North Texas Gardening ~ How to Plant a Fall Garden in Texas

good morning everyone hillbilly Jill

here with North Texas vegetable

gardening canning recipes a little bit

everything today is September the 1st

and as we've been talking about in our

previous videos we are getting ready to

plant our fall garden so stay tuned we

have done our first pass with the tiller

here are my bell peppers that I've

managed to keep alive throughout the

summer you can see they are still

producing I've got some basil out there

and some sage that I transplanted from

spots am I have to trim that basil back

a little bit these are the two main

squashes that I was telling you about I

planted these oh my god a month ago and

the reason why I planted them in August

here is because I grew them last year

but I planted them in the spring with

the rest of my garden and they they

didn't really produce it was almost too

hot for them until the fall and by the

end you know that he had already taken

its toll on much of the foliage and it

looked pretty raggedy so this year I

planted it in the middle of August or

around the 1st of August and I think

it's going to do just fine I'm already

seeing little squashes in there and you

can see it's flowering and it looks

almost like zucchini and summer squash

only it it grows like cucumbers and Mike

in lumps and so we do trellis them to

keep them off the ground and I've been

training this one since I plan to do

this since I started coming up but you

can see the first pass we got quite a

bit of work done we have some tomato

plants back there that we're trying to

salvage and we think that we might be

okay until the first freeze we've turned

them back a little bit dug up around

them so anyway we're fixin to get

started planting some of our things some

of it we're gonna have to wait a little

bit longer we do still have some pretty

hot weather in September in Texas so we

will not what we know we can today and

get it going and hopefully we'll be able

to share with you our fall and winter



okay you just saw my Husqvarna and it's

very best we're preparing our soul a lot

of the things that I'm getting ready to

plant has very little seeds lettuce

celery rhubarb beets onions so we have

to make sure and get our soul just as

fine as we can get it and then once we

get them in the ground

we're gonna have to keep them wet until

they start sprouting September first

today here in Texas we'll be able to

have a fresh spinach and salad Macon's

and all that probably welling into

December and January here sometimes we

don't even get our first freeze until

close to Christmas but somehow I think

this year is gonna be different

I think that we've already started out

with a very cool September we had a very

cool August too

and so I'm thinking that it's probably

gonna be a little bit sooner maybe

around how first frost maybe around the

end of October 1st of November this year

ain't nothing like the smell of dirt

when you're getting ready to plant

you can see how find my soul is starting

to look here we've added some organic

matter we did that a couple of weeks ago

and we've let it we've killed it in and

we've let it sit so we're getting ready

to plant I've smoothed out the soil I'm

a little onion bed here and I've already

got my little tag so I know what's there

so now it's time to plant I'm gonna

plant these little seeds probably about

a half-inch deep now it's time to plant

my spinach I've raked up ten by three

foot swatch here next to my onions these

grow plants that are about 25 inches

across so we're gonna plant some about 6

to 12 inches apart I got the spinach

planted are you planted those about a

quarter of an inch deep I did put them

uh like I said about 12 inches apart

probably have about ten heads in there

hopefully that's gonna come up really

good now I'm fixing starting my cabbage

I've raked my little area cabbage goes

in really shallow and it says that it's

not gonna start doing good until we hit

75 degrees during the day

but that's with it already leafing so

I'm gonna try something this year and

I'm gonna go ahead and put it in the

ground now because I think by the time

it does come up we're probably are gonna

be 75 degrees during the day now it's

time to plant the red romaine lettuce

remember that on some other videos I

tell you that we get our seeds from

Baker heirloom seed company these are

all non-gmo heirloom seeds we have

terrific look with them every year we're

able to harvest some of ours on our own

the way you plant red romaine lettuce is

it see the seed sits almost right on top

of the ground so I'm gonna rake this

over and smooth it out and then I'm

gonna sprinkle my seat and I'm just

gonna rake it a little bit and we're

gonna wet it down real good

I got my red baits in the ground these

need to be grown on a row anyway now

it's on to my turnips got them turnips

in you just broadcast them on top of the

soil and lightly rake over him next I

got me a little all row here of a

radishes I built me a row up and I've

just sprinkled the seeds right on top

and I'm just gonna take my rake and I'm

gonna rake over them and cover them just

a little bit okay y'all I got it done

it's a been an all-day thing still have

a couple of things that I'll plant

probably around mid-september I have

some iceberg lettuce and I have some

celery then I'm gonna put in the ground

but I'm just afraid that these next

couple of weeks we're still gonna be a

little too warm for it it's taking me

all day to do this but it's gonna be

very very well worth it when this stuff

starts coming in so stay tuned to my

channel maybe we can learn something

together on fall gardening here in Texas

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