Planning a Fall garden in NC


hey guys I'm Deanna and this is our

little acre of NC so we're here in the

Piedmont of North Carolina we're still

seeing it's mid-august so we are still

seeing temperatures like upper 80s or

low 90s

my friends to the east on the coast are

still enjoying beach life and our

friends to the west over towards the

Asheville area they are actually

starting to see some milder days I think

which is great for them we've probably

got another four to six weeks before you

can really say our days are turning mild

last few weeks were incredibly wet which

we had been an incredibly dry spell we

didn't have rain I mean nothing really

to even talk about for about two months

prior to that our entire April had been

just soaking wet like water standing

everywhere wet we lost a lot in the

garden and back in April and had to

replant a lot then we had two months

worth of dryness which pretty much

killed everything and ran everybody's

water bills up and then we just had

probably two or three weeks of almost

daily rain that combined with pest

issues and my 40-hour workweek has

created what I'm about to show you and

I'm not proud of it by no means but it

is what it is and I have to show you

this in order for you to understand

what's about to happen in the next few

videos because we're gonna be doing some

major shaking up of this garden here so

let me turn you guys around this is my

weed patch that used to be my garden so

down here I had some volunteer

watermelons that had come back from last

year the corn that I planted on this

side of the bean fence none of it came

up and what did well I think some of it

did come up but it all died I also had

beans along that fence there they've

done okay I've only got about four

quarts worth out of my beans this year

there's some beans around the little bit

of corns there

there and it's not doing great the

Mexican bean beetles have gotten into my

beans this year which was the first for

me my watermelons suffered blossom end

rot because of the inconsistent water I

mean even watering every other day

there's the extreme wet spring followed

by an extreme dry summer really took its

toll and then I still have some sweet

potatoes on the other side of the bean

fence over there and that's actually

from slips that my husband's family has

been growing in Eastern Kentucky for

40-plus years they're doing okay as far

as I can tell my squash my spaghetti

squash that I had the squash bugs just

loved him apparently a lot more than we

did because I didn't get any of them and

what a little bit of squash did come out

on them ended up dying from blossom end

rot I had 30 yes 30 tomato plants I

think that was 5 different varieties

they have not done well at all

I had a variety on here that normally

does exceptionally well and I actually

had given my leftover starts that I

didn't get planted to a friend of mine

so my tomatoes that I gave her are doing

fabulous but here not so much and I now

have a leaf footed bug issues so these

tomato steaks are coming out today

and everything's gonna get weeded down

we're gonna take the weed eater to

everything because my lawnmower

apparently is down today to all this

corn is volunteer corn from last year

that beautiful video that butterfly so

this volunteer corn came back up after I

had tilled some corn in that was still

standing from last fall and it receded

in perfect rows which was awesome I'd

never seen that happen so that was like

a science project for me we grew

heirloom varieties which is why they

came back we do pretty much everything

heirlooms and you can see there are

there corn stalks over here that's

probably taller than my husband who's

6-3 we have got a little bit of corn off

of it nothing that we've been able to

eat yet because I kind of let it dry on

the counter and we'll probably use it

for seeds next year but we have got a

little bit of corn and we'll pick what I

can today and then this is all coming

down as well the watermelon that I

intentionally planted down here did not

take off and what few watermelons did

start to grow died from blossom end

rights so what's gonna happen is a few

years ago when we lived in a much

smaller house we had a lot more property

than what we do now we're only we're not

even really quite on a full acre we are

on like point nine three or something

we used to live on about ten acres and

the majority of that was used for hay

farming we had access to about two acres

of it and the majority of that was

wooded so we had a very small garden

next to our driveway

and unfortunately it was in a really

really bad place it was constantly

getting washed out because of where it

was any time it would rain everything

would just wash away so we had found an

article in I think it was mother earth

news about doing borderless raised beds

basically what that was was we dug

trenches and took the dirt out of the

trenches and pushed it up onto the

untilled part of land and that became

raised beds we mulched it with hay in

the first year that we did that we had

an amazing cabbage and broccoli harvest

we had Cherokee purples and German

Johnson's that had done wonderful I mean

it was just a really good that was the

first year actually in quite a while

had been able to do as much canning it's

what I did so that was a great year for

us so what's gonna happen is we're gonna

repeat that here that bean finish OG was

coming down it's actually going to

become my compost bin tomato specs are

coming down I'm gonna do sort of back to

Eden slash raised bed concept server the

next few videos we'll go into that a

little more

kind of showing you what's going on with

that and I'm glad you guys have joined

me I hope you enjoy my acre of North

Carolina as much as I do and look

forward to future videos