How to Start an Indoor Cannabis Grow Beginners Guide


what is up guys from sea to stone here

and in this episode I'll be showing you

how to start an indoor cannabis grow

i'll cover three different methods of

germination which range from simple to

advanced and i'll start all three of our

grows the hundred-dollar space bucket

the mid-range tent and finally the 10k

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get back to the video this season I'm

running three different strains to

feminised photoperiod varieties in one

auto flowering variety the photoperiod

strains our original skunk which will be

grown in a space bucket and Bruce banger

which will be grown in the advanced time

lastly I'll be running an auto flower

ripley's OG in the mid-range closet grow

in order to start these grows I'll need

to germinate the seeds now germination

is the process in which an organism

grows from a seed or a similar structure

this initial growth forms what is called

a seedling and that eventually grows

into a mature plant unless growing from

clones the only way to start a cannabis

grow is to germinate cannabis seeds so

for the next part of the video I'm gonna

walk you through three different methods

of germination


the first method is one of the simpler

ways of germinating and that's planting

your seed directly into the growing

medium itself although it sounds easy

there are still some key environmental

factors who want to consider that might

impact how successful the germination

process is cannabis seeds need two major

things in order to germinate properly

moisture and warmth before I plant any

seeds into my pots I first moisten the

medium with water once moistened I used

my finger to create a small hole and I

place in the seed next I lightly cover

the seed up with some dirt and that's it

if you don't have a humidifier place a

cup plastic bottle over the seeds

location to help hold the moisture in

I'll check the medium throughout the day

to ensure that it's not drying out and

I'll remiss tis needed it's important to

keep the soil moist at all times but

remember you never want it to be wet

like a mud puddle you also want to keep

it fairly warm the ideal temperature for

germination is around 70 degrees

Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius the

next method of germination adds in a few

more steps however it's still very easy

this is the method that you'd want to

use if planning on growing in a DWC

system like myself you'll need a bucket

with some water a seed starter tray with

the lid a heating mat and finally some

rock wool cubes

to start I unpackage the rockwool and

break off the cube for every seed that I

plan to germinate in this case I'm gonna

be starting 10 seeds next I place the

rockwool directly into a bucket of water

that's been pH to 6.1 I'm gonna let

these soak in here for about 15 minutes

next I move the rockwool back into the

starter tray and one by one I place in

my seeds after each seed is loosely

placed I take a small thin object like a

pen cartridge and gently push the seeds

deeper into the rockwool lastly I pour

water over the rockwool itself as well

as added some to the bottom of the seed

starter tray from here I'll take my

heating mat and starter tray and set it

up in my grow room all I have to do is

plug the mat into a power outlet and

place my seed starter on top throughout

the day I will check the seed starter to

ensure that the Rock will stayin moist

and I'll also miss the inside of the lid

to keep the humidity up as well

now this last method is a method that

I'm sure most of you guys are familiar

with if you've been following me for a

while now and that's the paper towel

method although this method is the most

involved way of germinating I found that

it provides me the best germination

rates of any method that I've tested

before to start I first placed my seeds

into a cup of water I personally use non

pH tap water but if you want to be extra

safe use spring or RO water next I place

this cup in a dark warm area and let the

seeds sit for about 18 to 24 hours after

18 hours all of my seeds have started to

show their tap roots and they've also

sunk into the bottom of the cup using a

spoon I carefully remove the seeds from

the cup and I place them onto a paper

towel once laid out I carefully spaced

the seeds where they have a few inches

between each other next I take the water

from the cup and moisten the paper towel

completely remember you want this moist

but not wet now it's time to place the

seeds into a ziplock baggie and again

I'm gonna be placing them back into a

warm and dark area after 2 days had

passed it was time to check the seeds I

first removed the paper towels from the

ziplock and I opened it up I'm looking

for tap roots that are at least 1/2 of

an inch long but preferably 3/4 to an

inch in length it looks like all but one

already which means that I can get to

planning these otto's into their medium

I went with roots organics green fields

which has a ton of beneficial elements

mixed in and should carry the plants for

the first 20 to 30 days now OTO flowers

are a little bit different than photo

periods in the sense you should plant

otto's directly into the pot you want to

finish them in which means no

transplanting so I use my finger to

create a small hole and then I carefully

place in the seed tap root down lastly I

cover the seed with a small bit of

medium and then I repeat the process

with the other two pots again prior to

planting I did moisten the pots

completely with water this helps reduce

the amount of interaction with the seeds

for the first few days which can greatly

increase their success rate the last

thing I did was set my humidifier to an

Rh level of 70% and other than

periodically watering I'll let these

girls be



over the next few days my seeds

completed the germination process and I

was left with nothing but new seedlings

the success rate of the first method was

50% the first seed I planted ended up

not sprouting but the second one did

which is why it's a little bit behind

the rest

the second method had a 90 percent

success rate with nine out of the ten

seeds germinating and sprouting properly

the one that didn't sprout did start to

germinate however never broke the

surface of the rockwool lastly the third

method was a hundred percent successful

all five seeds germinated and sprouted

successfully all of these methods are

great ways to successfully start your

grow it's just about finding out what

works best for you and what suits your

needs although I prefer the paper towel

method I'm also a big fan of germinating

in rock wool cubes I find that it's

incredibly easy to maintain the

environment thanks to the plastic lid

and heat mat and it's also pretty low

maintenance these seedlings will

continue to grow in this setup until a

decent amount of roots have established

and formed out towards the bottom of the

cubes as far as the soil method goes

what can I say it's super

low-maintenance and it's really simple

I'll be documenting this grow week by

week in each episode

all three grows will be featured and

I'll be taking you step-by-step through

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