What Age Is "Too Late" To Make It In Basketball? | Dre Baldwin what's going on everybody

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this video here is an answer to a

question I get in general very often

players ask me hey I'm filming a blank

whatever age they are they say is it too

late for me to become good at basketball

is it too way for me to play college

basketball this is too way for me to

possibly make it to the NBA because I

just started playing basketball and I'm

16 I'll just start playing it on 14 or

now I'm 17 or 22 is it too late to go

overseas I'm 25 is it too late to

planted college so everyone has a


age I've heard it from people who are 10

years old I heard from people who are 30

years old they all ask me the same thing

is it too weak the general answer to the

question is this no it is not too late

for you to do anything now let me go in

a little bit more detail with this it's

not too late for you to do anything

until until or unless you decide that

it's too late

any two people let's take the

hypothetical situation is it possible I

started playing basketball age 14 I'm

not asking as that possible in telling

the story I start playing basketball at

age 14 is it true hypothetically I know

you don't have to know these people is

it true - there are other people who at

the same time that I was 14 they started

playing basketball - and they gave up at

some point before they even got to age

21 or even before they got to age 18

because they figured it was too late for

them to become good is that true is it

true - their 14 year olds playing right

now who will give up before they turn 18

is it true - somebody watching this

video right now gave up on playing

basketball because they started at age

14 or younger even and gave up before

they got to age 21 because they figured

it was too late for them to get good yep

do you think just I guess a hypothetical

not a hypothetical guess but a

hypothesis do you think that's possible

probably so so there is no set number

there's no set number that says all

right if you start playing

this is or later you can't play in

college there is no number that

guarantees that there's no number that

says you started this a generator you

can't play in the NBA they're guys who

are playing in the pros the league

oversees NBA who start playing

basketball when they were 17 18 years

old I don't know who all them are but I

read these stories I had these stories

often that not everybody plays

basketball all these years

Akeem Olajuwon NBA Hall of Famer he

didn't start playing basketball till 8

or what most of us would consider late

quote-unquote because he was playing

soccer he was playing a different sport

Tim Duncan is another guy Tim Duncan was

a swimmer

he's from the Virgin Islands the US

Virgin Islands he was a swimmer the only

reason he started playing basketball is

because there was a hurricane it came

through his home town and destroyed the

swimming pool in his neighborhood so he

couldn't swim competitively anymore

because he didn't have a pool so he

started playing basketball and we know

what the rest of that story is so those

are two great examples two of the

greatest players of all those are two of

the top 50 players in the history of the

sport of basketball if they can start

late then you can start late doesn't

mean you're going to become a

hall-of-famer no but could it mean you

get a college scholarship or go play

ball in college and maybe go play

overseas for a year or two or 10 years

or 15 years is it possible absolutely so

it's never a point in life in anything

and I don't care we talking about being

an author I don't care we talking about

a schoolteacher being a rapper being a

basketball player there's never a point

in life where you reach a number a

number is just a number age ain't

nothing but a number there's a singer

named Aaliyah who passed away years ago

who had a song or album called aging

nothing but a number there's no number

that guarantees you can't do anything

and there's no number that guarantees

you can't just because you're 14 years

old you've been playing ball since she

was five doesn't guarantee you're gonna

become a pro you might not even make it

to college just because you're 14 and

you start playing with you at 13 doesn't

mean that you can you decide when it's

to eight each one of you who's watching

this video no one else decides for you

when anything is too late for you to do

you decide what's too late for you you

decided for nobody else nobody else

decides it for you and you don't have to

answer or think about whether it's too

late for somebody else to do anything

you need to think about what is to wait

for you to do anything and don't think

because you're a certain age whatever

you consider young that it guarantees

you're going to have success in the

future because it doesn't because guess

what I've been the ages that a lot of

you are and I've heard a lot of people

around me talking that oh I'm gonna do

this Annette when I get to that age and

most of them didn't do it because they

got someone satisfaction from talking

about it that they didn't have to take

the action they got more satisfaction

from talking that took away their drive

to actually go make it happen so i

really suggest you not talk about what

you're going to do in the future but

actually save up that energy and go do

it so to answer the question in general

is it ever too late to make it in

basketball because this is a question I

get a lot from basketball players know

it's never too late the only time it

becomes too late to make it in

basketball is when you decide that is to

wait for you it's not about what nobody

else did is not about this guy he

started at 17 it was too late for him

that's him that's not true that's what

that guy did his life ain't your life

and if there's another guy who was 14

and he made it and he became the

greatest player in history that'll mean

that's what you're going to become his

situation situation yours is yours you

got to focus on what you can do now what

anybody else did now when anybody else

might do or what you want to talk about

you might do what are you going to do

what are you going to do right now to

get yourself closer to where you want to

go and nobody else decides that for you

you decided for yourself work on your

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