Post Cycle Therapy, Everything You Need to Know!

what is up my skinny legends welcome

back to Kenny Khao where you were

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long-awaited video I have been wanting

to make for the longest time is post

cycle therapy or commonly known as PCT

but you'd be surprised how many

questions I get about this topic on a

daily basis before this video gets in

the way I'm not a doctor nor do I claim

to be this is for informational and

educational purposes only and should

only be used as such based on something

I would hypothetically do I'm gonna give

my honest opinion a post psychotherapy

or PCT and that is PCT is more important

than the actual cycle you're running

itself because let me tell you if you go

out and run a massive cycle something

where you put on 10 pounds of muscle

over the duration of the time you do it

if you do not run a PCT I guarantee you

will lose almost all of it and not only

will you lose almost all of it you will

take months upon months to get back to

where you were naturally so I can't

stress the importance of PCT enough to

you if you are blasting and cruising

then that's an entirely different topic

for a whole nother video but if you were

to hypothetically PCT you could actually

be probably half of the gains you

managed to put on so say you put on 10

pounds of muscle over the duration of

your cycle you'd probably keep five

maybe even seven pounds of that which is

still incredible because you're still a

lot better off than you would have ever

been naturally I want ingrained that in

your mind PCT is actually more important

than the actual cycle you're running


I have everything listed down my phone

so I don't miss anything for you but for

instance I'm at the end of my contest

prep currently and I am going to be

running a post cycle therapy after mine

is done now there are three main things

to a successful post cycle therapy

there's gonna be HCG clomid and Nova I'm

not gonna actually get into the science

of all three of them and what they do

and how they react within the body

because this video would be probably an

hour long but the first thing you are

definitely gonna need regardless if

you're running sarbs pro hormones

regular anabolics is gonna be number one

HCG depending on what ester you're

running say you're running a short ester

anabolic or a SARM for that matter

you're not going to want to start your

PCT until about five to seven days

is after because the whole purpose of

post psychotherapy is to get you back to

where you were naturally and if you

still have foreign hormones coming into

your body and doing the job for you

there's no point in even being on PCT

now if you're on a longer Esther such as

an NFA or a sybian aid then you're going

to want to actually wait a couple weeks

until that clears out your system so

keep that in mind

do not run any PCT until everything is

cleared out of your system jumping back

to the HCG is you are going to run a

thousand micrograms every other day for

the first eight days which equates to

four shots total then the following week

you are gonna run 500 micrograms every

other day for six days which equates to

three shots total at 500 micrograms then

subsequently following you're gonna run

250 micrograms every other day for four

days which equates to two shots now as

you noticed we started the dose very

high and then gradually tapered off so

it's four shots at a thousand micrograms

every other day then three shots at 500

micrograms every other day and then two

shots at 250 micrograms every other day

you want to jumpstart your body to start

naturally producing tests because I can

guarantee if you've been on cycle for a

while you're gonna have testicular

atrophy which is the shrinking of the

testicles because I mean they haven't

been working for whoever knows how long

you been on cycle some people two to

four years so you're gonna notice with

the HCG your balls start to swell up to

their actual normal size then instead of

cutting it cold-turkey like I mentioned

you slowly tell your body that okay we

don't need as much but still produce

enough testosterone naturally to where

you eventually come off and then your

body's producing the tests on its own to

make it as simple as possible now we

jump into the two other compounds I

discussed which is the clomid and the

nova personally I choose nova over

clomid my body just likes it a lot more

and I also have to mention genetics is a

huge factor in PCT some people bounce

back super quick some people take longer

than others

some people put on muscle easier than

others some people burn fat easier than

others it's just the way genetics are

made up the same can be said for how

someone recovers in PCT with genetics so

it's trial and error of what you're

going to like more whether that

clomid or nova but one week after you

start your HCG is when you are gonna

start your CIRM which would be the

climate or the Nova if you decide to run

with clomid you are gonna do week one at

50 milligrams daily week 2 at 50

milligrams daily week 3 at 25 milligrams

daily and week 4 at 25 milligrams daily

you'll notice it's the same thing as the

HCG where you start the dose very high

and then you gradually taper off

moving on to Nova which is my preferred

choice as I stated with the HCG would be

week 1 at 40 milligrams week 2 at 40

milligrams then week 3 at 20 milligrams

week 4 at 20 milligrams as well the same

thing as I just discussed gradually

tapering off and that essentially wraps

up a successful PCT and then remaining

natural for a long duration of time the

biggest problem I see is people run the

PCT for four weeks and then immediately

jump back on cycle for two years and

it's just such a dumb thing to do

because it takes months and let me tell

you months to get back to where you were

naturally and I highly advise if you are

out there debating ever running a cycle

or doing anything that you get blood

work done before you ever start anything

so you can see where your baseline test

and estrogen and all your levels are at

and then after running the post cycle

therapy and after everything is cleared

out your system and months have passed

doing blood work again to see what

damage was done so that's another big

key advice I would give to anyone that's

debating running these routes would be

doing blood work on a consistent basis

so just to cover everything again

HCG clomid and nova the choice between

coloma de nova is entirely up to you and

if you have any questions about sourcing

or anything you can definitely DM me on

instagram at real kenny KO but let me

tell you if you're buying a PCT

supplement over-the-counter say at GNC

or Vitamin Shoppe or who knows what

other supplement shop is out there I can

guarantee it will do absolutely nothing

for you okay nothing will be done with

an over-the-counter PCT supplement

ultimately at the end of the day it's

entirely up to you what you do with your

body if you don't want to run a PCT and

you want to run the risk of being

suppressed for six months taking forever

to bounce back

maybe with your genetics she'll bounce

back without a PCT in a month who's

really to say what would happen but a

choice is ultimately up to you I always

prefer personally to take the more safe

alternative get blood work done very

frequent so you know where you're at and

where your health stands and that is

what I do personally I don't recommend

you guys follow my exact protocol but I

run the hcg as I mentioned and the Nova

Dex at those dosages we had discussed

don't hesitate to DM me on instagram at

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