Growing A Vegetable Garden In Ontario, Canada 2014

okay this is my garden for 2014 um

here's my cabbages I don't seem to be

doing pretty good there's some weeds in

there yet that I got to get to um I find

I don't have to weed quite as much

around the cabbage because they created

a lot of shade and kill off a lot of


one thing that I've been having a

problem with this year is my beans well

usually every year because the rabbits

and stuff will get at my beans and birds

and eat my beans up so I keep planning

them like every week for since well the

May long weekend I keep playing them

every week and I would say the bunch

that I got coming now like this one here

is probably only if you know not quite a

month old and it's getting fairly large

now but it will be like five times the

size of that soon these little guys just

came up and within the next few weeks or

so they'll be big - once they get going

and they get a chance

I find the animals tend to leave them

alone one trick I found was to not weed

quite as much around them and then the

animals don't tend to bug them as much

and then once I get growing really good

then you can start weeding big time

around them especially if you got one

was little rotor tillers dragonfly rotor

tiller things you can work around them

and it helps you a big time to get the

weeds out within the next three weeks or

so they should be as big as my potatoes

see my potato plants got lots of

potatoes coming in our neighbour here

he's trying to grow a little bit of


he's he doesn't really get involved with

garden as much but I got to get him out


get them weeding and stuff around his

lettuce because his lettuce is looking

pretty thin you know and we can probably

put more lettuce in because it comes

back pretty quick actually you can keep

cutting it and cutting it in keep

planting it to all all season like we're

not even halfway through July yet and

the plants are already getting like this

see potatoes are just coming like I

couldn't believe how much I grew in like

three days after a few days rain they're

like crazy big I got all the mountains

made up for them like I keep piling all

the dirt up so we get lots of potatoes

there are some more little beans these

little beans just came up within the

week so within a few weeks or so they

should be pretty big all these little

guys see them I weeded it around these

ones a bit you know just to give them a

bit of a chance since I got a lot of

bean plants coming now help them catch

up a bit but look at the potatoes

potatoes are coming along really good

and I just planted some new potatoes

they're not even a week ago and look

they're already coming up through the

ground so within the next couple weeks

or so or a few weeks they should be at

least half the size of those ones there

some of them are already certain to

flower too because I find that night

it's been getting a little chilly out

and I think that's making the plants

starting to learn the flowering a bit

earlier and these here are all my beets

there's lots of beets here I do send

them out a bit as they're certain to

grow but I tend to thin them out more as

I like I like the beet tops

so once the beet tops get nice and bushy

I'll start thinning them out more then

that way I can use

ups and make a meal under the tops -

it's pretty much like spinach a little

bit milder from all the Sun and heat

we've been having pretty earlier this

year I thought the peppers would be

doing a lot better already but they're

coming they're coming

mmm as you can see the beets are doing

really good with the potatoes and the

cabbage my tomato is they're doing

really good too you can see all the

tomato plants there they're coming along

really good I've only been in the ground

for a few weeks I got some more young

bean plants here we're gonna have all

kinds of beans we should be able to

blanch and preserve a whole bunch of

beans this year you can see I got them

going up I like to keep a bit of

distance in between them right in here

there's a couple you can't really see

them just starting to come up and then

there's some more at the end there it's

funny how they all grow at different

times like that

that's nature for you there's some more

beets and you know stuff over here and

here's my tomatoes tomatoes are doing

really good these tomato plants weren't

even up to the second-last

ring there a few days ago and now

they're over to the top room I keep

cutting the suckers off if you see that

helps them grow a bit taller and when

they start growing tomatoes the tomatoes

can write them quicker because the Sun

will get at them see if you see there's

already Tomatoes it's not even halfway

through July yet some they're they're

all flowering there's a bigger tomato

over here just gotta remember where it


I'm gonna cut some of these suckers off

before I go in tonight - yeah I'm pretty

bushy again right there there's a big

tomato we can see it see almost there's

a tomato so yeah they're coming pretty

early I think it has a lot to do with

our weather there whether thought a lot

like pretty warm right away in and then

nights have been a little chilly not

cold enough for frost but probably

enough to confuse these plants so I'm

hoping the rest of the season goes

really good like I said I'm only not

even halfway into july yet i still have

new seeds coming up in different places

hopefully we don't get snow late August

or something like that or September that

would really throw things off but no I

think we'll be all right I think we'll

have quite a few potatoes this year I

know we're gonna have a lot of beets and

the beans we should have lots of beans

too but yeah I guess you never know what

the weather is gonna do so I'm gonna

keep her fingers cross those guys over

there those cows early spring well when

I first planted they decided to get out

of their pen there there's a whole bunch

of them away over there in the field -

but they love getting into the fresh

garden and they were digging and rolling

around in the garden so I lost a lot of

beans then - which really sucked but I

still had lots of time to plant more and

I got more coming so I should be alright

well here's hoping that's my garden for


I'll show you again in another week or

so and show you the progress okay

bio dream over and out or I should say

bye oh man