WEDDING SERIES #6 | Where To Start When Planning Your Wedding

hey guys what's up and welcome back to

my channel if you're new here my name is

Bailey and in today's video I am going

to be doing another wedding series here

on my channel so today a wedding series

video is all about how to start planning

your wedding so after you're engaged the

excitement is unreal you're so excited

to start planning your big day with your

significant other but for a lot of women

it can be hard to realize like or

understand where to start

the wedding process can be exhausting it

could be emotional it could be

overwhelming for a lot of women so it's

hard to kind of figure out where you

want to get started so I came up with a

five-step process that I believe is

where every bride should start in the

wedding planning process so if you liked

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on let's get into it so my first tip

when starting to plan your wedding is to

first establish a budget so I know this

could sound pretty like cliche like yes

get a budget but you truly cannot start

planning your wedding booking anything

touring any venues whatever what not

until you have a budget so that budget

is going to be the outline for the

entire wedding planning like process if

you do not know your budget then you

just basically cannot start because if

you have a budget of $20,000 but you

want to invite 400 people chances are

that's not gonna work out $20,000 is

honestly sadly he not a big number in

the scheme of wedding planning that's my

budget per se I mean just to put that

out there but you really have to be

frugal with that budget and understand

where you want to put that money towards

because it goes quicker than you think

but until you have a budget I don't know

if that's maybe making a budget with

your fiance or maybe making a budget

with you

parents in my case but you have to start

with a budget because until you have

that budget you can't book a venue you

can't decide how many people you want to

buy you can't book anything until you

know how much money you have to allocate

to each individual thing my second tip

when starting to plan your wedding is to

make a priorities list so sit down with

your significant other your fiancee and

y'all discuss what you really have to

have at the wedding to make your day

special so I know for me one of my top

priorities were videographer and


those are the top two things that I

really wanted to spend good money on

because I wanted them to be you know

like amazing because for me photos and

videos are stuff that I love to look

back on it's why I do YouTube and I

wanted to have a good video and great

photos to look back on from our wedding

day because in the grand scheme of

things you're probably not gonna

remember most of the day so I wanted to

have those keepsake items slip back to

so that is why I spent quite a bit of my

budget on the photography and the

videography for example if your fiance

is a really big drinker and his family

are really big drinkers into him having

an open bar at the wedding is a really

important aspect and that's something

that y'all need to put at the top of

your party's list and understand that

that is something you're going to spend

a majority of your budget on so I know

for us Binion was one of our top and

this I was photography and videography I

had one menu in mind I had wanted for

years before even becoming engaged

before even please ignore that I know

for me I had a venue picked out sits

Lord I think 2017 I had fell in love

with it after seeing a girl in my County

get married there and it is where I knew

I wanted to get married regardless of

price so that is something we had to

spend a little bit more of our budget on

was that venue but I am so happy that we

are getting married there and I wouldn't

want to get married anywhere else my

number 3 step in starting to plan your

wedding is to establish a guest list

so before you can tour a venue and

decide on a venue you have to decide how

many people you want to attend the

wedding so sometimes people do this

backwards but for us it was establishing

how many people we wanted at the wedding

my mom's calling hello alright love you

bye sorry those well like I was saying

before you can really pick a venue or

for some people you pick up in you and

then a

your guest list but for us we were like

okay we kind of like shared a Google Doc

this is what I would recommend not a

Google Doc but at Google sheets with

each other and I added all the people

from my family all the people of my

friends that I wanted to be there and

then he did the same and his was

highlighted in blue and I were just


so around before we even put darvany we

realized we were gonna have around 200

people at least to invite to the wedding

so we knew that we had to have a venue

that would fit at least 200 people lucky

for us our video actually seats like up

to 700 people because it is a huge just

old meal that they you like gutted out

so the guest list and the venue really

was a problem but make sure that when

you are planning your wedding that you

really lay out the amount of people that

you and your fiancee won't tap there my

fourth step is starting to plan your

wedding is to tour venues and select the

date so for some people you might only

be touring venues that has a select date

that you want available so a lot of

people want to get married on those

really cool like 10 ten or eight dates I

know this this upcoming year in 2020

those are really popular I know when my

friends is getting married on October 10

so their wedding that is tintin and then

I know a wedding menu that we toured had

like eight available so autist a so

there's a really popular sometimes

people want to get married when their

parents got married so if you're one of

those people have a specific date and

month you have to have you're gonna want

to tour venues to only have those dates

available so for us it was the complete

opposite I had a timeframe that I wanted

to get married in I wanted to get


between August and September those were

the two months I really wanted to get

married in after doing a little bit of

talking with my fiance and realizing

that we had a lot of family that were

still in school his parents are teachers

we realized that getting married in the

summer was going to be the best for us

so we opted for August first because

that was one of the dates in August our

being you had available they also had

autist 29th available but school would

be started by then as well as that is my

mom's birthday and I wasn't going to get

married on my mom's birthday fifth tip

and getting started planning your

wedding is to start a Pinterest wedding

board and establish your style / vision

for your wedding so I know a lot of

girls out there probably already have

their wedding picture sports started

you've been dreaming about your wedding

day for forever but chances are if you

started that when you were 12 your

vision for your wedding has really

changed when me and Matt started dating

I'd already deleted my old Pinterest

board from a preview

break up I really didn't want to have a

wedding port that I had maybe envisioned

like oh I'm Knight Miriam one day let's

pin this and pin that so I went ahead

and deleted my old Pinterest board and

started a new one called MMB wedding and

from the time we started dating I knew I

wanted to marry Matt so I started

putting stuff that I wanted in there so

that is a great way to kind of establish

your vision and to kind of establish

your wedding day style for me there's a

ton of neutrals in there a lot of

greenery a little bit of mix of rustic

and classy which is exactly what I want

my wedding night to be so it's making a

picture sport even sharing that with

maybe your mother or your bridesmaids

your future fiance so they can add some

in there and pin stuff in that wedding

Pinterest board that they really see

your wedding day and confessing really

can help sign a like I don't have Matt

shared with mine because I don't really

think he would care but I know that in

picture she can share boards with people

so that would be really helpful if you

want people kind of giving you ideas for

your wedding so for me that has been

really helpful I use that to show my

florist what I wanted

I've used that show my um Baker I guess

well I want my cake to look like so

pictures could be a really awesome tool

to help you start like kick start

planning your wedding because it really

can help you realize like this is the

style I want this is a type of flowers I

want this is the color bridesmaids

dresses I want so pictures could be a

really helpful tool during the wedding

planning process and I recommend that

you all get one when you start the

journey of planning your wedding so guys

that is all I have for you today for

today's a wedding serious video I hope

you guys found these tips on how to

start planning your wedding very helpful

I know for me that this is kind of the

outline that I follow when planning my

wedding I am so excited that all of you

guys chose to watch this video and I

hope it gave you a little bit of help

during your wedding playing process I

know it can get really stressful at

times but really try to enjoy the moment

you only get to be a bride once and it's

one of the most special times of your

life so instead of stressing try to

really you know enjoy the moment it

doesn't last very long you know they say

if you feel like you're planning your

wedding for forever but then the day off

goes by so fast so just make sure you

live in the moment

and I hope you guys really enjoyed this

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