LSAT Prep Tips | How to Study for the LSAT | The LSAT Trainer

i'm mike kim, author of the lsat trainer

this is a short video with some tips on how to prepare for the law school

admission test

as you probably already know your lsat score is the most important part of the

law school admissions process it's more important to the new g_p_a_ your essays

or where you went to school

and the lsat is very learnable

if you study for the right way and if you put in the time

you should expect for your score to get significantly better however

it's also true that the vast majority of people who take the lsat score about the

same on the actual test as they do in the first diagnostic so with all that

said here are five quick tips on how to prepare for the exam

everything I'm about to say it is fairly simple and obvious but very few students

actually follow this advice

if you do so i promise it's gonna give you a big advantage

number one

make sure that you get yourself the best study tools available

there is a huge variety in the quality of LSAT products that are out on

the market

and quality doesn't necessarily correlate to the price i make an LSAT study guide and

obviously I'm fond of it but maybe it's not the best tour for you maybe

there's some other book or course that fits you better

make sure you take plenty of time to research and find the course that you think

is going to help you the most

make sure your plan ahead

getting better at the LSAT is largely about developing the right mental

muscle memory --

habits for how you think about and solve questions

developing these habits takes time

we can't develop them by watching someone else solve questions and we can't develop them

by trying to cram months of work in just a few weeks

make sure that you give yourself enough time to to develop the habits that you


don't look for shortcut

the lsat is an extremely well-made exam

and your score is a reflection of how you do not relative to other test takers

who are also very very smart

always look for ways to get better

and always look for ways to get faster

but don't try to game this test

worry about getting good before

you worry about getting fast

for just about everyone who takes this test time pressure is a big deal

it's something you have to think about during your studies

at the same time it's important to remember that your timing is largely

a reflection of how good you are at solving questions

if you're good at solving them you'll go quickly

and if it takes you ten extra steps to get to the right answer well that's what you

have timing issues

make sure you worry about getting good

before you worry getting fast

lastly understand exactly what it is that your lsat score says about

human beings are incredibly complex creatures and the lsat is a one hundred

question multiple-choice exam

your lsat score says absolutely nothing about how smart you are

I do think that your score is a reflection of something else --

your ability to learn

and your ability to grow

you can start at one sixty and end at one sixty

or you can start at one forty and and at one seventy

a one seventy will change your life

we're all so afraid of what that first diagnostic is going to be

but we can't control that

however i promise you that the way in which you prepare will absolutely

determine where you end up

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