Rossana's Brooklyn NY Urban Rooftop Garden

hi I'm Rosanna welcome to my rooftop

garden in Brooklyn New York

I began growing vegetables and herbs

about eight years ago let me show you


we're gonna hear a lot of urban noise

this is definitely not the country I

started the garden with a regular

ceramic container that you can find at

the hardware store the rooftop garden

gets direct sunlight all day long so I

did a little research and found a

research online and I found these

rectangular containers call the self

watering containers from gardeners and

that's how I found gardeners calm in

Vermont I'm growing beets I'm going lots

of herbs arugula here some marigolds and

basil the marigolds as all gardeners

know they are great for keeping the

pests away in the rectangular containers

I love to grow this very easy tomato

which is the sweet million and this weed

the golden million and I love the idea

of coming up here and being able to pick

tomatoes I need them directly from the

plant that's a plus in this city I grow

lots of perennials for birds for

butterflies and bees the other planter

that I am

enjoying and using is the honeycomb

planter also very compact for this city

I'm growing peppers and eggplant and the

amount of eggplant these are fingerling

at eggplant so they are small and grow

fast and the amount of eggplant that

I've been picking from this plant is

quite impressive for such a small size

the other container that I started using

this year it's called a revolution

classic and I love the idea to have

something still compact for this city

but obviously larger than what I was

using so you get a lot more fruit than

before and I'm growing this beautiful

heirloom tomatoes called the Black


they're very earthy flavor again it's

good medium size for that kind of

planter other things that I'm doing on

this side of the garden of course

growing greens that will get better as

the weather cools off and expanding

their herbal the herb garden into more

of a medicinal herb garden with

chamomile and eucalyptus and echinacea

lots of flowers and roses Lantana's a

butterfly's love to visit and more herbs

petunias aloes geraniums and the

revolution classic planter also comes

with this trellis

I it has been the best year growing

cucumbers I love to grow this Persian

cucumbers they are so delicious and

refreshing during this summer thank you

for visiting