When to Schedule Your First Prenatal Visit | Kaiser Permanente

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>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN: - Well, for a lot of women, they're in the middle

of their first trimester when they determine

that they're pregnant.

So it's very important, the sooner you determine

that you have a positive pregnancy test

that you have that conversation with your physician,

that you initiate prenatal care.

>>Eric Warshaw, MD OB/GYN: - By doing that and listening to their advice,

you can decrease your risk

of complications during pregnancy.

For example, just by starting folic acid alone,

you can decrease your risk

of what we call neural tube defects,

or defects in the brain or spinal cord.

- It is during these first 13 weeks

when the crticial development of that fetus takes place,

so a lot of conversation is needed.

>>Angela Chiodo, Certified Nurse-Midwife: - So the earlier that we can find out what your cycle

was like and date your pregnancy based on that,

the better, so that we know when to do all

of the testing that we do.

So come on in and we'll help get you started.