How We Potty Trained Our Baby from Birth Using Elimination Communication!

hey guys say hi mama

hi today we're going to show you how we

have done elimination communication with

mama since she was born

and the tools we use to do so so if

you're interested

stick around if not

stick around for mama okay


it's basically potty training your baby

from as early as birth

and giving your baby the opportunity to

use the bathroom

outside of a diaper an elimination

communication or ec

is practiced to this day in many places


where diapers are not available

readily especially not even disposable


and it's continued to be practiced um in

modern society although

uh disposable diapers are available


if you think this is crazy for a baby to

pee and poop in the potty

i understand i was right there with you

i didn't want to tell anyone that we

were trying elimination communication


if i told everyone like oh i'm gonna

have my baby poop in the toilet

and then like she never did it um i

didn't want to be like

failure even though i understood

everything andrew was teaching

and um and i all my common sense

reasoning lined up with why i wanted to

do elimination communication with

mama i i didn't i still had doubts

all i can say is just if you are scared

or overwhelmed and you don't know where

to start

just try it um put baby on

a mini potty or toilet seat reducer and

give him or her the opportunity to go

and i think you will be

pleasantly surprised because babies are

super super smart and they will pick up

super fast

what's the worst that can happen baby

will just continue

to use the bathroom in the vapor best

thing that can happen is that

it you can meet another one of baby's


it'll decrease your clean up time um

you'll reduce your waste on this planet


and you'll you'll have a healthy

happy baby who doesn't have to sit in

his or her own pee for long periods of


um so if you are overwhelmed i would

just say

you know just try it out see what

happens don't put any pressure on


and just see how it goes the first time

i will peed in the top hat

i was like

but i didn't want to like scare her so i

was like trying to contain my excitement

and then when the first time she pooped

in the top hat

i was like shook it

if baby doesn't use the bathroom when

you take him or her

it's okay andrea calls them potatoes

give him or her the opportunity to use

it and

more often than not baby will start to

pick up on when you're taking him or her

and baby will use the bathroom on the


you can start elimination communication

at any time with baby

um we started maybe from anywhere i

think around four weeks

after mama was born um i we didn't start

right away

just because we were trying to survive

and figure out how to keep her alive

um so i think if we ever were to have a

second baby i would feel more confident


um start you know right at the beginning

after she was born


when she was a newborn we used this top


when she got a little bit older maybe

from three to six

months or so when she was able to sit up

on her own why are you eating that

they're all clean we use this mini potty

it's really light and portable

and worked out really well and then now

she's nine months we use the seat


which i can link all of the items in the

description below

put this on the potty and she uses the

bathroom directly on the potty


when she was really little come back

here um this is the classic ec pose i'll

show you

um we would hold her so now she's

definitely too big and a little too


but we would hold her like this and we

would um

signal her with to

pee or sushi please don't do it right

now and

for poop um and we would just hold her


she would eliminate um so this is we use

this for newborn and we

it's really helpful because it's really

convenient i mean um

portable and light and easy to clean

and then when she was a little bit older

and able to sit up on her own

we put her on this mini potty and

it's different from a little from other

parties in that it's small

so her feet are able to touch the ground

and then we would do the same signaling

for her

you graduated to the sea producer this

goes on top of the potty and you just

put baby on top of that


okay so i just wanted to show you what

our setup was like

when mom was little uh our top hat is

actually on loan to a friend right now

but we would put it in the exact same

location as our mini potty so we would

put it on the corner like this

and of course mama was much less mobile

earlier in her life

so we would just sit her on top of the

counter right here and signal to her

um and she would use the bathroom and

then we would clean her bum

in the sink there and then wipe it on

the towel back there and then when we

were cleaning

the mini potty all we would have to do

is run the water

um in the mini potty and then we would

just dump it out

in the big potty and that was a clean up

and i would

you know clean it like sanitize it

probably once a week


now that mama's older we have graduated

to this

setup here so we have the seat reducer

on the potty

and then we also have this stool so when

mom was older she can use this

um stool to climb up onto the potty

and use the potty herself but since

right now

she's not able to do so um

she sits on the potty and then we just

sit down here and we hold her so that

she doesn't fall off

okay so whoa

okay so i just wanted to show you what

it looks like for mama to use the potty

now so she's 10 months okay so we sit

here on it

like so and then

we signal and obviously you can see this

stool also is a good back saver so you

don't have to lean over

so you can also sit on the ground if you

are monitoring and supervising your


okay bye bye


after baby is done eliminating um

yeah what we would do is we just hold

her like this

um we have a sink right in our bathroom

we hold it like this and kind of

run the water and just clean her and

then we have a designated towel for her

to wipe her bum um and then we would

just put on her cloth there

again so um what's important is you just

give baby opportunities to use

to eliminate outside of diapers

sometimes she will go sometimes she will


um we'll talk about easy catches the

four easy catches as to

you know when if you have no idea when

baby signals to his bathroom when you

can start

so if you have any questions or comments

please leave them below

i will see you next time