What is the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons? What Age to Start Piano Lessons

hi I'm Robert Esther here at living

panakam the question today is what is

the right age to begin piano lessons

perhaps you have kids and you're

wondering should you start lessons now

or wait a while and you know there's a

variable here because each child is

unique so I have seen four-year-olds who

are ready to go and I've seen

eight-year-olds who were not ready for


generally speaking somewhere between the

ages of 6 & 9

for many kids of the good age and it's

no accident kids are going to school

have learned how to take written

direction and how to work independently

and this is what is required in piano

study now if you're a parent who has an

active interest in your child's studies

and have some musical background it's

possible to work with a very young

children and be productive however

different children have different levels

of maturity some kids just will can't

sit still on the banks for more than 30

seconds without slithering under the

piano and obviously you don't want to

make it a battle trying to keep them

there on the bench so maybe it's a

better idea to just expose them to music

play games at the piano play recorded

music keep them to outdoor concerts

exposure after all is a big element of

talent developing the musical language

from a young age you'll know it's the

right time if your child can take

written directions if they can do their

homework on their own chances are they

can also be successful at piano lessons

consider helping your child because

practicing the piano done correctly is

hard work you want to encourage your

children and make it fun for them as

much as possible

so check out your child you could always

try lessons to see how it works out and

if the child is not taken to it the last

thing the world you want to do is have

them burn out a piano

so be sensitive to your children and see

the right age and you'll probably sense

when they're ready and if you have any

questions about a specific child or

situation feel free to contact me Robert

estrin here at Living panakam thanks for

joining me