Planting a Vegetable Garden 2020

good morning everyone Jill here with

North Texas vegetable gardening canning

recipes a little bit of everything

I know that I was going to plant and I

told you guys I was gonna plant next

Thursday and Friday the 19th and 20th of

March but as you can see we've got rain

overhead it's supposed to rain all next

week so I'm gonna get a jump on the

planting and I can't emphasize to you

guys anymore how important it is for you

to start a garden this year and for you

start growing your own food so I'm gonna

get in here I'm gonna plant some green

beans I've got some peppers and I've got

some tomatoes that I'm gonna put in the

raised beds so let's get started it's

gonna be a busy day today and we want to

take advantage right now being able to

get in here and work this soil before we

get the deluge of rain next week and

make sure our stuff's in the ground and

that we're ready let's get started

here's one of the raised beds my husband

built them they are ten feet long by

five feet wide and 20 inches deep and

you can see this soil is really really

good soil it'll hold the moisture you

know help my vegetables to grow and I

think I'm gonna do my tomatoes and

peppers so let's go check out the other

one here's the other one it's on the

west side of the property and it's right

next to the one where I have on my

spinach let's walk over here and take a

look at my spinach spinach is doing

really really great there's a couple of

carrots coming up from the seeds that

were in there from last year but my

broccoli and my broccoli Brussels

sprouts and my cabbage grows a couple

weeks ago it got down to 23 degrees and

boy did is that them but the spinach

survived just fine so I will need to

utilize this part of the bed and trust

me I'll be able to do it just fine and

I'll fill it up so here's the main bed

folks it's looking pretty good

we were able to get it tilled three

times you may recall it was full of

clover which might not have been so bad

it might have kept

anyway so it's looking pretty good I am

really hoping and praying that the way

the men are wrong like they usually are

for the rain all next week because it's

really going to hinder me planting so

again I may get in here tonight and put

some things on the ground but let's

check it out

you can see it's pretty still pretty wet

actually and those clods of dirt that

you see full of moisture so it's taken

some time to dry out from all the rain

that we've had recently so here's this

big old pile of dirt and you see those

raised beds really knocked off probably

about half of it and the rest of it

we're going to use I'm in the main

garden to modify it luckily this year my

husband had the tractor and he was able

to fill the raised beds much quicker

than we did that other one a couple of

years ago with wheelbarrows so it helped

tremendously and I think I might have

him dump this they started my main

garden over there and get ready for my

squash mounds and my green bean rose

you can see I went ahead and pulled one

row up this is gonna be my graphene's

I'm gonna try to do three rows but you

want to pull them up let me see if I can

get in here and show you about how high

they are it's a probably about six to

eight inches high because we do get lots

of rain and I don't want the mound to be

beat down again this year we are

planting the Blue Lake bush beans and we

choose those here because they stay low

to the ground and when it heats up they

tend to do better than the trellis beans

which will burn up so let's get started

so all I'm gonna do here is every couple

of inches is I'm gonna drop two beans

they should germinate probably in the

next two weeks you can plant them all

now which I may do I'm not sure yet

or you can do them in two week intervals

so that gives you I continued harvest

but the reason why I'm thinking about

planting everything whether I'm just not

sure how long it's gonna be before I'm

able to get in here so I'm gonna go on

down the road okay we got some peppers

and tomatoes in this first raised bed

now let me show you over here in the

main garden we built our rows up put

green beans and we put some beets in

there and then as you know from the last

video squash and zucchini in

this man we got our collectors and we

got some stripey tomatoes in there these

are all indeterminate these are going to

be very large Tomatoes they grow one to

three pounds each and you may recall

from a video last year those mortgage

lifters do fantastic they are gorgeous

and they are meaty and they are really

really good eating when it comes to

Tomatoes they're very good spinach is

coming up good I'm it's looking like

we're gonna have a good harvest of it I

wished I would have done the whole bed

in it everything else froze but we got

some take care god bless and have a

wonderful weekend