When to Plant Vegetables

hi I'm Brandt I'm a lifelong gardener

and these are my tips as to what

vegetables to grow when as the spring

starts warming up we can start thinking

about the plants and vegetables that

we're going to want to grow in our

garden for the spring and summer leading

off you can start early in the year

sometime in March with things such as

green beans zucchinis your very first

tomatoes and basil are gonna be fine in

the in the beginning and warming up part

of March when we get to April it's gonna

be a little bit warmer you can start

thinking about things like cucumbers

some early melons you can do lettuces

any of the sort of what you think of as

fall vegetables like broccoli

cauliflower kale you can still grow

those early in the spring before it gets

too hot so when May comes along now

we're starting to get a little more

cooking we can do peppers pumpkins big

squashes hard squashes that you'll save

for the winter months you can continue

to plant the beans the tomatoes and the

cucumbers you planted earlier you can

also start doing corn once it's warm

enough to germinate in the soil the corn

can come up and start growing as the

summer moves along continue to plant

your Tomatoes more more peppers things

that will continue to grow into the

summer and even into the beginning of

fall things that are like like greens

and lettuces as it gets warmer it's

gonna be too hot for them you're going

to want to find a shady spot if you're

going to grow some of these greens in

the summertime as the year progresses

and we start moving towards through

summer and towards the fall start

thinking about your your winter garden

you can grow broccoli cabbages

cauliflower kales brussel sprouts some

lettuces even onions these things you

want to get them started in the warmer

the last couple warm months of the year

August September great time to get these

plants started and then you're

harvesting them in the cool fall and

winter months get them established and

growing early with the heat of the


then you can harvest them as the year

cools and slows down as we get into the

winter and fall months you can continue

planting lettuces greens it becomes time

to grow garlic typically garlic is

planted from the beginning of November

up until maybe even Christmas in places

that are not going to have a frost these

are plants you'll be harvesting them in

May the following year lately there's

been a resurgence of people connecting

to the natural world and part of that is

people are looking to the moon to be

their guide for planting here we have a

gardening by the moon calendar goes

through every day tells you what to do

to your garden for that day to take

advantage of the moon and the celestial

powers for instance as the moon is

waxing it's a great time to put in

transplants put new things into your

garden plant seeds on a full moon it's

recommended that you harvest your crop

the vegetables will be at their fullest

at their luscious during this time then

as the moon is waning as it is heading

towards the new moon tend your garden

weed cultivate fertilize take care of

your plants put them to bed when you

bring your plants home from the nursery

and you have them in your yard

consider the time of day when you plant

do not plant during the hottest time of

the day not at noon protect these little

guys keep them trying to minimize the

shock that they're going to go through

when they go from the from the nursery

container into your garden

choose a foggy morning choose a late

afternoon a cloudy day would be perfect

plant them later on in the day as the

Sun is setting this gives them until the

next noon almost a whole day to get

established and get themselves set up

before they get the full brunt of the

Sun I'm Brandt and this has been when to

plant vegetables