How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy!

Divac mr. sanders my name is Holly first

thank you for your videos I am nine

years old and we were gonna get a German

Shepherd and we are gonna name her Roxy

I have a request please if you have the

time of course will you do a tips on

potty training videos I think we can do

that voice what you think what you think

can we do the tips on potty training can

we do the tips yeah all right so if we

go to the park first then we can do it

all right fair enough

why don't remember this door going

straight into the woods do you I'm

almost positive this door didn't used to

go straight into the woods but I'll

confirm with the wife you later I guess

in the meantime pups and I are gonna go

to hike


it's not the way I wanted to come back

but wearing a person the dog came out of


that's all right what's little mud

between pups you'll go home now work on

Holly's video teach potty training I

know you're potty trained but we're

gonna teach huh guess it's on me

what you doing all right yeah

doing okay got the worn outs we're gonna

break us down into four parts the first

is discussing the importance of a

routine the second is discussing the

difference between nighttime and daytime

potty training tips the third is what to

do when an accident does happen because

they will happen and the fourth is

general tips that helped us so routine

is the most important your most valuable

asset in either potty training or any

type of training until you are perfect

at this or rather your pup is I would

avoid deviation from routine at all cost

all right some routines that we used to

help first we use the same door every

time in fact we use this door because it

was the closest after going out the same

door we went to the same spot in the

yard every time we had him on a leash

yup your ball whirled away so sad we had

him on a leash we went to the same spot

we always made sure we had training

treats in our pockets with us the moment

they were done potting we gave him a

treat we said good boy or in your case

it might be good girl but whatever you

do not want to wait until you come

inside by then they've already forgot

they don't have a very long memory when

it comes to associating why they got a

tree which is also why punishing them

we'll talk about that in a moment but

that's why that doesn't work either

lastly keeping their feeding schedule

consistent as well consistently going in

at the same time consistently coming out

at the same time more or less the idea

once we've established the routine let's

talk actual potty training puppies can

typically hold it for one hour per month

they've been alive so you pick up most

puppies around eight to ten weeks you're

looking at about two months so they can

hold it for about two hours now keep in

mind when sleeping this doesn't

necessarily hold true they can obviously

sleep for a lot longer in those

situations that will hold it for longer

but when they are awake and active two

hours or one hour per month now some

things to keep in mind is when they wake

up you always go potty no matter what

when they finish eating you go potty no

matter what when they wake up from a nap

you go potty when they get finished

plane like an exercise round or you know

whatever you go potty

it's just whenever you finish one

activity you go potty essentially puppy

pads never a good idea all right let's

go over some tips for when going to bed

for a puppy no water two hours before

bedtime we don't want to have any

accidents I'm pretty sure you had some

accidents as a puppy

okay well we'll just have to agree to


so the nighttime training is similar but

I want to go over a few different things

first no water two hours before bedtime


awesome during this time I would try to

keep them engaged and awake

I wouldn't go to extreme measures but I

wouldn't also like encourage them to

cuddle up or get in a crate and go to


maybe try to give them some toys or

something to keep them mentally engaged

now you don't want them to be like

exhausted you don't want them running

around or anything cuz then they're

gonna be thirsty and that's not fair you

don't want to make them dehydrated but

maybe like just like a light chew toy or

something or just sit there and pet them

you know it doesn't have to be anything

crazy like I said you don't want him

running around or anything

now Lotus he had that now when going

actually going to bed right before you

go to bed you take them out the potty

when you come in they go straight to the


now whether or not you want to keep the

crate in the bedroom is up to you at

night when they were potty training we

did now I'm not gonna carry it up here

but we would put it in the corner so if

you imagine it means that something

isn't real

well I know your crate is real it's just

it's not in this room it's downstairs so

we're imagining that it's up here all

right this is exactly how we did it

so no imagining doing the real all right

so this is exactly how we did our crate

right here same spot everything this way

they wake up the middle nine if you're a

heavier sleeper you hear them versus

setting an alarm you come right out you

get them I would suggest picking them up

honestly if you can and then just

carrying them straight outside before

you put them down because they are on a

mission when they get up in the middle

of the night is to go pop happy now yeah

I know you don't sleep in the crate

anymore I brought it up because you were

having trouble imagining seriously


now if or more like when you wake up the

middle of the night to take them potty

heed my words very careful head straight

for the door if possible carry them but

go straight for the door do not stop do

not deviate do not pass go go straight

to the door and outside if you saw they

will peep furthermore don't talk to

don't pet really just don't engage your

pup in any way other than once they go

potty if you want to give them a quiet

like Olga boy or good girl otherwise you

want to keep things very low-key very

calm you want to keep lights to a

minimum you don't want them to have any

inclination that is a time to get up and

have fun and play and start the day you

gonna carry this crate back downstairs I

have to do it

if you remember only one thing from this

entire video remember this when when not

if when they have an accident it is your

it is your fault it is not their fault

it is not your kids fault it is not your

spouse's fault is not your parents fault

it is 100% your fault so if you mess up

and allow an accident to happen here's a

few things to keep in mind if possible

you can try to interrupt them you can

make a sudden noise like a clap or you

know something like this or like hey

don't do that but you don't want to

school Inc you don't want to scream

because it's very important not to scare

them you don't want them to associate

fear with going to the bathroom or fear

with going to the bathroom around you

now if you do manage to interrupt them

you can even use like a keyboard if you

wanted to say like outside or whatever

word you're gonna use to designate that

if you do interrupt them and you take

them outside you pick them up you get

them outside right away if they go at

all even just a little bit right after

that even if they did 99% of it in the

house if they go just that last 1%

outside everything else holds true you

praise them you give them the treat all

that good stuff but when it comes to

accidents the statute of limitations is

obedient if you don't catch it as it's

happening nothing you can do you don't

want to punish them you don't want to

rub their nose in it you don't to do any

of that silly stuff it doesn't do any

good they don't understand why you're

upset they don't understand what's going

on all of that nonsense is useless and

potentially harming seriously don't take

it out right and your slap-happy you

need to take a nap and literally does no

good to punish them and could ultimately

do harm they could learn to associate

going to potty as a

that thing or they could associate it

what doing it around you as a bad thing

whether you're inside or outside so even

if you go outside they could still

associate that stuff now what you can do

is clean it up thoroughly if you have

hardwood floors it's obviously gonna

make it easier if you have any rugs down

I would suggest just picking them up for

the first several months if you don't

have hardwood or they go in a carpeted

area you want to clean it as thorough as

possible the issue is that no matter how

much you clean it there's still a chance

they could smell it and if they smell it

they're gonna associate it with a place

that they can go potty again and you're

more likely to see repeated accidents so

what I would suggest is in the event of

an accident get a little carpet cleaner

I can I'll link some down below like

some little hand hold ones that you

could use in situations like this that

just kind of have on hand for like the

little accidents you know obviously you

want to soak it up well you want to use

some sort of spray neutralizer and

honestly if it were me unless it's like

in a really awkward place a lot of times

they tend to go more towards closer to a

wall or something like that I would even

block the area off for a time just so

they can't get to it so they can't smell

it or at least smell at that spot and be

tempted to do it again I plan to go

somewhere else to discuss these tips but

honestly they're both being calm right

now and I don't want to move I don't

even want to move enough to show you on

camera so I'm gonna shoot this little

part on my iPhone here in case you can't

see them pretty sure you can't see Lotus

at all all right so let's go over some

final tips as I mentioned before you

never want to deviate when going on a

bathroom run you know I had mentioned

using the same door as for part of their

routine but the other benefits of that

is if you always use the same door you

can have all your stuff there and ready

to go the handful of times that either

one of them had accidents it was always

something silly like I forgot my shoes

or it's raining and there's no umbrella

or the treats walk by the door they got

left somewhere else so what I would

suggest is

have a dedicated leash a dedicated

umbrella some dedicated shoes or sandals

even that you can just throw on real

quick I dedicate a bag of treats all

this stuff right there by the door so

that way at any time if you need to get

them out in a hurry and there's gonna be

those times where you got to get them

out in the hurry you can just go and

know that it's all right there I'm good

to go I've taken them out barefoot in

the rain at night in the snow doesn't

matter because I missed one of these

things that the umbrella wasn't there my

shoes weren't there because you really

don't want to deviate in addition to

this I would restrict their freedom so

their den animals and that's why they

like crates which we're not going to get

into crate training you want them to see

the entire house as their den and if you

give them free access to the entire

house in the beginning even a small

house like ours it's very easy for them

to go into another room or area and go

to the bathroom there because that's far

enough away from them that they're not

worried about because to them they don't

need a den this big what we did was we

generally started with like two rooms

we'd have like a living room area and

our bedroom would like the only two

rooms they were really allowed in maybe

the kitchen if we were in there we would

block them in there with us but we never

gave him a lot of free broom and we also

never left him unattended you know it's

it all it takes is a split second for

them to have an accident and then you

got to deal with all the cleanup and the

repercussions and then if you have

carpet it's even worse I just wouldn't

mess with it now as they get older and

you get more trust in them and you have

little to no accidents and you want to

slowly expand that area out I would

suggest that I mean you don't want to

wait years to do this I would try to do

it quickly but at the same time you

don't want to rush it so you kind of got

to take a feel on that and kind of feel

things out and see how it's going

there's nothing wrong with opening up a

little bit more space maybe they have an

accident you restrict it back a little

you know that happens and lastly I kind

of touched on this already but any rugs

floor mats or floor mats are for cars

but any rugs or just anything you have

down bathroom mats and you think like

that that you can pick up I would better

safe than sorry

and you'll have to deal with it assuming

you have hardwood floors now if you have

carpet yeah there's if anything the rugs


I don't know otherwise I hope you guys

got some usefulness out of this video

the pups are still they are still passed

out but yeah I hope you guys got some

usefulness out of this Holly I hope it

answered your questions if anybody has

any further questions or anything

definitely comment below otherwise

appreciate you guys as always we'll see

you on the next video I guess I'm about

to clean up on my own cuz they're passed

out now I'm just gonna put that crate

back can I just sleep here

all right so you're awfully close to the

couch there seriously and if you

remember so if you mess up we don't have

to do it every time seriously seriously

it literally it literally take your dyno

and go over there don't get the starts


if you remember from this video when it



will you sleepy I just I don't why does

it take you three hours to make a

five-minute video I don't well maybe you

should take your pup somewhere I'm out

ahead of time I can see the red in your

eyes I know you're tired yes you are