Is There A Right Time to Potty Train? | Real Families

never changing a nappy again is a pretty

appealing prospect but first you've got

to navigate that messy business of potty

training nappies these days are so

absorbent yeah but it's almost like they

don't have any concept with what we end

up doing is yes no till you start taking

it away they're not gonna learn

it's that thing about you don't want to

go for a day out where you don't know

where the toilets are no because when

they want to go they can't hold it

aren't we the lucky ones ladies generous

topic oh if I need could they could put

heat rain forever

I mean joy it's why I had children yeah

that's what you want to be knee-deep in

their way in poo yeah now now cookie

you've written all about this I had a

lot of a lot of trouble with my daughter

potty training six months six months I'm

still not there yet still the night

nappies yeah to what age was that I

started when she was three only because

she had nursery looming yeah and had to

be potty trained so it was a little bit

of a panic and your good self you're

doing it now I'm in the midst of it

everyone said wait till he's ready wait

till he's ready because then you'll do

it in two days that we say much easier

but he was never ready yeah he's just

not interested so like your daughter and

I kind of just thought well either I can

try now or I'll be changing it's nothing

on his wedding day so I just went for it

and it's been about two weeks now so

we're in the midst of the trenches and

if you bought like potties for every

room I'd be got sort of a what's your

sort of strategy for potty training Lisa

um that's a very sophisticated word just

kind of launching ourselves into it

we've got a potty and we've got a toilet

seat potty which is called a potty which

I thought sounded it's awesome kind of

glamorous not glamorous at all it's just

one of those ones you can put on the

toilet seat or you can take out with you

as well what are your worst potty

training experiences have you have you

got that moment where you like I'm just

over this this is the worst moment of my

life like it was there a poo on a bus

sold there's a wee at a friend's house

as a pearl victoria derbyshire her live

TV and i could see was her kind of


and then the other the other mother

being interviewed as well was just oh my

gosh I was just praying to God like this

is gonna be over soon

is it getting bit soon as it finished

soon as the bank you should money I did

a great God you didn't say that but yeah

that was I am that's a pretty

spectacular no that's very public and

what do you guys think about like the

pressure to start potty training because

obviously what you're saying your son is

two years in nine months I mean that's

still pretty young did you feel where

did you feel that pressure from it's the

word still isn't it yes is he still

wearing nappies yeah right that word is

quite loaded isn't it and I'd be like

yeah yeah and then it was just when it

all his friends

Metiria and I suddenly just felt like I

just did you know visions of him on his

wedding day me changing his nappy so

that was kind of and maybe he wasn't


nappies these days are so absorbent yeah

that it's almost like they don't have

any concept of what we're not doing is

yes until you start taking it away

they're not going to learn so that's

sort of why I went for it but yeah I did

feel that pressure absolutely the older

generation especially their children

were out of nappies by 15 to 18 months

mmm it's not my nan said you were

washing nappies you had Terry nappies

that you were watching so I think that's

where this 18-month their Armstrong was

I think these days you know we're

disposable sorry please what Happy's

these days are so much better than yeah

than they ever were it doesn't seem to

be that much of an issue anymore

yeah even you're later which I think no

is a good thing yeah I know for my own

shield not got a nine-year-old daughter

and she wasn't out of duck nappies until

she was six and we went to the doctors

and we had her we actually had our

bladder scanned and our sight well look

actually sometimes it just takes some

kids longer and I think you're you sort

of naturally want them to be where

everyone else is but I think yeah

sometimes kids just develop at different

time yeah a lot of times I think they

will tell you my side removing their

nappies so pretty clear my favorite

story is when my husband took him to the

toyman's to watch him do we and my son

karate chop the we stream right we kind

of left it quite late with ours and it's

still ongoing here

three so he could actually just say I

want to go to the toilet which is

brilliant make your kid learn to reason

with you one of my favorite incidences

was when we were on the m6 or something

and we were in a traffic jam we didn't

have any spare nappies and she'd wet

herself and so I got to Sainsbury's bags

and she had to sort of levitate well two

bags underneath her she peed and then

one of those in a hole in it and there

was just way everywhere end of days and

it feels like you've got through like

you know the sleepless nights and you've

got through feeding and it's that last

bit of that early stage and parenting

feels even harder than everything else

cuz you're already exhausted mercy for

me potty training was the only bit of

parent of this actually fazed me so guys

is there a perfect age to start potty

training what do you think they talk

about is your kid ready to potty train

but what they didn't talk about is is

the parent ready to potty train never

you do need to be in the right place ie

not breastfeeding your youngest one like

in my case but you do need to be I guess

at a point where you are willing to stay

at home quite a long time yeah yeah and

also go to friends and families houses

who don't mind hmm

and not have a big you know event on

your hands but yeah a wedding okay

and you need to be a point with if you

do have a partner where you're kind of

happy and talking to each other because

it's totally a team effort yeah you know

adds a whole new stress into your home

environment and you cook hey do you

think there's a riot obviously you you

haven't rushed into it no no I took my

sweet time yeah but I just think people

forget there's no awards like this now

is gonna give you an award because your

kids potty training to 15 months know

there are so many things that you don't

get told I think one of the things is

it's cleaning it up it's there's no

manual on that is Elysa know so I found

that people are full of really helpful

/on helpful advice about what age and

they still in nappies and blah blah blah

but no one tells you how to get a load

of soft poo off a pair of training pants

yeah yeah and I genuinely he didn't know

what to do yeah got some gloves managed

to scoop a little bit out into the loo

and then managed to isolate it into the

washing machine and add in some nappy

sand very good to know if that was the


because I just thought is it isn't it a

bit gross yeah that's a lot of pay for a

washing machine to handle is it they're

going to appear on my clothes

periodically for the next few months but

yeah that was the only thing I googled

and even then like having you Google

that kind of thing and yeah that's

there's not enough information

no just always bend so and just say

putting them down my sister cut the side

yeah yeah no I'm in a basket because I

couldn't face oh my god no it's like you

said you you stock up on the pants so

you have to lie about a thousand pairs

of pants because even when they first

start using the toilet they're so


so it's that thing of like you don't

want to go for a day out where you don't

know where the toilets are no because

when they want to go they can't hold it

and then there's also there's like Park

etiquette obviously because some people

say cover up with leaves behind the bush

yes ill do you do see you scoop the poop

as well that dogs you sure - I have

scoops and I used to get you know the

nappy bags oh yeah that with me because

we have we did have times our Park has

just no toilets for miles around but

it's when nursery sent them home with a

little bag oh that's gross I know like a

little present every day and you end up

with a bag of clothes just covered in

peace oh thank you yeah for some in the

bin for you yes exactly right

I think wait till the summer is a good

one so they can just run around in the

garden when they pants on and then if

there's an accident you know it's it's

what it's fertilizer isn't it if you're

potty training your kid and you have

another one on the way it just stop just

stop everything you do because our son

was going to the toilet before the baby

was born

and once the baby came along he just

regressed if you're getting frustrated

just give it a break Oh wet wipes get

some wet wipe because um when your child

does a pill on the toilet and you have

to wipe that your child bottom it's much

easier to do it with a wet wipe than

with a dry ripe because they're very

uncooperative I know one woman who

booked her child into nursery for the

sole reason of having him potty trained

by the nursery and I almost wish I

thought of that wait until they're ready

don't throw a fourth them into it

because it's not going to work it will

be hell for you and health for them now

we're going to ask the internet for a

bit of advice about this thing and the

first thing the internet says is what

the signs of your child sort of ready to

potty train is they're pulling and a wet

or dirty diaper this is obviously

American but if they sort of you know

clutching an awareness yeah yeah their

ways and poos yeah yeah did we agree

yeah but I don't see mine always knew

they were going and they knew they were

four they just didn't okay they didn't

care do I hear an officer he's a potty

yeah I think that advice was written

before these amazing Wanda nappies that

can be dry photographer yeah they're

like like we've areum's I just keep them

so dry and comfortable the other one

about the signs your child is ready to

potty train from the internet is hiding

to pee or poo does your kids ever like a

place they're like Oh hurtin it was

always behind a long curse and with both

of them they they'd sneak off for a poo

behind a curtain yeah and like doesn't

want anyone looking at them they go

anywhere but it's like you know go to

hide might mind we'll do it in the toy

room and you just you just sort of walk

off like very elegantly and silently and

they need to see this


but yes are we agree Lisa well my son

has no shame

so who quite happily just there's no

private room there's no curtain there's

no shame the P face which is quite

amazing I mean it's like a face but you

never realize have purple someone can go

and as we've seen a child really

struggle should all check her own up in

your faces after this so we can all

agree that potty training is really hard

but I think one of the hardest things is

your own reactions to what is you know

horrific which weather is like a poo up

the bag or a wheel over the sofa I mean

how did you find you reacted to those

real frankly stressful situations Lisa

we've tried not to push aim we've tried

really hard not to prove shame but it's

impossible and I thought I had a strong

stomach and much of a gag reflex when

you're plunging your hand into the

world's most disgusting chocolate mousse

it's difficult not to gag yes it is and

yourself cookie said you silent I think

you could feel like a bit of a failure

because you know you know sometimes

they'll go in the potty like five or six

times in a row and you think yeah crap

down and then I'm just be doing

something so they're distracted no way

all over the floor and I think you get

that kind of oh man I know I've got this

right yeah what are they doing so I

think you can obviously you can't show

you that but I think sometimes when

people do show that frustration it's an

frustration for themselves like oh god I

thought I'd done this yeah you can't you

can't make a big deal out of it because

then they get such an issue about going

to the toilet it's not doing anyone any

favors so I think you just have to be

know that's why I go very high then you

say all the swears and all yeah kind of

it's so nice hearing you guys say this

I'm not alone it's just nice to know

yeah there's a weirdest thing is that

everybody goes to the toilet it is the

most normal thing you can do all right

now guys I need your top tips I think

there people out there in the internet

need your top tips all right you go

cookie wait wait don't rush it don't

pressure yourself you know there's no

awards for your kid being potty trained

by 18 months just take your time stock

on antiseptic antibacterial white

disposable latex gloves mattress

protectors stock up because it will get

messy well that's been potty training

chat with the fabulous cookie and the

fabulous Lisa if you've got any

questions comments anything please write

down below and we'd love to hear from

you I'm sure we've all been through it

all so you've been watching mothership

I've been Helen


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