Nursery 101: How to set up a nursery

hi I'm Nicole Rosenberg from little

Liberty I'm an interior decorator for

children's bedrooms and baby nurseries

I'm a mother of three and here to talk

to you today about nurseries 101 I

remember the first time I bought my baby

home I was absolutely terrified I had no

idea what I was doing I knew I could

make the nursery look amazing but didn't

know whether it was going to be

functional and practical for a newborn

baby that's why I'm here today to help

you set up your nursery so that it works

for you the change table is a vital part

of the nursery I like to have everything

organized and an arm's reach

especially for those three am changes I

recommend a change table with drawers or

open shelving units that you can have

storage baskets in on the top tier it's

best to have your nappy changing

essentials such as your nappies wipes

and nappy bags it's also handy to have

some of these small organizers which you

can fill with all your creams and baby


that time is a really fun time for both

baby and parents it's important to have

the bath area set up before you start

the bath so that you're not running out

midway through and leaving the baby so

having extra towels underneath is a

great idea and also the baby oil at

arm's reach

a comfortable feeding chair is really

important breastfeeding can be an

amazing experience for some months but

can also be really challenging so it's

important to create a comfortable and

calming spot ideally your fitting chair

should have a low armrest it's great to

have a table next to the feeding chair

which has glass of water and some snacks

and ottoman to put your feet up on and

also a floor lamp with the dimmer

preferably which creates a really nice

glow when you're breastfeeding

when purchasing your consider your

price point there's a huge range out

there in terms of product and prices and

it can become really confusing just keep

in mind you want something that's the

best and safest for your baby if this is

your first child

I recommend purchasing a really good

quality cot that can last you through to

your second or third child in terms of

the bedding I'd steer away from anything

polyester and preferably have an organic

cotton base which is really soft and

comfortable for the baby placement of

the cot is really important you want to

keep it away from any air conditioning

vents and direct sunlight when it comes

to blankets I like to have a wool one

for winter and a cotton one for summer

just remember to avoid any heavy

blankets or quilts when you're placing

the blanket over the baby make sure that

you tuck it in really really tightly

spare blankets are great to hang over

the cot or the feeding chair they can

add a lovely pop of color to the nursery

it's important to consider your windows

and blinds in the bathing nursery

because you want to have it as dark as

possible for when they're sleeping a

block out blind is great for this I

really love incorporating fun rugs into

the nursery choose a rug that's soft and

plush so that you can massage or play

with your baby on the floor my cardinal

rule is choosing three colors in this

room I've done mint gray and white it

really gives a calming and coordinated

feel to the space as a mum in an

interior decorator I really hope this

informations been helpful

good luck with creating your own

beautiful space for you and your baby