I want to become a pilot where do I start

I want to become a pilot where do I

start that question is such a great

question it is easy to think that you

want to become a pilot it is easy to

dream about an office in the sky it can

be wonderful to sit in a cubicle and

daydream of what you really would like

to do is fly for a living but you're not

going to get there unless you actually

start making some moves and that's what

we're going to talk about in this video

where it's a start

if you want to become a pilot hi pilots

and aviation lovers and welcome to the

channel that brings you a VA ssin

information motivation and inspiration

and today we are talking about what to

do if you want to become a pilot

the very first step up front I want to

let you know that becoming a pilot is

gonna take a lot of time and an equal

amount or maybe even more money and of

course this is not a surprise to you but

I would just want to make sure that you

know that that it's quite a big of a

time and financial investment and

commitment that you're making if you do

want to become a pilot now since you

already know that do you actually know

what's type of pilot you want to become

do you want to be an airline pilot like

myself I am now a regional airline pilot

or do you want to become for example a

corporate pilot do you want to fly

packages do you want to be a freight dog

or is maybe a career flight instructor

what you want to be or do you want to be

an airshow flyer or are you the one that

just wants to be that weekend warrior to

go out on the weekends to go get that

hundred dollar hamburger and fly just

for fun if you want to become an airline

pilot then you'll have to get their

certificates up to the ATP certificate

if you are aiming for corporate flying

then you can have a commercial

certificate and that would be enough if

you want to become a flight instructor

then you also need to do your certified

flight instructor FAA check right on top

of having your commercial certificate

and now if you only want to fly for fun

you will have enough on your private

pilot certificate but I would always

recommend to get that instrument rating

so that you can expand the range of

weather conditions that you can fly in

no matter what

a pilot you want to become we all have

to start somewhere and that start is

going to be the discovery flight the

discovery flight is an introductory

flight in which you'll experience what

it will be like to get flight training a

CFI certified flight instructor will

take you up for likely an hour maybe

half an hour and most flight schools

offer this flight at a discount for most

it will be the first experience in a

smaller trainer and it will likely be

your first experience being on the

controls once you're in the air the

instructor will do two takeoff and the

landing most likely I would recommend to

look up some flight schools in your area

and see if they are offering a discovery

flight when you do go on the discovery

flight make sure that you take this

opportunity to ask all the questions

that you have with your flight

instructor for example you can ask what

the flight instructor availability is

how often you would like to Train and if

it's possible with the amount of

instructors that there is are you going

to actually be flying with the same

instructor that is taking you up in that

discovery flight also take a look around

at the flight school make sure that the

Megane status of the airplanes is up to

par and make sure that the airplane that

you're flying is the one that you would

like to be training in don't limit

yourself to doing just one discovery

flight with one specific school just go

to a few if you have the luxury of have

having more flight schools in your area

and try to do discovery flights in

different aircraft as well take a Cessna

172 or 150 high wing and maybe do a

piper lowing as well just to see what

you would be most comfortable with the

cost of a discovery flight will vary

anywhere between like a hundred dollars

and probably at most three hundred maybe

three hundred fifty dollars for an hour

flight and this depends on what type of

aircraft you'll be flying it will be a

lot cheaper when you do discovery flight

and also subsequently your flight

training in the Cessna 150 as opposed to

doing that in a Cirrus sr22 once you've

completed your discovery flight and

assuming that you loved it it is time to

decide what type of flight training you

actually want to get do you want to do a

flight training academy and get through

as quickly as possible and doing your

flight training full-time

or do you want to or need to do your

flight training part-time because for

example you need to still work your day

job in order to be able to pay for the

flight training that was what was

happening in my case for those of you

that want to become airline pilots keep

in mind that seniority is everything in

the airlines so if you can go through

your flight training as quickly as

possible then that would be very

beneficial for your career in that case

I would suggest that if you do have the

time in the resources and to fly

full-time to do that and get to where

you want to go as quickly as possible if

you have to do your flight training

part-time because there's just no other

way then I would recommend to try and

fly twice a week consistency is very

important during flight training and it

would be good for you to keep that

muscle memory going as opposed to flying

once every two weeks for example in

making the decision to go part-time or

full-time you're also making the

decision if you are going to go part 61

or part 141 these two terms refers to

the Federal Aviation Regulations in

which this flight school and the flight

training is being conducted in short a

part 141 school has an FAA approved

curriculum that you need to follow to a

tee and it has a certain way of going

through the flight training that they

cannot deviate from a part sixty one

school has a lot more flexibility and

the curriculum is not set meaning that

in a part one for you on school you're

probably going to go through a flight

Academy and it's probably going to be

full time as opposed to the flexibility

of a part 61 school that will allow you

to do it part time more easily I have a

video on part 141 versus part 61 and I

will link that up here and also in the

description below doing a part 141 or a

part 61 curriculum will also make a

difference in how many flight hours you

will need to have to attain a certain

rating or certificate and that will then

in turn translate in a different in cost

and I will talk about that when I'm

talking about how much flight training

will actually cost and I will do a 20/20

update to the video that I did for that

I think in 2018 so there will be

how much flight training costs update

video in I think about a week that will

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options for flight training would be to

go to the military route or to maybe go

to a college that also has an aviation

program now it is not necessary for

pilots to have a college degree but if

you do want to go to the airline route

most major airlines do appreciate a

four-year degree and having a degree

would be really good for you in the

interview process I am also a big fan of

having a degree so that you have a

back-up plan just in case something

happens to that medical as I mentioned

in future videos I will do a deep dive

into how much flight training costs how

to pick a flight school if you want to

see another video on the difference

between part 61 and part 141 then make

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I can always make an update on that

video as well and maybe dive a little

bit deeper in the difference between the

two I will also do a video on training

with a flight club as opposed to going

to a flight school for example like I

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miss any of the future videos in this

series so there you have it if you're

thinking about becoming a pilot or you

just want to see what it's like to be on

the controls of an airplane

get yourself a discovery flight with a

CFI and see what it's like most of us

never forget that first discovery flight

the first time that you're in a small

aircraft how about you did you already

do your discovery flight or are you

planning to go on one make sure you let

us know and share your experiences in

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especially if you're going through

flight training fly safe and I will see

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