Evan Moor Pre-Kindergarten Smart Start Workbook [Flip-Through]

welcome back to new video today I'm

going to do a flip no I haven't done a

flip there in a while

I purchased some stuff yesterday while I

was back in my city visiting my family

and I wanted to show you guys some of

the stuff I bought so I bought this book

in the dollar store and if you know

anything about Evan Moore you would know

that that is a great company for this

price I found it for 399 which is insane

I'm maybe that's like the regular price

I may not know I mean you know be

totally often be exaggerating but for

this huge book 399 was amazing I paid

I'm gonna make another video but I paid

for the Scholastic jumbo for pre-k nine

dollars so this book was definitely

worth it and I reckon Breck love

recommend if you are looking for work

books check your dollar store they may

have it but this is the pre-kindergarten

smart starts helping children learn in

over 1 million classrooms like I said it

was 399 over 300 fun activities award

certificates stickers pull out pages

this book was over science math art

reading and thinking and geography by a

bit more really nice book I'll show you

the back they also have kindergarten and

first grade but they didn't have it in

the store so I would have bought it they

had if they had it I won't be doing too

much of a flip through because this has

like as you see like 300 pages but I'll

try to show you guys as many pages as I

can for each subject so I will be the

reason I'm making this video is because

I'm going to be destroying this book and

I usually not usually what I've been

doing now is I've been like buying

workbooks and sorry that was my chair

um I've been buying workbooks and I've

been taking the pages out I've been

putting in two sheet protectors and then

sticking them in a binder for I can use

for future children for I don't have to

buy them there are certain workbooks

that I obviously can't put into shoot

protectors because there's gonna be a

lot of writing and that's not gonna work

but when it comes to like these like

little kids books these are perfect


you don't need to do that much writing

so I'm gonna just brief through this you

can read them stop the video and read if

you're interested there it is okay so

this is what the reading context goes

over okay and they saw this what the

math contents goes over the science

geography and thinking skills which is

really big actually and art content

sorry I didn't know they were start here


really nice stages okay here it's what

every before they do any lessons they

tell you what they're gonna go over with

so the reading goes over letter

recognition and letter sounds tracing

and writing visual discrimination

activities comprehension activities and

certificate and every after every um

topic is done so you can stop the video

right there and read about each thing

like I said I don't want this video to

be too too long okay so I'm just gonna

put the camera up and just let you guys

see what they're about what each topic

is about what I have noticed oh so they

have some like tasks here for your kids

what I have noticed is that a lot of

these jumbo workbooks or these like

workbooks that say that they're for like

certain grades are really not a lot of

the things that you will be doing in

these workbooks are things for the grade

that is ahead so like the next grade so

for things that are in this level are

not for preschool they're actually for

kindergarten I never knew that

preschoolers need to know a lot of the

stuff that's in here so I definitely

recommend that if you are thinking of

getting this really look at this video

or go to your local 99-cent store or

online and really look through the pages

to see if that's the right fit for your

child because a priest

which is like three four years old may

not be able to do this it's really

beautiful really like simple which

evermore is like and here's the

certificate really nice you can save

these for your kids portfolio okay and

then now this is the math one which goes

over number recognition and counting

tracing and writing visual

discrimination activity addition and

subtraction and certificate again I

don't know I don't know maybe this is

what preschoolers need to know but I

remember going something not going

sending when he can David's a

kindergarten and like they were learning

all of this in kindergarten there's a

like date evaluated them to see they

knew things but they weren't expecting

them to know anything like they just

wanted to know where the child was

I like the math section that I I like

the math math section sorry this was a

little bit weird where is it okay I

think starts here yeah this pattern one

what are they expecting the child to do

an expecting the child to like draw it

in preschool like start making it dots I

don't know that was a little bit

confusing so but overall I like the math

section it's really cute really it's

like not too colorful like you know

which curriculum I may do flips do about

it the school zone preschool like the

school zone um more folks those are

really colorful those like pop in your

face and a lot of kids like that but

some kids may not so like I said I will

be putting these in a sheet protector

and going into a lot a binder this may

be a little of a problem but what I

could do is just have the child like do

little circles it's not a big deal

the reason why I do that is because I

have other kids that I will teach and I

don't want to constantly buy the books

where I can just you know put them into

cheap protectors and a binder and they

can continue to do it and I'll say

my money and save my time starting to

teach some fraction which is interesting

I don't know if you guys have ever

taught kindergarten but I have and this

is definitely in a kindergarten level

and not a preschool level see like I

understand that you want to get them

like to know what it looks like like a

coin but they don't need that in

preschool at least and I'm the way that

I teach it I thought I wasn't gonna show

them each page but I guess I am here's

the certificate and now that's going to

science chants and rhymes talk with your

child activities signs and our world and

a certificate again I don't think that

kids should be doing science in

preschool but everyone's different I

won't talk too much about this cuz I

don't do science at all so it's not a

big deal but it's pretty easy again this

is more of like like see like it says

sorry my my finger it says right where

you see these shapes over here sets

together with your child look for these

shapes in your house outdoors help you

identify the shapes in the world what

world are you the parents doing this for

the child because if the parents are

doing this then why are you getting this

this is supposed to be the child doing

it so a lot of it in the science one

from what I have seen is like the

parents helping a lot which is not bad

about the same time like when you're

getting a curriculum you want your child

to do it not you because if you're gonna

be sending your kids to public school

you're not gonna be there here's the

science of physical science now we're

going in to

living things wait but I think this is

still science that's a little confusing

again I would definitely see like I

don't know if a child needs this a

preschooler again this is like a perfect

book for a kindergartner oh this is a

life science and now we're girag Rafi

skills and concepts so they're gonna go

over geography activities and mini books

well so I guess we're making a mini book

in this one

geography cards and certificates all the

certificates are really cute oh I guess

this is the mini book that you will have

to make so this will be something that

you would cut out and it won't have it

won't be in your what's this called um

binder if you're deciding it to put in a

binder like I am and you see there you

can easily cut it now we're thinking

skills which goes over read all about it

tell me what you know critical thinking

activities are projects and hands-on

activities which I like and certificates

for the first can they're like when

you're if you're starting at on in three

years old three and four are mostly like

really fun five is like when you get a

little bit more serious so I like that

they have activities in the back that's

really cute

oh this is cute so your child will be

like building a grasshopper okay let me

put the camera a little up see this is

what I'm saying a lot of this like I

don't know maybe this is what

kindergartners now nowadays but I don't

think so I just think that a lot of this

is too much for a kid for a preschool

not a kindergarten sorry for a

preschooler and that's the certificate

and next we're doing art so they have

like a lot of really nice activities for

art I really like this

this is really really cute really hard

to do with one hand okay I have some

Nursery Rhymes here and at the end has

to answer keys let me just show you guys

some more and I've not at the end almost

at the end it has some stickers and here

are the stickers so that is smart start

pre-kindergarten that's the whole flip

through it's a pretty nice book for what

it is

take you're paying 399 first four

dollars it's a pretty nice workbook I

would say like I said before really look

at this video and see if this is where

chart is because your child may not be

here like you saw me before and not even

close to this this is more of in my

opinion the kindergarten some really

like really think about is my child able

to do all this there's so much if you

guys like to go get a thumbs up if you

have any questions about this book let

me know in the comments down below and I

will answer it

like I said I will be ripping this hook

up ripping this book club and putting it

into a sheet protector and I'm gonna

binder so I just wanted to let you guys

know what the book offers I do have a I

think like three more books that I

wanted to flip through about and a lot

of them is going to be preschool

kindergarten because the my new student

is in that age range so that's why

you're gonna see a lot so if you are a

parent or a teacher who has a

preschooler or a kindergarten who needs

to review things or a kindergartner

watch this video and be aware of my

other videos that are coming out soon

because they will be related to

preschool / kindergarten so yeah give

this video a thumbs up and I'll see you

guys in the next video bye