straight back to your chair.

Right foot tighten, and bring your right foot out a little bit,




Frees going to make sure your steady on top and I'm going to just work on

your right leg.

Tap, very nice, that was better okay. Bring it back up to the floor. Good

Now hold on, come on up again, good.

Now come on up, easy, and up again, good.

Okay, hold on, bring the leg out to the side, good, and now left, there we go, and come down

left leg, there we go.

Good, good, come have a seat.

Alright, we are going to go up the stairs one right after the the other.

We are going to do left then right, and when you are on that right, I want you to push through, straighten it, and then follow.

Do left, right, past it, all the way, press through, straighten out the hips pass it.

There you go. Right foot all the way up, good.

There we go.

Joe: Stairs bother me less then regular walking.

Therapist: Then walking, you do very, very well.

Shift your weight to the right line, squeeze and tighten, your going to step over with your left.

Make sure you bend and bring the right one through.

Shift to the right and tighten that

right leg.

There we go.

Bend the knee, bend it, bend it, then step over.



Left, squeeze.


Right foot over.

Joe: Right foot over.

Therapist: Exit softly,

then step through, good.

Joe: Am I actually tightening that up?

Therapist: Yeah, you want to squeeze right here.

Joe: OK.

Joe: Here we go.

Therapist: One foot right after the other.

Even its a little harder.

Cause you're standing on your right leg

for longer too.

Joe: Yeah.

Therapist: Feel it? Feel it now?

Like you feel it stronger now.

Joe: Kinda.

All right.

Therapist: Ok you are going to turn and have a seat.


Right foot back.