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hi everyone its Elena in a video a few

months back we asked you guys if you

wanted to see a video all about how to

prepare for college and how to choose a

college and major and stuff like that so

that is a video that I have for you guys


so if you watch that video then you know

that I graduated from high school so I'm

not a college expert but I do know all

about getting into college and

scholarships and stuff so I really hope

you find this video helpful so the first

thing I'm going to talk about is what

you should do throughout high school so

it's really important that you are very

involved in your school it's really good

to be involved in either clubs or sports

it's also really good to have leadership

positions in those clocks it really

shows that you have leadership skills

and stuff like that another thing that's

really important is community service so

you could work at a soup kitchen things

like Relay for Life any kind of like

walk or run that's for a cause for me I

was involved in my school selecting show

choirs so I did so we performed at some

hospitals or soup kitchens and I did

other things as well but those are some

examples of what you could do it's

really important that you keep track of

what you're involved in in the community

service you do so that way you could put

them into your scholarship essays and

other stuff that you're gonna have to do

later on in high school another thing

that would be good to start as early as

possible is to start thinking about what

major you want to do in college I think

it's helpful to know what you want to do

so that you could take classes that

reflect that or you could even start

looking into internships while you're in

high school it's a good idea to take as

many opportunities such as

internships or like competition sample

my senior year I did an internship and I

was in a few competitions doing my

calculus class I think that really helps

to show that you try and that you really

care but it's also okay to not be

decided about what you want to do cuz

it's really crazy that we have to choose

what we want to do for like the next 50

years while you're so young college

students like change their major for

like an average of three times so

definitely don't worry about that

another thing to consider it is taking

AP classes or like classes for college

credit I took several of college now

classes throughout high school I think

those are really nice because at least

in my high school it was still like high

school level but I was able to use those

for college credit think you should

really decide whether you should take

them depending on what made you you

think you're doing for example I took AP

calculus and ap bio but I didn't take AP

English so it's totally up to you about

what you want to take or if you don't

want to take any at all if you know what

college you're going to already have an

idea it's good to contact them and ask

what they accept because sometimes they

won't take any of the college credit you

did during high school so it might just

be like I like wasted basically AP

classes just shows that you're pushing

yourself I think during your junior year

you should start thinking about SATs and

a CTS and start thinking about different

colleges you might want to go to for

SATs and a CTS again it you should think

about whether you want to take them

depending on what school you want to get

into or what major cuz to look for a lot

of community colleges they're not

necessary whether you want to take

classes to help get a higher grade or

whatever is totally up to you I think

it's a good idea to take the PSAT and

from there decide whether you want extra

help for me I didn't take any SAT

classes but my grade wasn't like super

amazing but I was happy with it still

and I got into the college I wanted to

whether you take classes or not I think

it's a good idea to

the PSAT and also before you take the

actual SAT do the practice SAT they have

on line on college board comm I think

the next thing I'm going to talk about

is choosing your college I have four

things that I think you should take into

consideration when choosing your college

the first thing to consider is if they

have your major in what their reputation

is with that program the second thing to

consider is the size of the school from

some schools we have hundreds of people

in the classes that might be hard if you

like smaller more personal classes so

it's important to consider what your

learning type is and what kind of

classroom situation would work best for

you the third thing to consider is

location and distance from home so you

have to decide whether you want to

commute from home or you want to live in

a dorm if you're staying at home you

don't have to pay for room and board and

also if you are I'm going out of state

you'll have to I think there's like a

fee that you have to pay so you have to

kick that into consideration the fourth

thing that I think you should do is

visit the school and I think this is

really important because you get to kind

of get a feel of like what the school is

and get the vibe from it some people

visit schools and just don't like the

vibe of it and or sometimes you might go

to school and be like oh this is

wonderful so I definitely think you

should get a tour of the school that

you're thinking of a really big thing to

think about when choosing a school is

whether you want to go to a community

college or a four-year school I try to

think of a really simple way to decide

and I think that if you don't know what

you want to major in then you should go

to a community college so you could go

for general studies or and see what you

like or you can start with the major and

then switch a couple times it's a lot

cheaper than going to a four-year school

then switching your major a lot and then

spending more time there which would

cost more money also you would save a

lot of money by starting at a community

college I think it's okay to start at a

four-year school if you already know

what you want to do or you have a really

good scholarship so that's just a simple

way of deciding between a community or a

four-year but it's

totally up to you it's definitely

something that you have to think a lot

about it's not something that you just

oh I'll go here you know what I mean the

next thing I want to talk about is

getting into the college you want to

like I mentioned at the beginning of the

video colleges really like to see that

you're involved in your school and you

do a lot of community service and grades

come in to count to basically they just

really want to see that you apply

yourself and that you try really hard

and stuff like that

where your college I say basically you

just really want to find a way to kind

of brag about yourself and say all the

things that you've done in high school

and like what you're passionate about

and stuff like that for my college essay

we have to write about how we defy

convention though I wrote about my work

experiences in length of my internship

and what I am involved in school in

community service and how that kind of

made me who I am and stuff like that

other examples of college essay

questions might be like what you'd like

to achieve the friends had one that was

about purpose and she said that it was

about as you grow older you start to

understand how your interests can play

into what you want to do with your

future in short it's if you don't feel

like you have found a purpose yet it's

never too late or too early to pursue

your passions and do what you love so

you have to find and write about what

makes you stand out against all the

other people that want to get into that

College - the next thing I want to

quickly mention is fats pot this is

something that you're gonna want to do

your senior year I think in February and

well you want to do it as early as you

can you should sit down with a parent

it's online and it's kind of a long

process but it's definitely worth it so

make sure you do that on the note of

like financial help the last thing I'm

going to talk about is scholarships I

don't know about your high school but

for mine there

the guidance Department gave out a

really big list of different

scholarships that you could apply for if

you want you could try to find other

scholarships online but make sure you

look really early because some have

deadlines that like oh I couldn't apply

for this because it already passed also

make sure you look on your school the

college you want to go to website

because I missed some of them because

for a long time I thought I was going to

go to my Community College but after I

got the financial aid I think it's

called your financial aid package where

it lists all the scholarships and stuff

that they're giving you um after I got

that I decide to go to the four-year

school I applied to so by then it was

too late for me to get certain

scholarships through the school make

sure you check into that as early as you

can and even in your school you want to

make sure that you do your scholarships

as early as you can

my senior year was pretty stressful so

it's really important not to Preston

eight some of the scholarship topics

might be like involvement in school

community service like I had some that

was like people that were involved in

music or some even were like

personalities like it might just be like

for someone outgoing or for like if

you're involved in like leadership stuff

I got a scholarship that I didn't need

to write an essay for because it was for

the top three for the three students

with the top Regents grades averaged

together region cesare like those

standardized tests in New York and

overall it's just really important that

you write your scholarship essays well

and that you get them proof read that

goes for your college essay as well so

that's all I have for you today even

though I said all those things it's

really important to just really enjoy

high school challenge yourself but don't

bite off more than you could chew if you

like sports - sports if you like music

join your music clubs because being

involved in high school like helps you

get into college but it's also really

fun the try not to stress too much

especially in your early years of high

school like freshman and sophomore year

I really hope that you guys found this

helpful I tried really hard to plan this

video and get good information in here

so I just like to say a quick thank you

to my sisters Emily and Erica and my

friend Alexis for helping me with their

tips and stuff to go into this video and

thank you for watching keep on this

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I'll see you in our next video bye