How to Plant Seeds - Simple Tips for Sowing Seeds Outdoors

planting seeds directly into the garden

isn't difficult but today I'm going to

show you some tips to make that work

even easier and increase the chances of

your seed starting success



now anytime you can plant seeds directly

into the ground you're gonna save

yourself a lot of time but how do you

know what seeds perform best when you

sow them directly into the ground well

that information is on the back of the

seed packet information like how far

apart to space the seeds and the rows

now right now it's midsummer and the

classic crops are in full swing but I

want a fall crop of beans and so I'm

gonna plant those now and one of my

favorite tools for that when I'm out in

the garden is this planting stick and I

put that where I want the row I get my

trowel and I just draw a line along the

edge I also have it notched out so I

know how far apart to do my spacing so I

really love this tool so I'm gonna go

ahead and plant a couple rows right now

okay the seeds are in place and now I

just need to cover them up and I could

do that with the compost that I've put

down here no problem that would be fine

but I've learned a trick that I've had

great success with and that is to cover

the seeds with a soil a seed starting

mix and there's a couple advantages to

that for those tender seedlings it

really helps because it's so lightweight

that the seedlings have no problem

pushing through and some heavy soil

might encumber that germination but it

also is designed to hold a lot of

moisture and that's really important as

seeds try to germinate and then the

other thing is once I put the soil is

mixed down I'm able to see it more

clearly so I know exactly where my seeds


okay the soilless mix is down and now

it's a matter of just lightly tamping it

in and I can use the board for that as


okay I'll add a little water and

probably about five days for these bean


I should see some sprouts