well goodbye the best man-made I'm you

got Mac today I'm excited because we

bring you this thing in this is season 3

season this season I think is season 3

it might be season might be season

before I can't really figure it out but

anyway we back in the building

best man-made is in effect I'm excited

to be I'm excited to be with you I'm

also excited because this year your boy

Mac has one of the biggest things

popping one of the greatest honors any

guy any true man out there could get

that honor is this my little brother my

younger brother can you I say little

dudes bigger than me could probably not

be out maybe my younger brother Michael

is getting married I could be any happy

because he's got a beautiful bride-to-be

the boy looks good he's been in the gym

getting fit but that means you boy Mac

it's gonna be the best man and I got a

little bit of planning to do but that's

it let's get right to it


now here's the thing we're going to talk

about this today's topic is how do you

plan the perfect bachelor party the the

bachelor party worthy of a best man the

best man me well I might say the first

thing that you want to keep in mind is

that the groom and the best man plan the


don't let these other cats like the

other guys that want to get out you know

they mediate maybe in the wedding

maybe they family maybe they're friends

they're gonna want to go out there and

do the whole bachelor party for you they

got all these ideas all these things

they want to do all this stuff happening

blah see blah no this between the best

man and the groom that's it

they might coming in they might have a

little input whatever you want to hear

if that's up to us you know whatever

whatever you want to do you can make

that happen but the real way you would

have planned a perfect bachelor party is

it keeps between you and your groom now

listen here's the deal

my brother I know the guy I've been

knowing the guy all his life you know he

even knowing me all my life but the

thing is I know what Michael wanted to

do I know what action he wants to have I

know we can make this thing fly how to

make it fly how to make it memorable I'm

getting ahead of myself

the second thing you want to remember is

that you only want to involve about

three to five other people the reason

why is when you go with like a big room

listen you okay you got this bachelor

party in your mind you want to go

somewhere you want to go out there make

it happen but you got eight to ten

people look you wanna have some problems

once you get around like ten people or

so and you start going over that number

and you start getting my 1020 cats if

you're trying to get out there and

celebrate this whole bachelor party

thing you're having a problem you're

gonna run into a lot of issues cuz you

got too many personalities to manage

you're the best man

you got to keep all these guys in check

these are the cats they're gonna be able

to having a ball having a having a town

but ain't life they like oh really care

about the groom that's yo action that's

what you got to come in and say I'm

looking exactly out for the groom that's

from a moral responsibility so don't

bring in ten plus people keep it simple

go about three to five people or so to

make this thing though the third thing

the third thing that most people miss is

fellas don't be predictable too many

guys do the same thing for every

bachelor party I think I've been - what

do they do

let's get the drinks right let's get the

smokes let's get the girls let's that's

all they do it's the same old mess and

the bad thing is a lot of these cats do

it the night before they get married

good god that's the biggest problem

that's miss TSM decimate I actually made

that number one that's a major mistake

don't do this the night before the groom

is about to get married

big problem big no-no too many things

can go wrong for one that cats pride

will step out there

Santa's vows half-drunk all the

groomsmen at the end the daggone thing

the night before drunk lady just looking

all sloppy up there like this the best

day - they don't pay thousands of

dollars guess what

you don't really remember it they don't

want to be there they feel sick the

whole time they're looking like crap

don't do that don't set your board for

failure do this three months out three

months before the groom goes the dance

says I do or the groomsmen up there

don't don't do do this give you some

time give you some cushion now the

reason why you want to give them that

cushion a couple things is just in case

look let they say that that that just in

case just in case some happen okay

I don't know a cap but just in case

think about it what could happen right a

group of guys out having a good time big

party people just having you know going

out of going out of mind throwing money

whatever it might be think things can

happen do this three months out before

the wedding number four go somewhere or

do something you never done before write

some some monumental something memorable

you're out there trying to make

memories for you guy you and your homie

whether it be your brother whether it be

you your best friend one of your

childhood friends whatever it might be

you cuz I don't know you have to trying

to make a memory going through the same

mess don't go to the same location

you've been going to that's already been

there done that when you talk to the

groom and step back and say look man you

know if you can go anywhere right

anywhere where would you want to go if

you could do anything I mean absolutely

anything what would you want to do

because that's what we gonna do that's

the type of thing we're gonna get into

and have that kind of memory become

number five the fifth thing I'm gonna

tell you and I think you should do maybe

planning this you planning this

monumental event right this great time

with with you you homie you know I'm

saying his people whatever it might be

you're trying to do a good thing here a

lot of guys for some reason just think

it's gonna be so much you know idiotic

see so much ridiculousness that they

always forget one major thing that you

actually do in a wedding

look hire a photographer I get it lot of

cats man Mac why would you do that why

was it - talk about to be there why are

you doing on it for most guys is out

there trying to do they best man that's

trying to have the best bachelor party -


y'all out there getting clean look one

thing I want to do my brother we don't

go out there we gonna be looking fly

alright we gonna spend a little dough

we're not gonna be out there doing a lot

of food we're gonna make a selfie up

there we want to make a memory we want

to look back on this years from now and

say man you know what brother we did the

damn thing right then and there we was

looking good doing it let me see you

damn right cuz we had your brother out

there your best man

making it happen now the last thing I'm

going to tell you number six the last

thing you want to do is get some real

R&R for the groom listen

most people take several months to plan

out a wedding okay planning a wedding I

don't care if you the groom or the bride

but you need to relax right whether he's

doing a lot of the planning and putting

down or whatever or whether she's doing

all the planning there's a lot of stress

and just tension and all that going

around getting this thing to happen get

your boy some R&R right he's tired he's

been going through months of trying to

figure out who got the best flowers for

this or what the cake tastes like how

many plates having two gonna invite he's

got he got a lot on his mind

give him some real R&R it might be I

think I just put in a video gaming y'all

my just game for a while

y'all might go hit the gym y'all might

go out for a for for for a beer or

whiskey or cigars whatever it might be

you don't wanna do it that kind of way

you don't want to sit there and think

the R&R is that having your boys

stressed out might get locked up

somebody might even get shot I don't

know what kind of action you're trying

to get into but that's not the right

kind the kind of foolishness is that a

lot of cats get into out of foolishness

step up always do

and as we all know right here right now

Oh best man-made boys aboard the Menem a

lousier next time