Field Hockey 101

people dog fans I'm grace Barrow I'm a

junior and I'm a forward on the Brian hi

I'm Craig and today we're going to be

teaching you guys a little bit about

field hockey

so for field hockey there's two

different services that we like to play

on usually around the world you usually

see us playing on water-based astroturf

so that's what we love to play on so

it's a very short turf there's like no

of the black pebbles that you would see

on like I'm a field type turf so it's

water to that we have like six different

cannons going off before a game making

sure that all aspects of this know

they're nice and water so that it's all

faster while we're playing on it on the

other field is like what we have here at

Bryant it's a field turf so it's longer

turf a little bit slower when we're

playing field hockey and then we have

the black pebbles and it was done and a

lot of the balls that we send one of the

main Rosenfield hook is that you can

only is this side of the field hockey

stick on is this side otherwise it's a

sound one of the most important things

to know as a field hockey player is

actually how you stand a lot of the

times people are confused they see the

sticks they don't really know what we're

doing but the basic field hockey stance

is you want your knees bent you want

your back in a straight position not

hunched over like this but in a pretty

athletic position and you want the ball

a little bit out in front of you so as

you're moving you can scan the field and

you also have the ball right in front of

you a lot of people try to bring it back

here when they dribble that's not being

field hockey position so a good field

hockey position knees bent forward fall

right out in front of you left hand at

the top right hand at the bottom no

matter if you're a righty or a lefty and

you're always looking up so the most

important set of lines in field hockey

is the circle actually so we have a half

circle on each end of the field and in

here is the only place you can score on

the field so you have to make sure that

when you go to hit the ball on cage that

you're inside the circle otherwise that

goal will not count at all floor into

the circle turning trying to get a shot

now so shoot

it's an up although store on the next

set of

as important is the broken circle or the

dotted circle that you see outside the

main circle and that's five yards off

the circle and that's for making sure

that if any foul occurs in there you got

to make sure that we're going five yards

before entering the circle so field

hockey is a little bit different where

we actually have three cards that can

eject the player out of the game we have

a green card a yellow card and a red

card the green card is kind of like a

warning it's a little mini triangle and

when the referee holds it up you are

going off of the field for a few minutes

a yellow card is same as soccer it's a

square yellow card when they hold that

up it is the umpires discretion whether

or not you are sitting as an athlete on

the field as five minutes for ten


so that's five minutes or ten minutes

off the field and you actually have to

come off of the field and you play with

one player down for the entire five to

ten minute duration a red card you never

wanted field hockey when the umpire

throws up a red card you are completely

ejected from the game you could be

ejected for the next game as well and

again you are playing with a player down

the entire rest of the game which is a

huge disadvantage in field hockey all

right so one of the main roles in field

hockey that you see a lot of the time

that causes a lot of stop and go in

field hockey is actually a third party

obstruction so when you see that you'll

see the official just a hand signal like

this and what it means is when the

defense can't play the ball so in

basketball you can set picks sort of

things and blocks and everything's you

can't do that and feel lucky

so say grace was my defender and frei

here is on my team and I try and Grace

is trying to get to the ball but Freya

chooses to run in the path of the ball

and stop right in front of grace and

grace to no longer gets the ball yeah I

still play the ball that's the

third-party obstruction because grace

cannot play the ball with us so one of

the more important aspects Oh

is when you get an attacking pounce with

wonder if you want to make sure you

insert the ball properly and legally so

inserting the ball is needed pushing the

ball out to the top of the circle so

that they can shoot and score so how to

set up for an instance is my right foot

is behind this black and white line and

then my left forward my left foot is

pointing towards my target which is fire

right now and the foot always points

where the ball wants to go now what I do

with my snitch is basically hook the

ball like so so it's almost like the

very tight grasp on the ball there and

all I'm doing is a transfer of weight so

a lot of times in field hockey the power

comes from your leg and what you're

doing is transferring your weight to

actually move the ball pressure and

backwards on you so I'm loading all of

my weight on my right leg hooking the

ball and then all I'm going to do is

push forward and all of my weight is

transferred on my left leg upwards right