Tips for Planting Bulbs // Garden Answer

hey guys how's it going I'm planting

some bulbs today I've got both some

tulips and daffodils these are bulbs

that you plant in the fall and then they

come up and bloom the following spring

I've got some Ice Follies daffodils

which are gorgeous they're a large

cupped creamy white daffodil with a

really buttery yellow Center I think the

reason why they're one of my favorites

is that they're one of my dad's

favorites so it's kind of a nostalgic

memory thing for me and then I've got

some labelled Epoque tulips which if you

could sum up my favorite colors in the

garden in a tulip this would be the one

they are so gorgeous so I know planting

bulbs seems like a pretty

straightforward process especially if

you've done it before but I thought I

would share a few tips with you that I

think makes the process easier and that

I've had success with throughout the

years so the first one is to plant in

mass now this is a completely personal

opinion tip for you I think it looks so

much better in the garden to plant a

bunch of one or two different varieties

of bulbs instead of planting a few of a

whole bunch of different varieties it

looks so much more natural to see them

in big drifts and big clumps instead of

planted in straight rows and you know I

just don't like that contrived look so I

think that that's my number one tip with

planting bulbs is just to get a whole

bunch of one or two varieties the second

tip is on how to plant them I prefer to

use an auger that attaches to my

electric drill you can get these at a

hardware store or your garden center

this is a nine inch auger and it just

does the perfect sized hole for bulbs

and it takes a lot of the back-breaking

work out of punching bulbs out of the

process so this is what I like to do now

you want to make sure that you read the

tag they're usually attached to the box

like this or if your bulbs come in a bag

you can read it on the little sticker

there and it will tell you how deep each

bulb needs to go and how much you need

to space them I do tend to fudge on the

spacing a little bit because I like my

stuff plant it's so tight and so

abundant looking in the garden but this

is a really good guide so what I want to

show you is how to use your auger to

make a hole for your bulbs and then what

I use to plant them when you're making

your hole with the auger it's really

important to hold really tightly to your

drill but don't push down don't force it

down because that auger will naturally

want to take hold of that soil and take

off and it can get really stuck if

you're not kind of almost pulling back

on it so you want to go in at full speed

like this

it's a perfect size hole the third tip

is to add fertilizer to the bottom of

the hole before you put the bulb in

fertilizer is such an important

ingredient to having a happy and healthy

garden I use it liberally in my garden

everywhere I'm going to be using bulb

tone for this today you've probably

heard of using bonemeal when you plant

bulbs this actually has bonemeal in it

as well as a bunch of other organic

ingredients and biotin which is microbes

a blend of microbes that really enhance

the fertilizer and make for really big

blooms in a strong root system so it's

just a really important step so you want

to add about one and a half teaspoons to

each whole I've got a teaspoon measuring

spoon here so I'm just going to give it

a keeping spoonful and just pour it in

the hole like that then I'm going to

grab my bulb and just drop it down in

the hole and cover it back up with soil

I probably should have mentioned that

when you plant your bulbs plant and

pointy side up the roots will come out

of the bottom here and the stem will

come out from the pointy side okay so

now I'm just going to continue planting

the rest of my bulbs


okay guys I've got them all in the

ground and I am so excited planting

bulbs is so worth it when spring rolls

around and you see like the fruits of

your labor it is so wonderful so I hope

that this inspires you to go out and

plant some bulbs because now is the time

to do it thank you guys so much for

watching and we'll see you in the next

video bye