Pregnancy Exercises First Trimester (safe for all trimesters)

hey guys welcome paints and post partum

TV today we're doing pregnancy exercise

specifically for the first trimester

however I will make it safe for all

trimesters so if you are feeling

low-energy or nausea or having morning

sickness hopefully this will be a little

break from the fatigue and nausea to get

you a little bit more energy and feeling

better we're going to do some pressure

points and exercises to help you feel

better and have more energy overall

we're going to do a full body workout

with a little bit of resistance a little

bit of cardio and stretching as well to

help you feel good overall you don't

need any equipment however for some of

the moves I do use some light weights

that you can use optionally or you can

just grab a couple of water bottles or

for free to do it without the weights at

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put out a new video please make this

workout your own and so if you need to

lay down or go in Child's Pose and rest

please feel free to do so of course

always check with your doctor before

starting any new exercise routine and

only do exercises that feel safe for you

and we're gonna start standing it up and

we'll warm up with some gentle twist

side to side and let your back heel come

off a little bit bigger

good and we'll do some lunges

out to the side just small ones here

again warming up



good and we'll do some squats we'll go

all the way down unless you want to you

can but I'm just gonna do some mini

squats again warming up






again making this workout your own you

can push yourself as little or as hard

as you want to whatever feels good and

safe for you and it will do one more

here and then we're gonna warm up our

hips we're going to engage our core and

do some hip circles


and do those on the other side great job


and one more perfect so from here you

can do this without weights but if you

wanted to grab some light weights you

absolutely can and we're gonna start in

a sumo squat so you can take your feet

wide apart you can either rest the

weight on your legs or hold them between

and it will do some squats down











and we'll do one more here

perfect now we're gonna do some bicep

curls so you can take your legs in a

little bit closer and turn your palms up

and again we're going to engage our core

and lift our arms up for bicep curls

little micro bend in your knees do a

couple more here perfect all right now

we'll turn to one side you can spread

your feet apart and we're gonna dip down

into a lunge position here


and last one on this side perfect

shake it out and we'll take a side bird

stance again lean a little bit forward

with a lengthened spine flat back and

we'll do some rows so we're going to put

our arms out and again you don't need to

use the weights if you don't want to

point our elbows back and bring our

hands up towards our hips or rows


and last one here

perfect shake it out I'm gonna put one

of my weights down and we're gonna do

some tricep dips so we can bring our

arms up down up and then let them go

behind and coming up bring it down in

front of our face up tricep dip



perfect shake it out

and we're gonna do that on the other

side if you were grabbing your weights

will lunge on the other side




and we'll do a couple more here

and release shake it out and we'll move

into our rows so again bending forward

lengthen spine and using your back

muscles to pull your elbows back



last one

perfect if you want to you can put one

of your weights down for our triceps and

down in front of the face be your upper

arms nice and steady good




and last one


great job we can put that down and shake

it out you can take a break and take a

little sip of water


we're going to bring our heart rate up a

little bit we're gonna start with some

mummy kicks


perfect amazing now we are going to

lunge to the side and jump you don't

have to do the jump in the middle if you

don't want to




do a couple more perfect now we're gonna

set up for new driver and go




last one switch sides

setting up on the other side



last one awesome job so now we're gonna

get down on the ground onto all fours we

can put our shoulders over our wrists

and hips over our knees round your back

out and stretch through your back and

and arching your back the other way

keeping your core engaged while you

stretch this way and you can move with

your breath just stretching out your

back as your pregnancy progresses this

cat pose here where you are shout and

stretch your lower back I mean really

helpful to relieve back pain and do a

couple more of those and then we'll move

into some hip circles so lengthening out

your spine and and moving your hips just

however big feels good

good and from here we can tuck our toes

put our hands a little bit forward and

press into downward dog and again don't

worry if your heels don't touch here

just getting a nice stretch on the backs

of our legs stretching out our back it

feels good

ultra naté pushing one heel down lifting

the other up remember to keep breathing

can take your feet together and keeping

your hips facing towards the ground lift

one leg off energy shooting out of the


and now if you want you can open up your

hips and bend your knee for and they

stretch here and bringing that leg down

moving on to the other side lifting that

other leg off and then when you're ready

opening up your hips and stretching out

this way

and you can bring that leg down and

we'll come back onto our knees with our

knees wide and move into a child's pose

but instead of just spreading your hands

out we can take our fist together and

place your fist between your eyebrows

sort of where your third eye would be

and this can help with nausea and we'll

release here take a couple of breaths


when you're ready you can lift your head

up and going to get carefully down on

our sides making sure that we're

protecting your core from diastasis

recti and from here we're going to do

some broken that clam shells which is

great for Labor prep we can bring our

knees apart and we are going to turn

open our leg and do these exercises

broken clamshell so I'll let you do them

on your own time do a couple more here

great job and release down and while

we're down here we can grab our ankle

and just do a nice quad stretch while

we're here a couple of breaths

and then we can move over to the other



so moving into broken clamshell again

lifting one leg up and keeping our core

steady and opening up

and one more here great job release down

and grabbing your ankle and aiming your

knee away from you for a nice quad

stretch okay so now we're going to get

down on our backs for a xiphoid process

to massage which should help with nausea

as well as bridge pose so once you're

down here I'm going to lift up my shirt

and show you but if you put your fingers

on either side of your belly button and

walk them up you'll find a bone between

your ribs here at the very top of your

xiphoid process and if you massage that

it is a pressure point that can help

relieve nausea so you can do that and

anytime you feel nausea you can lay down

relax and massage your xiphoid process

we're gonna move into some bridge poses

so bringing your heels up towards your

bum and we will exhale Kegel and push up

and release down it



and last one and release so next we're

going to move into pigeon pose or the

modification is a figure four stretch

here and so if you want to do figure

four stretch here you can stay here and

then switch sides and I'm going to get

up rollover and move into pigeon posture

so bringing one knee in front I'm gonna

lengthen one leg out behind me and

sitting up nice and tall and then

releasing forward and relaxing again if

you want to do that pressure point

between your eyebrows you can relax here

letting your hips release a little bit



and when you're ready you can lift your

head up and you can either switch legs

if you're in the figure four stretch or

pressing into downward dog and switching

to Pigeon on the other side walking your

leg back finding length in your spine

and then releasing forward for the other



and relaxing a little bit more


when you're ready coming up tucking your

back foot and pressing into downward dog

and then we'll come back down onto hands

and knees and move into butterfly

stretch sitting up nice and tall and if

it feels good folding forward



domed inhale coming up and you can open

your legs up for wide leg forward fold

doesn't matter how far they are apart

just however feels like a good stretch

for you and you can either stay here or

if you want to fold forward again you

can fold forward for a nice stretch


beautiful and coming out so if there is

a favorite stretch you want to do now

you can take the time to do whatever

stretch you want I'm gonna get down onto

my back and do a reclining twist so you

can bring your knees in and release one

leg out on the ground bring one up to a

90 degrees and then let that knee fall

over and you can look out towards your

back hand


and coming back up to a centered

position switching sides


good and again coming back up to a

centered position and we'll come back up

to a seated position you did amazing

thank you so much for joining me I hope

that I give you a little bit more energy

and if you have nausea that it relieves

some of your nausea I have a whole bunch

of more tips for how to relieve morning

sickness and nausea that I'm gonna put

in the description box below and you can

just copy and paste it I also have a

complete guide on how to reduce and cope

with pain during labor as well as a

pregnancy meal plan and I have a Kegel

guide and daily Kegel practice that you

can do in pregnancy to help prepare your

pelvic floor for labor and for the

fastest recovery after you have your

baby thank you so much for being here

again congratulations on your pregnancy

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