Pilates For Pregnancy - Month ONE - First Trimester

hi my name is Megan Becker's I'm a

physiotherapist and plus instructor and

I specialize in antique pays natal

rehabilitation this is my 9-month

Pilates for pregnancy program

welcome to month 1 for first of nine

videos which I'm going to record to

support you and me throughout pregnancy

these series of exercise is suitable for

anyone in their first trimester

the only exception being if you've been

recommended by a health care

professional not to exercise at this

time or you've never exercised before

the current guidelines are to wait until

your second trimester just diet so I

hope you enjoy the routine so we must

are tiny on the max day so you first of

all we need to open up our hips prepare

for serious glute and hamstring and low

back where cattle we're going to start

with so if we step our right leg

forwards I'm working on that left side

take your left hand brush the floor and

come take it back on a mat come into a

slight back with me opening after that

here breathing into your stretch growing

tall and then taking the other way over

the right really deepen that stretch

down the whole left hand side back into

the center before we go again through

thrashing that floor coming up a Nega

opening after your hips stretching

through that hip flexor and leaning into

the right please not do it stretch a bit

further to the center now we're going to

take it into the right hamstring to step

back right leg forwards we're going to

sit push the seat back straighten out

that front neck and just hold it here

for that how it happens been stretching

the right guy one breath in breathing

that rising back up and again pushing

the seat back straightening out that

front leg one big breath in breathing

okay secondly make back in we're going

to take it into the left hand side right

hand brush the floor come all the way up

and over and open up that whole right

hip lean backwards into your stretch and

then taking it over to the left making

that stretch a little bit deeper and

into the center adding getting through

rushing the floor coming up all the way

over and to the left and into the

midline stepping that left leg a little

bit further in front of you seat goes

backwards back leg comes straight so you

feel that stretch in your hamstring big

breath in and we rise up top and again

seat goes back front leg straightens

breathing in

for Stefan that leg back hands need you

are going to come onto all fours so our

hands are directly under your shoulders

I'm needs and leave our hips so that

when is pressing the ground away from

you so you making the arms really strong

tuck your chin and look straight down

I'm going to try and bring your back

into a flat back position so a neutral

spine when you're in that position

practice letting your tummy go so relax

your tummy completely not trying to hold

any tension at all and then imagine a

zip going all the way from your tailbone

underneath your body and all the way up

to your tummy button undo that's it let

the tummy in the pelvic floor go then

I'm your next out breath you're going to

tie it and that's it

closing the pelvic floor tight you all

go through that low tummy up to your

tummy button breathe in and hold breathe

out and undo that's it from your tummy

bone all the way down to a tail one more

time on your out-breath timing that's it

from your tail way underneath your body

all the way up to your tummy button

breath in and hold breath out and

release spin that all the way down so

this next long series exercises I'm

going to try and keep that lip tight in

just about half way so when we're ready

we're going to start on the left leg

we're going to tighten that zip all over

to our tummy button the left leg stays

bent and we're going to take that leg up

and behind us drawing in tight through

the tummy need washes the floor when it

comes back up again so you're trying to

get that leg if you can close parallel

body with owl and your back arch or dip

down to not letting the back arch we're

going to keep that tummy strong as the

legs come

and and

okay now we're going to take this leg

into a pulse that legs going to come up

and it's going to pulse in and out so to

bottom just trying to get into that

hamstring the back of the thigh really

strong for supporting our pelvis and

I'll lay back through our pregnancy got

30 seconds each exercise hope you start

building muscle sooner

five seconds to get on this leg and

climbs that leg stays up behind unis bed

tonight to keep the foot still and roll

the knee to the side and then back in so

you should really feel that coming into

your bottom now on that left leg so the

knees rolling out the foot staying as

still as can be the arms are still

strong and supporting you coming into a

cloud roll at me out more than me and

ten more seconds before we pulse two one

hold it yet tiny tiny tiny little

movement that knee comes out out out out

strong tummy's strong chest we lifted 15

seconds of place pulses I click that

right side starting to wake up now too


and one straight leg version that me

comes in and it kicks up straight in and

straight again just checking in with

that low back making tool your tummy

pull strong that zip closes is the leg

leech of the way stop your back from

dipping down out meat breathe in return

reach breath in the chest

five seconds to go forward if - no - one

and we brush the floor and lift back up

tap the floor and lift back up this is

where every time we left but boy do this

homie muscles tighten up Depp just to

make sure that that doesn't sit with us

keeping that back strong and left it

pressing into the ground you're nearly

there on this leg

okay ready for circles the leg is lifted

tiny tiny tiny little circle you're on

your last minute before you change them

to our tummies with these little circles

it's not about the size of the circle is

that how still you are through the rest

of your body creating up stability the

supporting leg with your tummy muscles

of that pelvic floor with your upper

body ready to change

30 seconds in Reverse tiny tiny circles

your body is so still but tummy is drawn

in and lifted 15 seconds to go

five four three two one awesome I take

it straight onto your tummy no rest yet

big most hands and sneak your full get

straight into the left leg till your

tailbone down toward your heels to

support that their back activate that

pelvic floor lifting apps on the

tailbone all the way to enable and on

your out-breath the left leg lifts off

the ground and in breath lower a breath

lift the leg thirty seconds in

breathless so we're just trying to make

sure that's how we drawers tightening to

make sure that it's not just in the low

back that's working

sohave those muscles to be active or

trying to strengthen that low back we

really want that focus in the bottom and

the back of your thigh your hamstring

muscles okay now legs together heels

press toes turn out both legs lifting

off the ground drawing in - that's it

and tell me each time my legs come up

this is your last 30 seconds before we

change the right hand side press your

heels together if you can keep them

pressed and strong making sure the

bottom your hamstrings are doing the

bulk of that work five seconds well done

you're harvesting this routine right leg

the left would like to leave the floor

and comes like that out-breath and

raised in breath lower

10 seconds to go

three two lights together he'll squeeze

fellate the legs out draw into your

tummy or just keep those legs lifted

press your heels together draw through

the tummy and pelvic floor so that

strong supporting her back relax the

upper body as much as you can hold those

legs and squeeze your heels together

toes it head out the legs are straight

as can be ten seconds to go five

great work on to all fours same routine

to the right hand side so our hands on

teeth are shoulders I'm knees underneath

the hips our upper bodies lifted and

we're going to close that's it for my

tailbone all electron able at breath

right regulates and lowers lift and


okay you turn that leg lift drawing into

the tummy of pelvic floor to make sure

your back doesn't dip down

five seconds before we poles K leg comes

up and we just bring that heel down

towards the bottom and release it

targeting that hamstring we back the leg

heck that left afterwards really singing

to you now it's not routine

10 seconds to go for we move to clamp

keeping that tummy drawn in and strong

that ground pressed awake nice the upper

bodies active t really knee to 90 and

climb that knee out to the side the foot

stays as still as can be and the new

rules to the side and

last five seconds full with health ready

and pulse let me come up and up and up

and up small little movements

fifteen seconds to go


to one and he comes down

bent knee straight me burnt me straight

me go nearly that struggling that

upper-body strength in your tummy

supporting leg

hopefully feeling a bit of that bad

five seconds left in lower

and the next one leg comes up and to the

floor breathe out and left

breathe in and lower every lift up time

draws tight stopping that back from

dipping down lift and lower

and you're coming up to a last-minute

ready leg is lifted and circle in that

hip so long and strong chest is lifted

tummy is lifted supporting the bottom

and screaming a little bit now lifted a

certain leg dead straight and your

steady everywhere but in that hip which

is drawing two small circles five more

seconds before we change our vests last

round strongly that tummy chest is


Nucky's long shoulders drawing down your

back keep moving fifteen seconds to go

five four three two one

amazing work everybody take your hands

to the top of your mat taking the way

out of your wrist and push your seat

back to this guy have a good stretch

with your seat and then you can bring

your bottom all the way down to heels to

release that through your low back

back up stretching through your seat and

then taking it down to abdominal section

so come and lie on to your back so we're

going to start with layers at the tummy

so we're gonna start with a deeper layer

so lying on our backs here we're going

to have that hand pace onto the soft

part of our tummies so really down below

what are we to think about it's just

relaxing those muscles fairs will take

some lovely full breaths checking in

with your body relaxing your collarbones

putting the length through the back your

neck long neck at the front ribs the

flush with your belly so you're not

arched up away from the mat and your

pelvis is a neutral position that means

I can probably just about get my

husband's needs on their back but when

my hand is placed on the lower part of

your tummy my hand is flat with my

fingers resting on your pewter very

clear in your belly button your hand is

flat on it so now if we think about

relaxing your tummy muscles when you

breathe out you tighten up that from the

tailbone to enable you should feel just

a gentle set of muscles just kind of

coming in by one not so it's not a big

bulging gaming muscle just tension we're

going in through that to me undo that

simple for your load time you soften

your open up to dress quite hard because

it's the deepest of our muscle there's

an upcoming muscle breathe out and

tighten from your tailbone zip absolute

power flow all the way to summer bones

and then relax saddle

back down so the next things of

exercises there's not somebody work

automatically if you're not used to

changing this muscle in this way you may

have to consciously activate that muscle

so see how you go I'm going to key to

just start by preparing that muscle

Titan from the tailbone to your tummy

button and with that right leg allow

that need to roll out to the side you

should feel that time your muscle

automatically tighten to support and

keep you steady three then bring that

knee back into the midline

now the left leg breathe out roll that

leg out three then roll the leg back in

your focus here is not on the leg that's

moving along the back but not breathing

if you try and keep that leg as still as

possible with your new points enough at

the scene imagine there's two weighing

scales and to me each often and as you

walk through the hip those weighing

scales which is sitting on your left and

my bottoms are reading exactly the same

so that means you're not rolling your

heads from side to side you're keeping

your pelvis still you just rolling from

your hip socket line that need to come

up you can test that we're just having

your hands like the recipe the side to

bottom and make sure you don't roll the

squash one hand is you working side to

side final wrap now

okay now we're going to add me on so

you're gonna breathe out as you breathe

out the hands are going to float all the

way up and over your head breathe in and

bring your mom's back down our kids here

making sure the ribs say completely

flush with the body that means we don't

arch our back and leave them at our ribs

a slash with your tummy

I should breathe out try and hide and

that's it from your tailbone food to

your tummy button so you feel that low

bail attention and you might need one

hand to stay down here if you're

starting off fresh just it give you that

feedback that it's all working as it

should be

and then as soon as you can bring them

into both arms one more the arms on it

same breathing a difference in these

arms are like weights moving away from

your midline bring that strengthen your

legs on me now legs for one leg stretch

breathing out float the right leg up

into tabletop

hold it here breathe in breathe out

reach that right leg away from your co

mm pearl L chose pointers breathe in

knee comes back in you can use your hand

for feedback again you feel that tension

build up that zip tightened by one more

knot as you add the weight the lever the

length of the leg reaching away from

that central core

me too more the like on its own so now

the light comes in we're going to be

able head arms as the leg moves away

both arms over your head breathe out

breathe in fold the leg arms lower

breathe out reach away breathe in

breathe out and reach

give me three

two one we hold can drink I'm Agnes

downs that low tummy flexor I can lower

your foot to the floor feel that low

about attention you're late ami muscles

feel that tighten by one more notch is

that leg comes out the way that our leg

below is away from me and lift the leg

arms stay over the challenge stays on

the tummy muscles even further

the ribs are flush with your body you

can check in and just see that it's

feeling all nice and talking that deep

muscle system give me two more for a

change left leg knee Falls arm and leg

loads the map together right back left

leg so keeping the pelvis dead levels

lifting up that bed tummy

float the left leg into table top

breathe in and hold for example reach

that leg away from you

feel that Z tightened by one notch

Breeden fold the knee breathe out

tighten up that liter leg breathe in and


breathe out reach away breathe C Mon

and with the arms so this time is the

Legos where the ants play overhead

breathe in fold and learning arms

breathe out and reach pull that tension

that is some tight Springs going from

the ribs to the pelvis and the springs

create tension as you limbs move away

from your central core team awful we

live to never hold it here we're to

flush up tummy muscles are active that

leg flexes at the outcome of their is to

the ground put your toes and raise up

breathe out flex and lower breathing

point remains exam to reaching the tummy

muscles are drawing and strong for three

so still on the mat no movement unto

that low back final one and the knee

fold the arms and legs later fall

together awesome one so hopefully you

starting to just feel those deep muscles

working now we're going to layer that up

with your more superficial muscles your

six-pack muscles and your oblique

muscles over the top of that course of

stability just woken up so I like you

able to bring your hands behind your


the intellectual thing is to cradle your

neck so you don't feel this working down

from the front of your neck start with

that then from your tailbone to your

pubic bone all the way up to some bone

so you're setting your foundation of

your core muscles now I'm not our

practice need to float your head and

shoulders up away from the floor so your

ribs are moving down to your

with that zip tightens those tummy

muscles should pull taut and Flass free

then breathe out and come back down just

be aware that you're not putting your

chin on your chest with this trying to

go straight up so looking at the ceiling

following that straight line gauge of

your ayah to the left and then coming

back down quite a tough after I've done

one exercise once you've got it we're

lifting up breathe out zipping up

through that pelvic floor late honey

flows up and release down give me three

more RA

but I know I'm coming up and holding it

here when I'm going to add in the leg so

make sure your head is scaled you're in

that perfect outdoor correct position

and the right leg is going to come into

a tabletop position now that's with hip

and knee at 90 check in with your tummy

make sure those humming draws and you

tuck your tailbone and the left leg

slides up into a tabletop position

now if your tummy jumps out your back

leaves the floor we're just going to

stay here and practice this slurring one

legs out and the opposite legs out as

we've been warned my dad's a 10 top draw

the tummy in imprint the spine into the

floor and the opposite leg comes up one

leg down opposite leg down now if you

practice tabletop or scissors before and

you can control that through your tummy

we're going to hold it here and take it

straight to scissors we're going to

breathe out tap one leg on the floor

breathe in a return the leg so we're

holding our abs in prep the Hang

six-pack muscles are working up in a

transverse abdominal pelvic floor is

lifted we breathe out don't forget to

breathe to use your diaphragm breathe in

raise the leg breathe out tap the floor

hit me doing those 20 horses but give me

four more before we take this into one

leg stretch three two one one leg

stretch exhale reach a leg away in

helpful exhale reach inhale folks you're

staying at this huh me muscles strong if

you need to fight always lower your head

to the floor

otherwise we must stay in the observe

crack six more four three two one the

heads going to flex together we're going

to hold our tabletop position

I'll come to the side squeeze our legs

together taking this into hip twist

exhale roll the legs to the right

corkscrew up through the struggle and

hips to leave the floor breathe in when

you get that now breathe out press your

back down and slow bring your knees back

into the midline breathe in we're going

to go to the left we that legs come over

allow your right hip to leave the full

corkscrew up through your spine breathe

in when you get there three yards come

back and sum it up alternating sides

working down warming

your waist or obliques with your

six-pack your rectus abdominus where's

your deep transverse abdominal inner

core strip so all of your muscles are

working together here okay now if you

can let's see if those are some great

pants around you want your shoulder base

to imprint the floor your hands to stay


so check how much you were using the AC

stability in how much you're using a

deep core system your legs going to come

over you're going to breathe in hold

without midline and push it see how far

you can get where's that point where you

do start to feel like you might walk or

whether the glasses are working or not

strike for more forehead rest

and one more each side do you think

about that corkscrew that rotation to

that low back is your legs remover and

then imprinting everywhere into the

matters you come back and last time

I'll do that on one leg down at time

reach your arms with your head and your

legs away just stretch out through those

tummy muscles breathe in reach your

right arm I breathe breathe in stretch

your left leg away and my legs breathe

in left arm breathe out release right

now breathe in breathe out release

roast and without Domino's for a little

bit longer so bend your knees and come

on roll onto your side so in this side

vent position you want to try and create

a straight line down through the side of

your body so your elbows directly

underneath your shoulder and your legs

are flush with the front of your tummy

okay the first thing we can do is press

our legs together activate those muscles

between our legs into our deep tummy

muscles Louisan your thighs and then on

your next out breath lives through that

shoulder press your elbow knees and come

up into a side Bend all the way the past

Mutual make me open on the shape through

your whole waist and then releasing that

little way back down breathe out squeeze

select press the outer legs if you'll

press the knees into floor come all the

way up and over into a big banana shapes

and come all the way back down so you're

drawing a big circle with that Aquaman

coming over from a brush in the floor

breathing in there make three more

breath out wrapping two more

one more for we hope come back to

halfway the arms are stomach Yoga one

another there's a straight line down

your body and your legs are squeezing

together we want you to just hold it

here imagine there's a string on the top

of your head breathe out lift that hip

up breathe and release them without lift

that hip knee then release it down give

me eight seven six four three two one oh

my relaxing down staying on this side

just bringing your legs together and

down by your side on the arms all the

way up a little coming into a big

mermaid stretch throughout that weighs

releasing them take your arms turn your

palm down to also fill it's getting that

nice big stretch and let's take it to

the other side so I legs it together and

we're going to bring our legs down to

face the other way

our elbows down at cams and our shoulder

we're lifting up and out of that

shoulder once more there's a straight

run down through a whole body okay first

we do is repress those knees together

squeeze they see Skinner lift out of

your shoulder press your elbow and your

knees is the floor breathe out come up

and over three then load them out

try and squeeze those legs together

every time

see you today one before we hold and a

half way so in that halfway position

your arms are stacked directly on top of

one another there's a string coming out

of your top hip imagine someone pulling

that string to the sky releasing pulling

that string to the sky release lift up

lower four five six

sevens please they place together eight

nine tag bring it back home to have

bring those legs together and just hold

him one stays like changing direction of

your mermaid turn upon tools across you

really stretch and open for your waist

and you've got one more abdominal

exercise so we're going to take it back

onto all fours for this exercise hazard

ice directly underneath your hips so it

hands on your shoulders knees underneath

your hips

first of all tuck your toes and lift

your chest and your breastbone tuck your

chin up straight down joint you all

these ribs soft little tummies do not

arch your back too much in this one I'm

just going to try and lift gently

through our chest

same without elbow I'm going to need to

gently tuck your tailbone so now I'm

gonna fall rounded spine we're just

starting by shortening these tummy

muscles measuring the distance my pubic

photo decade and that is shortening at

the start okay now think about your

death from your tailbone underneath your

body all the way up to your navel

tighten that zip breathe in breathe out

press your hands and your toes into the

floor so you can pop your knees off the


Philips tummy muscles tighten and your

zip lifts even more and lower it down so

breathing out drawing into this time

muscle tightening that dip and hold

bring those knees up

look another breath in to hold

okay and again breathe out and lift for

you then and hold redownload two more

breathe out and lift breathe in hold and

last one for your health we're going to

come up we're going to hold it here

we're going to hold it count to ten nine

eight seven six keep breathing by four

three two one Emily's last progression

take your hands one hands length in

front of your shoulders now that first

level was tough enough and by all means

stay there and keep working on that

when you're ready follow me so you're

going to zip up through that low tummy

just lifting into the tummy muscles a

little harder the knees breathe out

shoot forwards breathe in come and hover

but don't rest down breathe out sheep

for was lovely strong arm peg for you

then come back you've got six to go

breathe out come forward breathe in of

it zipping up from that tail bone all

the way till tunnel brain strengthen to

your arms back the tiny muscles and I'm

sure you can feel your thighs dude did

it go out push

in the time right if you hold coming

forward hold it here lift your chest

ten nine eight seven six five four three

two one

travel back release your knees take a

right hand over your left

push your seat battle heal leaves all

the way over there armor your waist and

up hands to the right left hand over the

right push your seat

compare ad that's our Donnell section

finished out we're going to finish with

some mobility really important that we

go into this pregnancy with as much

flexibility movement control of our

spine as possible so in the work a

little bit on shoulder bridge so if we

come into a lying position so you want

to make sure your neck is long and your

collarbones open and your arms are down

by your side

and we're going to get you to work your

arms you really start feel that pressure

push your hands into the floor fill

those muscles your lats down the back of

your arm down the waist inch or bottom

that's going to support your pelvis and

your Novak your pregnancy working with

your bottom your hamstring muscles which

will freed in a moment to just give you

that false closure that's security and

stability through your pelvis is your

body shape changes so see in these are

hip-width apart and a little step away

from the bottom those hands are going to

press into the floor then I want you to

tuck your tailbone lifting your pubic

bone if we will pubic bone onto your

breast bone and peel your back up away

from the floor

so back is lift until is a straight line

down your body don't forget to press

those arms breathe in breathing out curl

back down one vertebra at a time

pressing into the mat rolling down

arching backward and again

tucking under pressing your arms and

your feet into the ground peeling your

back all the way up

so your back is made of a string of

beads and you're lifting one of those

beads up off of the floors you go

one time and then you're layering one

leaf back down feeling every vertebra in

your spine under curling up release them

all the way back down three to go

four yards in are variations so you

tacking lifting up

sounds pressing down serially working

into your lats and your bottom into your

hamstrings phonon wonderful we help hold

it here now keeping up your arms

pressing into for your knees still can

you just will roll through your heads

drop your right hip down and then

squeeze that bottom and lift back up the

left hip drop squeeze and left when I

have drop squeeze and left left right

left right

create some movement some fluidity

through your hips keep those arms

pressing give me six more one two three

four five six

come on roll back down this way halfway

curl lift roll through your back half

way curl and lift not letting that

bottom touch the floor those hamstrings

and bond and get a rest just yet you can

use a man just pull your back arms are

pressing give me four more for graft

three two

releasing that all the way back down on

somewhat straighten your right leg out

and bring the left knee in towards your

chest hold behind your leg and just walk

that leg in and out nourishing into the

hip stretching the muscles into low

background your bottom into high

hamstring and then with that me hug

gently in towards your chest flick the

leg up towards the sky so you feel that

gentle stretch through your hamstring so

I bring up through the back of the leg

of all that work with government today

keeping my length though is just as

important it's creating strengthen these

muscles holding the next one here and

breathe shake another stroke and next

that left leg straighten the right leg

pulls into our chest and we're just

going to hug it in stretch into that

bottom in your low back and then we're

going to hold in that comes position and

the legs kind of flip to the sky and


look feeling that hamstring pull on each

one gently stretching it out and then

when you're ready taking it upper I'm

holding you here hamstring tremble

one brilliant and then releasing it down

okay coming into sitting on your mat

everybody we're going to take our legs

out in front of it

and we're going to try and sit up as

tall as possible for some of us that

might need sitting on a little block

we're going to take our right hand after

you and take it down onto by the left

hip the left hand comes around who use

that left hand so just lift and twist us


we're wringing it out loop over left

shoulder breathe in breathe out really a

right hand is going to come behind a

left hand no grunt by hip use that right

hand behind you to just cool through

your spine look over your right shoulder

wringing out your side and release and

that's it for today you guys are all

done that is our month one of my Pilates

for pregnancy program and I'll see you

all here back here next month for month