How to Get Your Pond Started in the Spring by Aquascape

hey Dave Kelly here member of aquascape

spine squad also known as a tech guy

spring is finally here it's time to get

outside and start enjoying your water

feature so today I want to go over a few

basic steps to get your pond up and

running again in many regions of the

country the pond has been shut down for

the winter so one of the first things

you're gonna want to do is remove your

bubbler or your heater the two devices

you've used to keep your fish alive

throughout the winter now one of the

first things you want to do to clean

things up is remove the debris that's

accumulated over the wintertime the

leaves sticks algae all that fine little

sediment one great tool to do that is a

skimmer net now a skimmer net differs

from a normal fish net has very very

small openings on it allows you to catch

the finest - debris you simply stick the

net in the water you want to swirl it

around get that debris stirred up and

start removing it keep scooping it out

until your pond is relatively clean and

depending on how dirty your water is you

may want to conduct a partial water

change and you can do that using your

existing water feature pump connected to

an extension of pipe or you can purchase

a pump specifically designed for pond

clean outs now pond water has a lot of

nutrients so when you're pumping your

pond out recycle it use it your

landscape beds your plants to love it

spring clean out is also a great time to

perform some basic pump maintenance no

matter if you have a small little mag

drive pump up to a large solids handling

pump basic pump maintenance is going to

help prolong the life of your pump one

of the easiest and most effective things

you can actually do is simply inspect

the intake here and make sure it's free

of any solids or debris always remember

when filling your pond back up again or

topping it off during the season you

always want to use a water conditioner

like aquascapes pond detoxifier this

will remove the chlorine from the water

the ammonia

detoxifies the heavy metals and make

sure that water is safe for plants and

fish once your water feature is up and

running you want to begin to add your

water treatments when your water

temperature is below 55 degrees your

beneficial bacteria is not going to be

as effective two products you can use

during this time and throughout the

season are aquascapes SAV and eco blast

sa B as a powerful phosphate binder

which will help keep your water crystal

clear an eco blast is a fish and play

safe algaecide you can use both of these

in conjunction work well together once

the water temperature rises above 55

degrees you can start adding your

beneficial bacteria on a regular basis

beneficial bacteria will help balance

your pond reduces pond maintenance by

keeping filters clean and debris free

reduces harmful ammonia and nitrite and

also provides crystal-clear water

quality to help make your pond clean

I'll go as smooth as possible aquascapes

has put together a convenient spring

starter kit contains everything you need

to get your water feature up and going

for the season for more information on

the products you saw today or any other

aquascape product please visit

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