7 Tips for FIRST-TIME CRUISERS | Planning Your First Cruise ~ Happy Cruising!

every cruzi alright guys we are back for

another video today's video is going to

be on how to plan your very first cruise

vacation that's right or if this isn't

your first cruise vacation make sure

that you take down the tips that Jamil

and I are sharing here on a day to make

better of your cruise yes so we have

quite a bit of experience we travel we

cruise with buttons we recruit about

five or six times and then to about

seven to eight different countries and

all of our cruisers have been with Royal

Caribbean you have any specific

questions about Royal Caribbean please

make sure to drop a comment below and we

will be more than happy to answer that

question for you right the first thing

that you need to do is identify your

travel date yes so your travel date

means when do you want to travel do you

want to travel in the spring the summers

on vacation maybe even Christmas

vacation you want to go somewhere Fall

Break so pick a date for your cruise the

next tip we want to give is after you

choose your date choose your destination

choosing your destination if you go onto

your cruise lines website you see a list

of options of where you can cruise to

whether mr. Easter Caribbean Western

Caribbean and it's dependent upon the

city that you leave out of so you choose

what city you want to cruise out of and

with that city comes different places

that you can choose from and so that's

how you would do that exactly next step

would be how are you planning on getting

to your cruise destination so mode of

transportation with that being said you

want to think about how are you going to

get to your cruise city the only thing

that makes to keep in mind if you do

drive your own vehicle down there

condition and we rent cars is that

there's going to be about a $20.00

stores for you every single day for your

bill will be parked on site yes if you

bring your car if you bring your car but

if you do rent a vehicle there's a lot

of rental car services around the area

such as budget herds and a prize you

name it you could drop your car up there

most of the time they'll have a shuttle

service that would take you to and from

the airport and it's normally near the

airport location the cruise port is near

Airport most of the time exactly the

next tip is to calculate how much you

will need to save per month when you

plan a cruise the cruise is going to

tell you how much is going to be per

person and then it's going to give you a

total which is also going to include

taxes and port fees at the end of your

booking is going to tell you how much of

a deposit that you're going to have to

place in order to reserve your stay in

the deposit ranges on how big the ship

is so we've experienced the process from

100 to 500 dollars a dollar deposit do

that at that point in time you have to

pay that deposit after the after you

make that deposit you have a remaining

balance and that remaining balance is

due what like six months what three

months before the cruise four months

yeah so that's why again is very

important to check plan your cruise out

a year to about six months in advance

because then that allows you to budget a

paying system every single month that

you can put towards the cruise and not

to pair things up in lump sum yeah so

Jamila now we know we budget try to

spend about 150 to 200 dollars maybe a

check or a month oh yeah so when you do

it that month when you do it that you

know that six months to a year out we

only have to pay like 100 to 200 dollars

per month and it really works out that

way yeah and then we'll pay it off by

the end of the deadline and then for

remaining months we can budget our money

on what cruise excursions we're going to

want to pay for once we get to our

island destinations

the next thing to plan for when it comes

to the budget are in the hidden costs

that come with Cruise Lines yes so I

tell myself just this past week I saw

one of the people I were to a guy then I

went to college with him and his wife

were on their honeymoon and they had got

into it with the salesperson or the cat

what is it called like no service the

guest services because at the end of

your cruise you're going to get a

statement and so we are here to help you

guys know know if that was their

situation but we are here to make sure

you are not shocked when you get that

bill statement at the end of your proof

just when Jamil and I we went on our

very first cruise we were having the

time of my life

Weber Behance things are a little we

paid for this we did that this is all

that we're gonna hold and then they slid

our statement underneath bra stateroom

door last night why is this extra charge

coming from for example gratuities is a

major hidden cost on the cruise line at

the every single day that you stay on

the cruise there are accumulating a tip

that they're automatically going to Bill

you for and then you're responsible for

paying it before you deport off the ship

yes so with that gratuities its face

that that gratuities is basically your

tips for your partner

room service partner room service your

room attendant roam attendant your

waiter your assistant waiters everyone

who's helped you on the cruise ship they

are given a gratuitous amount and so

it's like what twenty dollars a night

roughly right so our two what we have

started doing is paying that gratuities

when we pay off the balance so we

include our gratuities in the amount

that we pay so that we don't get that

sucker so it's already done is already

done over with we're paying out of

pocket but things strictly that were

using such as drinks

additional tips we would like to leave

for exceptional service yeah and so when

you get on with before you get on the

ship you get like a IV card and there's

no cash or a car tender on the ship it's

all your ID card and so you swipe that

car and you're going to be charged and

you've got that's going to appear on

your statement can you connect put money

on that card

you can't put money on your account and

they always use it as like a debit

service but whatever debt that you

accumulate or wellness that you incur

you look at you right okay and the last

tip is what to pack so what we pack in

our suitcases because jamel not spend a

lot of time at the beach while we're on

our cruise vacations is we're bringing a

lot of waterproof material so some of

the things that I'd like to show you all

make sure that you have a underwater

camera so this is one of our very first

underwater cameras that we used to use

it on blogs we got it from Amazon for

like $20 like 40 or you know and this

it's like a HD camera 1080p unawarded

camera and then inches we have obviously

upgraded our cameras throughout the

years of our blogging this is for our

canon g7x - mark - this allows us to

shoot very high quality videos on the

order and it comes with a lot of tools

that I can use the minimize and maximize

the screen zoom in and zoom out take

pictures etc comes with the strap keep

you know hang on to it comes with a

strap so it doesn't float away away from

you by you in the order then Jamila

bought this for us last cruise so if you

want to bring her your phone you can

just easily slip or might want to take

pictures and stuff

do you want to take it just real easy

just slip your phone hand I'm struggling


not that hard and then there's a strap

this right here that I did not say God

so it doesn't float away

yes and then the last thing that we have

since we recently got married we don't

really want to lose our wedding Uranus

because as you know jewelry does slip

off and wet environments

so what Jamila and I got last year is we

got these silicone rings that we use to

substitute our actual wedding bands yeah

when you're going to the word okay like

what $10 for them on Amazon all of this

stuff was from Amazon eBay Amazon Amazon

so all this stuff was from Amazon we

will try to find it for you guys and

link it below so that you can check it

out and maybe purchase it for yourself

that's right

so other things we want you guys to

think about packing towels we want to

talk to you guys about towels now we

always bring our own towels but we did

want to mention that there's cruise

ships supply you towels you just you'll

swipe your card to check it out and you

have to swipe your card to check it back

in if you never return that that towel

you will be charged in that billing

statement for your outfits Jamil I know

we may disagree on this answer okay I

always feel like you know over tax and I

feel like I slightly under tack so we

need to find some type of help

immediately but regardless you probably

don't want to bring about two or three

outfits a day maybe one for breakfast

and one for lunch one for dinner or that

lunch can be substituted for like an


right right right to dinner because on

the cruise ships they don't allow like

streetwear or like you know under dress

clothing in the dining room it's like a

fancy dining room for dinner for for

dinner for dinner they will ask you to

you know dress nicely and then there's

always events going on throughout the

day or throughout the evening so you

want to you know come prepared right and

then also make sure that you bring

swimming outfits so obviously they're

going to be days at sea so maybe you

want to bring

sporting wear so say for example

like working out on the cruise I like

playing basketball that time we're not

doing anything

orange bill and I be jumping to in

Jacuzzi so make sure you branch the swim

shorts or yes bring extra swimsuit

because you may think okay we're going

to the beach on you know two days we're

gonna be you know on the beach but think

about like myself a day at sea days

where you're not going to get off the

ship and you're gonna have to enjoy

yourself while you're on the ships or

reaction um captain's dinner there is a

captain's dinner and with the captain's

dinner you have to dress a really really

fancy and wear something nice and

sparkly you don't have to put in my mind

I have to do this recommend they totally

dress formally so captain's dinner

another name for captain's dinner they

may call it formal night yeah so make

sure that you bring an outfit with you

that you are ready to wear now the first

couple times you millon I wait I used to

get really mad on my stuff used to be

like super wrinkled so what smilla not

started doing is we start packaging our

suits that we were wear for formal night

and the suit bag so we can just carry it

on and close when we bring cool about

time dinner happens yes with passports

there are times when you actually will

not need a passport so sometimes the

cruise ship will take you like to the

Bahamas where else we do not need pretty

much US territories so things like

Bahamas Puerto Rico but if you do not

have it you need to get that passport at

least order it what four months in

advance before your cruise because it

takes a while to give you takes a while

for your passports to come back you

don't want to pay extra money to

expedite the process so if you know that

you're gonna cruise you need a passport

we stop by your local post office to get

one ordered so there's no confusion

though why'd you wasted a thousand plus

dollars on the cruise you're not able to

go on yeah we forgot one last thing that

we want to talk to you about and this

can be thrown back in this section on

planning and budgeting for your cruise

so 90 mil and I said after the finished

paying off our cruise we want to start

planning and budgeting for excursion it

is really good to planning budget books

curtains early try to pay for it before

you get on the cruise because this

curtain is do fill up quickly and what

is an excursion an excursion is pretty

when you get to an island or you get to

a place that your cruise has marked down

for a destination you have activities

once you get to that place so for

example when we pay for dispersion

when we get to our stateroom on day one

we'll have a ticket and I'll ticket is

pretty much granting permission to get

into a line and to take a shuttle

service to our destination so this one

here that we have is what we wear it so

this is from our honeymoon when we went

to st. Maarten and we did an underwater

excursion where we were 30 feet

underwater and we got to see a whole

bunch of fish and other things like that

yeah so um excursions are there now I

know some people cruise and they don't

care about the excursions they care

about just going around the city but the

excursions give you like an outside view

because normally when you curl you can

only go into the cruise ships territory

but when you get an excursion you can go

outside the territory you get to see the

city and the country that you're in for

what it is and that would you know the

ship company has built in that area but

when we go to make when we went to

Mexico the area for the cruise ship was

like fifth all it was gated off most of

the places are like it like really gated

off and you can't leave yeah you can't

leave unless you have an excursion and

when we went on Earth excursion we hit

like the dune buggy and beach excursion

and we got to drive like these little

dune buggies around the around the

country and it was just so cool getting

to see Mexico for Mexico and so it was

just really nice

really nice now the price is for an

excursion is going to depend on what

you're doing so there are very

inexpensive excursions they range from

yeah their ranks from about 40 to like

to 300 maybe even more if you want like

a private island like you can get

private out of this but you can ride

horses you know you can go swimming with

dolphins you just want we see Tardos

alright so we thank you guys so much for

tuning in to this video we've been

wanting to make this video for so long

and we hope that these tips have helped

you all our we'll help you out when you

decide to go on a cruise ship or the

next time you cruise I know some of our

subscribers how crews were like 20 and

30 30 different times so and I know

that's how some of you guys have found

us through our cruise trip so we really

hope this helps you guys and we can't

wait for the next video that's right if

you would like us to do it part to make

sure that you drop any questions as you

feel that we may have not answered in

this video any question that you may

still be a little skeptical about when

taking the cruise and we'll make a

another video so maybe we can do a video

like pros and cons all right guys thank

you guys so much for watching and we

look forward to seeing you all the next

time see you all next time happy

cruising epic rewsey fun