What seedlings to start in January in Zones 5 and 6 - January Garden Planting Guide

even though it is only January I am

super-excited to get started on my

garden for this year and there actually

are a few things that I can do living in

a zone 5 or Zone 6 in January to get

started with my garden and it's actually

seeds that you can be planting in

January now if you don't live in zone 5

or 6 I'm actually going to be this is

the first in a whole series of videos

that I'm going to do this year and I'm

actually going to be posting zone seven

and eight and zones nine and ten so when

those videos go live they'll be up here

in the links and you can click through

to those now if you happen to not know

what gardening zone you live in there's

a link in the description down below

that will take you out to our website to

a article that I wrote that explains

gardening zones and we'll get you a link

where you can go and actually put in

your postal code and that will tell you

what gardening zone you live in roughly

okay so should have all the information

but today we are going to talk about

what you can actually be planting in

January in the colder zones five and six

now if you live in zones three and four

sorry guys

nothing you can plant in January so

we'll actually catch you guys in

February and we'll start doing some

three and four planting guides as well

but nothing in January unfortunately

that you guys can do but in five or six

there are a few things that we can plant

and most of these are going to be

seedlings that you're going to be

planting indoors that are gonna need a

little bit more time to grow and there

are a few though that you will be able

to plant out into your garden in six to

eight weeks but most of you are gonna

want to do that in some type of

protection so we're talking about either

a cold frame or a hoop house maybe even

just some fabric row cover all of these

things we're still gonna be pretty cold

six to eight weeks from now we're gonna

be in March but we're still in five and

six we're still gonna have pretty cold

temperatures so you're gonna need to

have some protection okay but there are

some things that you can get started the

list is pretty short if you live in the

warmer areas the list is a lot longer

but there are a few

things that we can get started in

January so let's talk about them first

one is onions and leeks

now these you're going to be starting as

seeds and you're gonna grow seedlings

that you can then transplant out in your

garden you're targeting probably around

the end of March first part of April is

when you're gonna want to actually have

them ready to go out into the garden and

onions and leeks take a little bit

longer to grow and so we're looking at 8

to 10 maybe even 12 weeks before they'll

be ready so January is the perfect time

to get those seedlings started indoors

under lights and then you can take those

out in March or April and Transplant

them out to your garden perfect time to

get started with onions and leeks

lettuce is also another plant that you

can start indoors this time of year that

is one that you're gonna want to

transplant out when you put it out into

the garden you're gonna want to have

some protection even though lettuce is a

very Hardy plant it's gonna like to have

a cold frame or a hoop house or

something like that but if you want to

get some started now indoors under

lights you can transplant those out in

March for an extra early harvest coming

up in the spring spinach is another one

that you can plant now spinach is quite

a bit more hearty it still would

appreciate a cold frame or a hoop house

later on but you can start some spinach

seedlings indoors right now in January

then transplant those out you know in

March into your garden Swiss chard is

another one that you can do that is very

very Hardy and will same as spinach it's

gonna go out and do really well in the

garden during the month of March so get

them started indoors now kale is a very

hearty plant and kale actually tastes

better if you plant it this time of year

and then transplant it out into the

garden when things are still cool it

likes to have that nice cool temperature

some frost and some freezing

temperatures will actually improve the

taste of your kale if you can get it

planted now in January and then get it

out in the garden and March celery is

the last vegetable on our list and it is

probably not actually going to go out in

the garden until April

but celery takes a long time to grow and

it's pretty tolerant of being in a pot

for a while and so you can start some

celery steeped seeds in January that are

gonna probably stay for eight to ten

maybe even 12 weeks indoors and then

you're gonna put those out in April

they're fairly Hardy and should handle a

few Frost's and then you'll get an extra

early start on that very long season

crop celery takes a hundred and ten to

one hundred and forty days to grow and

so it's good to get it started this

early because then you have plenty of

time when the weather warms up to

actually get a good crop okay then we do

have a couple of herbs that you can get

planted in January parsley is one of

those and then chives is another both of

those are very Hardy plants and if you

get something started indoors in January

you'll be able to transplant those out

in March and you have an extra early

start on both of those plants for this

season and then the nice thing about

chives is is there a perennial they'll

come back here after year after year and

so you'll only have to start them

indoors one time and then you'll have a

nice setup going for years to come there

are a couple of flowers as well that you

could be planting in January if you

wanted these are some of the hardy are

more flock frost resistant flowers

things like begonias delphiniums pansies

and snapdragons all of those have need

plenty of time to grow we're talking

about ten to twelve weeks

indoors under your seed starter and so

January is a good time to go ahead and

get some of those seedlings started so

that they're ready to go out in April

before the the frost is done but those

again are pretty Hardy plants and you

should be able to get those out and a

good time in April if you plant them in

January okay alright so that's the list

not really big for those of us in zones

five and six onions leeks lettuce

spinach Swiss chard kale celery parsley

chives and a few flowers okay that's

really all we're gonna be able to plant

in January but you can get started all

of those you're going to be planting

indoors under lights starting them as

seedlings to transplant out later in the


so get those going now if you would like

to learn a little bit more about seed

starting I do have a three hour course

on growing your own seedlings it's

called seed starting simplified there's

link in the description down below that

you can click on also to help you learn

a little bit more about seed starting

this year we're going to be adding a lot

of seed starting videos as well in the

end cards of this video there'll be a

link to the playlist of all of our

different seed starting videos that

we'll have throughout this year okay

now we're gonna have a video for every

month of the year this year for what you

should be planting in your garden in

those months so make sure you check back

there'll be a playlist at the end where

you can click through and follow all of

those videos and see what you should be

planting month by month in your garden

if you live in zones five and six and if

you don't live in five and six look

around because we're also gonna have

links for zone seven and eight nine and

ten and three and four when things start

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