What and When to Plant for Your Spring Garden - Planning Your First Garden

if you are a new gardener most likely

you are overwhelmed at all of the

different vegetables that you can grow

what I would like to do is share with

you what I like to grow in my favorite

garden which is the spring garden you

know we have three seasons where we can

grow a lot of different things spring

the spring garden is my favorite so I

want to break down to you what I grow in

the spring and how I grow it so you can

start by looking at some seed packets

and these are basically going to show

you for your climate when you should put

these in the ground if your new gardener

you might not even know which seed

packets to look at so I would recommend

picking up the all news-graphic

gardening book and I always refer to

this it's such a great quick reference

and in the back you'll see some charts

and for instance this one part of this

chart I'm showing you specifically

mentions some spring vegetables which

grow very well you can cross-reference

the dates that you'll see in that with

maybe something that you can pick up

from your County Extension Office these

dates are very close they do revolve

around your last frost date that's very

important because a lot of these

vegetables you need to start them

sometimes eight weeks before the last

frost date I put my peas in the ground

at least eight weeks before my last

frost a about six weeks for leaf lettuce

and then you'll see as you're looking

into this more for your area you'll see

now what I'd like to do is break this

two into four categories for you the

first one we will talk about direct

sowing seeds this is probably the

easiest way to grow vegetables so I'm

going to give you some examples of the

things that I grow in my garden and

direct sowing is basically you just take

your seed you're going to put it in the

ground and water it it's so easy now

don't worry if you direct sow your seeds

and your seeds don't come up right away

they will when the soil temperature

reaches a certain point and that varies

for different vegetable which is also in

your book so I'm here just a couple of

things that I really enjoy growing the

sugar snap peas I already mentioned is

one of my first

and this is footage that I took out of

my very early garden so this footage was

taken in around April so I do think that

based on my experience all of these do

the best when you can direct so them

into the soil and let them grow on their

own I have tried to grow them indoors

then move them outside without much luck

they still grew but not nearest nicely

as just putting them directly into the

soil and letting them grow on their own

I do have a long season for growing and

have a nice cool summer now my second

category are what are called transplants

and these are seeds that you would grow

and start them inside your house or

indoors and usually we do that is about

six weeks that's just a general rule of

thumb before you move it outside into

your garden you just want to kind of

give it a jump start and sometimes I

will grow those vegetables indoors and

I'll have a nice transplant to put in my

garden and when I move it into the

garden I also throw out a few more seeds

that way they will also sprout on their

own and I'll have some fresh vegetables

coming up later when my first one has

been harvested the reason why when this

might beginning a little bit too

confusing and hopefully not but I have a

cool alone cool season so I don't get

into the hot temperatures usually until

July so I feel pretty comfortable in

April putting out some cabbage seeds

because I know that the days to maturity

might be 60 70 days and I can still

harvest that in June but if you live

somewhere where you have a really hot

summer and maybe in June maybe even late

May you start hitting the 80s 90s

something like that degrees well direct

sowing cabbage seeds and other cool

season vegetables is not for you you

will have to start those indoors okay

and then you can move those out now my

first year gardening I bought

transplants at the nursery I wasn't

comfortable with starting them indoors

and that was many many many years ago

but I just wanted to let you know about


plants and on your seed packet it will

always tell you that on the front of the

back days to maturity it might just say

60 days 70 days but that's what that

means okay so use that as well in

deciding what you're going to direct sow

into your garden so here are just a few

of the vegetables that I transplanted

into my garden last year and I also

threw some seeds out for all of these to

grow on their own spinach is wonderful

for direct sowing as well as red giant

mustard or any other mustard greens

kales the same way so I do think that

broccoli is one that you really need to

start indoors

along with cauliflower and a couple

others those will be in your book as

well as maybe some information you can

find at your Extension Office

so our next category vegetables that I

start from what are called sets or

clothes or bulbs and a set is basically

like an onion set it's basically just a

onion seed that has already been started

it's like a small onion plant and it

just gives it a little bit of a

jumpstart on the season and sometimes I

will plant these in the late fall or

I'll plant these in the early spring so

these plants do very well for me in my

area I can usually overwinter these in

my garden but not everyone can it does

depend on your climate a lot of times

you can be on the safe side and just put

these in your garden early in the spring

now our last category are perennials and

these are wonderful and so what you'll

do is you will buy a perennial which

usually these are going to be your herbs

and you'll buy those as a transplant at

your nursery time is a wonderful hardy

herb that you can grow most of these as

I mentioned you do purchase as a

transplant but like garlic chives for

instance you can sprinkle out seeds of

those and they come up fine I don't like

to start perennials from seed it just

takes too long so those I buy us or

transplant so hopefully this has helped

you stay in your garden for this spring

and I hope that you have a wonderful day

and please let me know if you have any

questions in the comment section I'll be

more than happy to

P thanks so much for watching bye-bye