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Last night around midnight Chicago time our beloved Chicago Blackhawks fell

to the Las Vegas Golden Knights 4 to 3

So sad... In honor of that, you can see i'm wearing my

sweater - Go Blackhawks! Next year! They were the youngest team and they

were the 12th seed against the number one seed Las Vegas

Golden Knights. So they did well in spite of the

circumstances. So today i'll be shaving off my playoff

beard right here pretty decent beard growth i

didn't grow it for the full length of the playoffs this was only

i'm probably not even a week, but let's get rid of it! I

I don't like the itching and the scratching what i'll use to remove it

Feather Artist Club Japanese style razor. Let's pop a blade in there. It uses

proprietary blades. I will use the Feather Professional

Super blade right here. So let's pop a blade in I'll show you

how to do that. Just insert the little circle right at

the end here you can actually do this without

touching the blade squeeze the spine

I have to hold it this way so it doesn't fall out. Squeeze the spine

and then push the blade directly in and it just goes right into the

razor head and drops in place you can see it it's in there

once you release it's locked in it will not fall out.

and i did that without touching the blade which is pretty cool.

You can still pop the blade out and insert it on your own if you want to do

that but this way you insert it without

touching it. If you're using it on clients if you're a barber

and this is the choice of most professional barbers, the Feather Artist

Club whether it be the folding version or the Japanese style like this. By the

way: both the folding and the Japanese come in three different colors:

This is a black handle there's also a pinkish reddish handle

which is called wine and then there's a green handle which is called

lime so you can get those. Black is the most popular FYI. All right

so i will make it a red shave today in honor of our Chicago Blackhawks. I

will use Proraso red sandalwood shaving cream

I'll use Proraso red sandalwood pre-shave I will use

proraso red sandalwood aftershave splash

fine stout brush red and white, and Shave Nation lather bowl

red. Because we're seeing red today! All right let me warm up my face and

we'll get right to the shave actually let's mix up a lather first

let's warm up this bowl under some hot water

let's drop our brush in a cup of hot water as well here's what it looks like

when it's dry let's drop it right in there now it's

saturated that's what the synthetic brush looks like when it's wet

just let that soak for a minute while i warm up the bowl

i just warm up the stone under the hot water. Okay now i'm just going to squirt

a little bit of this Proraso red right into the bottom

that much right there. Remove the brush shake off the water

and shake off more water than usual with a synthetic brush.

It doesn't retain the moisture as well so you got to get rid of most of the

water from it. All right let's go right in here and mix a lather

starts off a little bit sudsy but once you keep

moving the brush across the bottom, the lather spot it thickens up.

Lots of Lather

Check it out look at that beautiful!

If you want to mix a little more you'll get more lather I have plenty of lather

for two or three passes but we'll see if we can get done in one!

This razor is the razor that can do it if any razor can do it!

Let me warm up my face we'll get right to the shave.

All right while the face is still wet let's apply some of this pre-shave the

Proraso red sandalwood not much left in here

just scoop out a little bit right to the face, massage that in

soften up the beard.

Now we'll apply our shaving cream directly on top of the pre-shave

plenty of lather here

smells wonderful, nice sandalwood scent

mustache area

now a little figure eight method

smooth everything out, drive that lather right into the beard

soften it up, prepare it for the shave to come.

What do we do now? Clear the runways so we can see the sideburns.

Here we go it's playoff beard removal time!

I will start on the right side I'm just going to cut the sideburn nice and easy

right there

perfect. Now stretch the skin work my way down

let's rinse that off lots of stubble on that razor, now the other side

As you can see this razor doesn't play around it takes it right off!

right down the neckline


mustache area- just scoop right under the nose

inflate the cheek so you have a flat surface to go against

to glide over

One pass. Check it out Feather Artist Club

Japanese style razor. Let me rinse off. Okay that's one pass. Look at this! Baby

smooth! Beard is completely gone. Let's take our

Shave Nation Wide Stick alum block and soak that under the cold water.

Spin it up a bit just glide that all around the areas you just shaved

seal off any small nicks, tighten the skin, close the pores.

Excellent finish to the shave!

Let's pat the face dry.

You can see I do have a couple little bumps right here which is totally normal

when you have heavier beard growth they start to curl around and go up against

your skin and try to grow back in so you'll get some bumps once in a while.

I got a couple of them on both sides but those will go away within just a few

hours. Let's finish up with the Proaso aftershave splash

sandalwood, a nice light splash for summer.

Activate the ingredients slap it on Ahhh! Wonderful here's a final look at the

Feather Artist Club Japanese style razor. If you want to pick one of these up

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it'll pop right up. By the way these Feather Super Professional blades,

these are most like a traditional straight razor so if that's what you're

looking for this is the one you want. But check the website there's a detailed

description on all the five different blades.

There's Light, ProGuard. Professional, Super,

and the Pink one, can't think of the name right now-Soft Guard!

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