hey you guys and welcome back to my

channel coffee with mommy in today's

video I'm going to be talking about

things I wish I knew before having my

second baby now I wish I had a video

like this to watch before I had my

second child I remember seeing videos

like things I wish I knew before having

a baby but I don't remember seeing

videos on things I wish I knew before

having a second baby I'm sure they were

out there but I really wish I had a

video like this to watch because

whenever I went from having my second

baby I feel like that was the biggest

change when I had Libya my first child

it really wasn't as big of a change as I

thought it was going to be but when I

had my second baby my life did like a

flip it was definitely a big change for

me and in this video I'm gonna go over

ten things that I wish I knew that I

wish I had in the back of my mind to

keep in mind before I had my second baby

so with that being said let's just get

right into the video now I know I don't

normally do like videos like this on my

channel but I kind of want to add some

in like just some kind of like real mom

talk kind of videos and I kind of do

those in my mom vlogs but I really

wanted to do like a sit-down kind of

like let's have some real talk on like

mom talk on what it's like when you go

from one kid to two kids because that

was a big was a big time in my life and

it was a very difficult time it was an

amazing time so please make sure you

stick around to the last point cuz I

really think the last point I'm going to

mention it's the most important and it's

the one to keep in mind let's just get

right into it to the first point and if

you see be looking down at my phone it's

because I am I can't remember everything

I literally can't remember one point

until I said I have to write everything

down on my notes otherwise I'll forget

first thing is enjoy the time you have

before that second baby comes and I know

this is really hard to do whenever I was

pregnant with Liam I was so anxious for

him I mean I was so anxious before way

more anxious than my first pregnancy it

was just I was so anxious that's really

the only thing I could describe and I

feel like I wasted so much time waiting

for him like being anxious my mind was


million miles a minute like it was crazy

just enjoy the time you have with your

first baby and enjoy the extra free time

you bet that is so important like that

baby is going to come it's good to think

about you know your baby coming and keep

things in mind but I guess I was just so

anxious and I always had it on my mind

that I really wish I just took time to

take that extra time to spend with my

first child Livia instead of constantly

being on my phone looking at baby radish

or baby things or you know YouTube

videos and stuff like that or you know

just re checking my hospital bag like

every single day I just take that time

to really just enjoy the time you have

to yourself the next thing is one thing

that I definitely made a mistake on was

baby products worked differently for

different babies and not between

different mothers I mean different

babies for example for this one is Livia

loved to being swings she loved it like

she she could be crying and anything and

then I put her in a swing and oh my

goodness it was the ring like music from

heaven was coming down like she would

just instantly be quiet and I I think I

expected that whenever I had Liam

because as you know my newborn regrets

I had three swings which I get comments

like every other day saying what like

how do you have three squeeze I did get

gifted those I just thought I was like

Liam's gonna love to be in swings I just

assumed that there was a lot that I just

assumed with Liam that it's going to

like because Olivia liked it that was

not the case whatsoever

Liam hates being in this way all of my

swings I had were kind of pointless

because I mean they weren't pointless

but just he just never was wanting to be

in them he liked the bouncer better and

Livia hated the bouncer this one was

definitely a big shocker for me after I

had Libby I really did not have a hard

time losing weight I was in the hospital

after I had Libya my body just kind of

went right back to where it was before

and I actually lost a little bit more

weight and I guess with Liam I did gain

more weight in the pregnancy and I kind

of thought that I had a goal of like

three months I was going to get back

down to my goal weight and that did not

happen okay don't think that the way

your body went through the first

pregnancy is going to be how it's going

to be for the second baby a lot of Mom's

actually tell me that their body did a


change after the second maybe and my

body it's still almost back to where it

was but it's never gonna be back there I

mean you're you have to think what the

pregnancy your body just goes through so

much and this is if you're having a baby

you know if you're adopting a baby or

something like that then this point

obviously isn't going to apply to you

but pregnancies are different and my

pregnancy from Libya was totally

different from my pregnancy from Liam

the next thing is kind of obvious but I

really was not expecting it I guess

this much as it gets quite a bit more

expensive obviously babies cost money

like that's a given and with Libya

things cost money

but I think with Liam I think me and my

husband really felt it because we would

have to pay something for Libya and then

it was like something right away we'd

have to pay for with Liam and it just

seemed like it was never-ending with

both kids that oh we got to pay you know

living to get her tonsils out Liam's got

to get the GOC band for his head all

right you know co-pays are trips to the

emergency room it all adds up we started

to notice like we would pay one for one

can and then it's like right away we had

to pay something for another one and I

think I was just like oh wow having kids

it's like expensive and it was

definitely a change from having one kid

to I mean it was expensive having the

first kid but to the second one I feel

like I definitely like notice like you

know hospital bills and stuff like that

start saving your money now what were

the kid comes this was another one that

was a big thing do not expect your baby

to act the same way as your other as

your previous baby and I was so blessed

with Livia I mean I think I'm kind of

paying for it now with her attitude but

she was the chile's baby up till about

two years old I was like I was I knew I

had like the perfect baby I was like she

is so chill she hangs out in the swing

like it was awesome like she would sleep

throughout the whole night pull her

opposite with Liam he acts completely

different and I think that was like a

big shocker for me as he just acts so

different from Libby and I just expected

that he was gonna be the super chill

baby and he was gonna be cool and he's

gonna be sleeping throughout the night

and no like no no no that did not happen

Liam still wakes up in the middle Liam

just acts totally different I mean he

was caught whenever I brought him

I literally was shocked like it was like

something hit me like head on he was

waking up every hour when I brought him

home and I was like oh my gosh like it

was just it was like I don't know what

to do like and it was just a big thing

and then also I have his other kid to

take care of and then he's so nice so

just don't expect them just go in

expecting a totally don't expect them to

act the same way that your first baby

didn't I think that was a big shocker

for me whenever I'm like oh wow babies

are really different now I never

realized how much time you may think you

don't have a lot of time with your first

child but I really never realized how

much time I had until I had a second


because I swear my kids time their

timing perfectly to where one kid needs

my attention and then right after that

one's done that one needs my attention

or they both need it at the same time

and there is no ol time for me the only

reason why I have time right now it is

because my daughter is at school and

Liam is sleeping this is the only time I

get and but during the day whenever she

gets home from school it's chaotic and I

can probably count on the times on my

hands that my kids have both taken a nap

together the same timeframe I am NOT

that mom can who can get their kids to

take a nap together like I can't I don't

know how moms do it but I cannot get my

kids on the same schedule I never

realized how much time I had it till I

had two kids I would have me husband Oh

be like oh you watch Livia I'm gonna go

get my nails done I'm gonna go to the

grocery store and it's like now it's

like oh well are you gonna take one of

the kids with you and then we'll leave

one kid here like it's number seven is

things become a lot more complicated it

really just does and what I mean by this

is we like for example we lived in an

apartment and lucking those two children

up to that apartment it became a lot

more complicated when I had to hold a

car seat and have to you three-year-old

trying to get her to follow me and just

everything and gets I don't know like

giddy I'd have to say the number one

complicated thing is just going to the

store if I need to go to the store of

the kids I will pretty much wait until

either and my mom can watch them my


we'll get them because plugging them

into the car going to the store lugging

them out or if I want to meet my

girlfriend for coffee it's different

when you have one kid there to just kind

of like chill out but if you have two

kids there it is all my goodness like I

just don't you want to do it I just

don't even do it now I do want to say

this a lot of this has to do with your

your kids age if you have like a

teenager who goes in those things I'm

talking about more kids who are closer

together in age let me ask for leaves

one one thing that I think is really

important that I wish I did more of the

first year of Liam was born was I wish I

dedicated more time to my daughter which

I mean dedicate more time to your first

child it's really important I think to

at least once a week to really do

something with your first child even if

that taking them to go get ice cream or

taking him to the movies or you know you

have to run to the store tell your

spouse or somebody to watch the kid and

you're gonna make it really exciting for

that kid like hey do you want to go to

the store with just mommy and like you

know how that'd be their thing and I

really did slack on this in the

beginning and I and I kind of noticed it

whenever I realized me and my daughter

weren't that kind of close so we ended

up getting season passes to go to the

water park so that's one thing that I do

with her this summer is I will take her

to the water park by myself and Liam

will not go and I think it's really good

for her to see that you know we're still

here for you we're still giving you

attention too and we love you and care

about you just as much

I really wish in the beginning that I

did that more even when Liam was a

newborn I wish you know even just taking

her for a walk around the neighborhood

just knowing that you're giving them

your full 100% attention it can be 20

minutes it can be 30 minutes it's gonna

mean a lot to that first child it really

is going to mean a lot to them and it's

gonna feel really special to them

another one is a really big one is you

are going to get overwhelmed there's so

many times I just had breakdown and I

never really had like breakdowns as a

mother like before when I had Livie I

almost went through postpartum

depression after having Liam I just felt

so overwhelmed at times especially when

he was a newborn and he was just

demanding so much attention from me and

I just remember I would get so

overwhelmed and I think it's so

important to remember right now you know

if you're watching this before you

your kid to think back to this video to

remember that it's okay to get

overwhelmed it's okay to get flustered

it's okay to go into a closet to just

take a breather you're not the only one

I mean I still have those moments I'm

probably gonna have one this week

because my family is working super long

hours and I'm kind of just stuck with

the kids like all day for like 12 hours

a day and I'm sure there's gonna be

times this week where they're gonna be

both nagging at me at my attention but

it's okay every mom goes through it it's

okay it's fine when you have people like

little children constantly nagging at

you for attention and wanting this and

this it's overwhelming anyone would feel

overwhelmed like that's all I'm here to

say it's okay it's not gonna last

forever and every mom goes through that

good thing is to talk to somebody about

it and if you don't have anyone to talk

to about it then my email is in the link

down below my description box below

email me about it

like I would love to talk to you about

it make sure you're talking to somebody

and like COD today was just it today

just sucked like it's okay to say that I

had a day today that just sucked with my

kids they were just crazy and meaning my

intention in their whiny and it's okay

to say that like I say that today it's

all my husband I might tell you sucked

and then I have good days where it's

good and there being little angels all

day the last point which is tops all the

other points that I mentioned and is the

most important point and everything just

gets better

even though kind of all the points I

listed were kind of negative and they're

not like negative but I guess not the

happiest I don't know how to describe it

you haven't had a baby in this world and

I think the biggest fear I had was I'm

not gonna love this kid like I love my

daughter I that's how I felt about the

game I'm like I can't imagine loving

something more than I love Olivia like

what if I don't like this kid I really

thought this thing I was like what if I

don't like Liam what if we I don't bond

with him what if I don't feel anything

with him trust me like sense Liam has

been born it's just helped our family so

much and it's helped my relationship

with my husband spend the life the

perfect addition to my family he's great

and I just since she's a born like

everything's just been better so amazing

seeing my kids interact together even

when they fight and they get jealous of

each other I think it's adorable

sometimes sometimes

it's like super annoying but sometimes

it's like really really cute like the

first few times you do it you're like oh

that's so cute they're like a jealous of

each other and then they look after like

the 20th time you're like mm not cute

anymore everything just gets better it

really does and it's just amazing and I

love it and I love having two kids I

always thought it was gonna be the mom

with one kid and now I want like five no

I'm just kidding I want like one more

cuz that's crazy I hope you guys enjoyed

this video I know some of these were

kind of obvious kind of things but if

you're know you're pregnant and you're

about to have your second baby really

think about these things and really just

keep them in mind I'll try to like

bullet point them in the description box

below if you want to like copy and paste

it just kind of remember it because it

was a big adjustment adjustment for me

it was really hard and I definitely had

a really hard time with it in the

beginning going from one kid to two kids

and I wish I really knew these points

before and I wish I was more aware I

definitely think I was kind of like a

dummy going into it and I had

expectations and how I thought it was

going to be and it wasn't like that at


it was definitely a learning curve it

was different I've had breakdowns I felt

overwhelmed I mean I literally like I

said like I wanted I've gone and hide it

in closet for like 30 seconds or in the

bathroom taking an extra long in the

bathroom but it's all worth it and it's

going to be amazing when that second kid

is there that is everything you guys I

hope you guys kind of enjoyed this kind

of like sit-down talk with me like let's

talk kind of if you guys do like these

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