Pregnancy After The Pill | Your Questions Answered

so many of the young women I see at the

clinic in their 30s have been on the

pill they've gone on the pill at 15 and

don't come up until they're 34 35 when

they started to try for a baby and it's

very easy for them to get quite panicked

about their cycles and their fertility

in returning I want to tell you about

some of the common questions that I get

asked one of the first questions is I'm

thinking about coming off the pill do I

need to let it go out of my system for

the next three months before I start

trying for a baby and the answer is no

when you first come off the pill you

should try for a baby as soon as you can

because some studies show that your

fertility is better in the early months

when you first come off the pill so

don't waste time letting it go out of

your system another question I get asked

is how long will it take for my period

of my cycles to return when I come off

the pill now I know I've just said that

for many women they can get pregnant

quite quickly but for others there are

delays and it's not unusual to have

cycle disturbances for six to seven

months and cycle irregularities as well

am I more likely to have policies to go

over it when I come off the pill this is

quite a difficult question to answer

because so many women have been on the

pill for 10 to 15 years and when you've

been on the pill that long

sometimes it can mask certain underlying

factors that you don't know that you've

got so some women may have polycystic

ovaries when they come off

because they they might have had it

anyway without realizing if I'm trying

to chart my fertility following the pill

what can I expect when you've been on

the pill for such a long time a woman

isn't aware of what her natural cycles

are so it does take time to get used to

charting and noticing secretions and

changes like that and I think what's

hard as well is that there can be delays

in ovulation returning so it can take

sort of up to seven cycles for your

relationship return what if I have no

periods of my cycle doesn't return when

I come off the pill this is very very

difficult because month on month you're

waiting for something to happen but it

is important that if your cycle doesn't

return and you're not ovulating you do

need to go and see your GP and there

will be certain blood tests and

medications that you may need to take to

reestablish and ovulation and then the

final question is when should I come off

the pill I'm thinking of trying for a

baby and this is a difficult one as well

because for some women they'll get

pregnant very quickly when they come off

the pill for others it can take longer

but if in your if you're in your mid-30s

and you're thinking about baby come off

the pill straightaway and try because on

average you can take 8 to 12 months to

conceive a miscarriage isn't uncommon

it's really important that the mini is

start thinking about having a baby

you don't put off coming up