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so you're all done with school you

finish your extra Chinese class as well

right yeah so what's next we'll add to

go home a chain and then go a crazy

class okay wait but what about

what about lunch

ah hold on was hustling that was kind of

fun actually

yeah let's go good go where yeah it's

yeah but didn't I fight what's the rush

you have math you should more classes

honesty really yeah

Wednesday on Thursdays is the media but

she does not have any crosses and she

also have crosses on begins nice room

both Saturday and Sunday in Singapore

community called a castle isn't right so

I think that's that's not motivation for

that since especially on the biggest

exams in this friendly school year so I

get on your preparation who told you

that we tell you the PSA was such a big

exam see every single person I talk to

up yes Elysee said I see so does that

mean you are you feeling a bit worried

about it concerned about it I know I've

high expectations my teacher told me

this years gone we won the second

hottest piece at least ever Haley why

would this year be harder than last year

because they're poor if it's on the

entire wall I question this based on the

world they say since the world education

is going up so what Singapore oh I can't

see so that's one reason why going up so

so stressed out so where do you think

the stress is coming from the teachers

the kinky more successful papers

each time you get higher and then the

PSL itself that's kind of obvious and

expectations for my teachers my friends

and recommend a friend and also myself

institution necessary sometimes I say

the education system forces us to do the

bottom line if you think about it you

know it's really us who want to give our

kids this extra lessons they cost me I

mean like I still have the other

M&D you're talking about 12 year olds so

very young we're gonna take an exam and

if they feel gonna cover cry and if they

did really bad what do you think the

parents would say maybe worse so

everyone will be upset because they

didn't do well it did and if this is

gonna be so second most hardest reassign

the world the entire face of history sir

then obviously I have stress outlaws

she's know that we are trying to give

her the best like support resources she

wants to you know do a spa I think I

think that keep her going hey she have

like no process like from 7:30 and all

the way to 7:30 at night so there's like

biscuit Traverse yeah but she's a


so if you could change something what

would you like to change in the

education sort of system that they

remove PS only hundred percent they move

the piano a secondary maybe I could do

it also put the PSOE exam at the end of

secondary school mm-hmm there at least

we get a little more used to the

educational system as you do that okay

okay oh well you know I mean we've had a

busy day and I know you must be tired by

now but the good thing is we comes at

the end of the day right so we can just

relax and chill out and you know I'm

gonna go home and sleep no no come on oh


no I'm just glad I'm not a student