The Ontario Gardener - Starting Seeds Indoors: Trial... Before Error

hello everyone it is the third week in

november on saturday and i wanted to do

a little trial of my lighting rig to

make sure the climb and everything

inside my little grow room here which is

actually a spare bedroom of my house in

one place that i could do it at at this

point since at home a greenhouse so I

want to do I want to start a couple

plants tonight I think I have maybe 26

packs or 29 pacsun of 18 plans 15 plants

of various types that I have seeds that

I've had for a few years that I've just

got or see that were given to me or I

had from last year just to kind of see

to make sure that what I have my setup

is going to work so let's get started

all right the seeds that i'll be trying

today as you see i have one of my nine

packs reverting to soil this from here

I'll be filling with soil momentarily

and these are just cheap little line

packs nothing real fancy I actually have

some more heavy-duty i believe it's 128

so i have two of those which will be my

main seed starting trays once i get

things up and running in the spring and

you know mid march to april however

today I'm just going to do these 18 in

the season I'm going to be doing today

are all seeds that you could start

straight in the ground or up here in

Ontario the growing season is too short

for the majority of these things and

mainly I want to do I have these three

different types of tomatoes they're just

regular beef steak beef steak in an

early tomato so I'm gonna do three of

each of those to see what kind of things

germinate not here here's a sunflower

which is something that you would just

play it straight out for I have the

seeds so I want to try out one or two of

those this is a pack last year from

gourds so this one some pumpkin baby

pipe pump baby Pam their pie pumpkins

we're really hoping get some germination

out of these their seats are still good

and then I also have my two by two

varieties of cucumber I got a pickling

cucumbers and I have a slicing cucumber

and again cucumbers and pumpkins you can

easily start outside yourself just


ground but obviously you know how things

how things work with these these are all

pretty easy seeds other than the

tomatoes are all big seeds so I

shouldn't have any issue with those

however the tomato seeds are the ones

that I'm really looking forward to just

seeing what happens so as I say I have I

have one pot already started here and

I'm going to just go ahead and fill up

the other pot I have some mix here that

Gina's your ordinary starting mix bought

from store actually had this is some

from last year which I haven't really

used but I don't know why it's not won't

be won't still be usable just throwing

up there's a little big bigger pieces in

here that I would like but I don't have

a sifter made yet so there will just go

with that again I'm upstairs in my house

though to keep things a little bit more

cleaner if possible so wonder now it's

just firm in the soil down a little bit

there's any little sticks and stuff just

get that out just farming it up a little

bit not too much because you want to

want to keep the aeration from the roots

and everything in there all right I have

my three seed packs here so basically

this one here all I'm going to do is a

make a couple of indentations here just

to notice tomato seeds are pretty small

so you don't want to be covered on that

much but I'm shooting to put you know to

three seeds per little pocket here and

see what happens get a couple in it

that's fine too you can always thin them

out you can always thin it out later I

don't have a fancy cedar made yet like

Donald has which is the body gardener by

the way but

by next year I'll have one made there we

go it's a couple seeds in each these

seeds were ones actually picked up from

a garden center fallen sale one day when

I was lucky looking for loose some

electrical equipment but I figured I'd

take a little look and there's no reason

why they shouldn't be viable and as

anybody who's growing tomato seeds

before knows tomato season real tiny so

as far as covering them up you gotta do

it spare in which they made you little

hole so just pull it up it up a sprinkle

on the top and I'm you know I'm pretty

new at this so if you see some things I

should be doing differently feel free to

let me know and all I'm going to do is

just firm up the soil make it have good

contact with the seeds they're just like

that and I've quite a few extra seeds

from just the one or two of them alright

so that's done now we set that aside

we'll go on to our bigger seeds alright

well as you can see them in my second

tray here and as you see there's labels

in them already before I put four you

can put the seed in because i'm going to

put let's see three four five five

different things in this one trait and

by the time I plant them and that writes

the labels I forget which one is in

which we're anyway basically all I'm

going to do is just make an indentation

here again these are all fairly big

seats so you want to plant them you know

half an inch or so in the ground I find

the bigger the seed the more forgiving

it is as far as depth goes

I hear how I have some baby Pam pumpkin

so I'm just going to actually I'm just

gonna do it by hand I'm just going to

put two seeds in each little hole and

then same thing with sunflower seed oops

seeds repair that I thought sunflower

seeds I'll this put let's put two in

there and so I'm going to continue doing

that with the rest of my things and then

we'll order a man all right I have

everything covered up with soil and

unlabeled my tomatoes are labeled my

pumpkins the the cucumbers on a fire

pump and board everything's labeled so

as you can see there's only 18 little

seedlings here in this big tray

unfortunately i don't have a smaller

tray so this is what i have to use so as

if i would try to pour water over this i

know i'd end up have seats floating and

some would probably come to the surface

someone's sink down and they wouldn't

stay at the level that i have them set

at right here so basically what i'm

going to do is a bottom water technique

the bottom of these pots I don't have

one to show you but they have a slit in

the bottom so it will absorb the water

unlike the peat pots or the fiber pots

it won't Jordan probably adds quickly

but I'll leave these set for till

overnight the soil is not too too dry

but it is you know fairly dry so I'm

just going to fill this up whoo i'm not

sure if i have quite enough water for

this whole thing and this is just

straight out of the well out of the tap

we have a well here so i have non the

waters not coordinated obviously so i

don't have to bubble I chlorination so

as you see there it's only about it

maybe a half an eighth of an inch so

I'll get another can of this fill this

up for tonight and then lower my lights


that going and we'll check back with you

in a wet hopefully within I don't know

three to ten days all these things

should be up the tomatoes may take a

little longer but everything else all

the big seas they should be up within a

week no problem so thank you for joining

me in this little experiment and

hopefully it in a week from now i'll

have some seedlings to show you thanks

for watching comments and questions are

welcome thank you