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hi everyone its Johanna her nasties

story and today we wanted to share a

little more about twins and having

multiples one of my biggest goals when I

created nesting story was to create

support for moms who are expecting

multiples because when I went through it

I felt like I just wanted to connect

with a community and I would devour

every piece of information or personal

story I would find and I wanted to

create more information at least from my

experience now not everyone's experience

is the same but I wanted to just put it

out there and share my story and maybe

you are not here because you're

expecting twins but it twins are

interesting multiples are interesting

when you really think about what you go

through during a twin pregnancy and how

you have to prepare for it so today's

video I was trying to think about what I

would share and it's I'm 5 years old

actually so when I first started

blogging and sharing all of this they

were just babies and it was all very

fresh and I knew exactly the specific

points that I wanted to make but now

it's become I've like stepped away and I

can reflect in a different way and it's

more of like general thoughts and

information so what I'm going to do is

break it down into five pillars five

areas of your life that you want to

focus on during the pregnancy of

multiples to prepare you for their

arrival and not only prepare you for the

arrival but also help you get through

that time multiple pregnancy is pretty

crazy and it's a lot in some marathon

it's not a sprint so hopefully all of

this can help you

so the first thing I would want to say

is find your support people from the

very beginning try to wrap your mind

around more than one baby

arriving at once is just mind-blowing

and it can really like mess with your

head and there's just so many factors

you have to consider and you need those

people around you that you can talk to

who are gonna be there for you and it's

interesting because it's one of those

big life events that can really flush

out people in your life and show like

who really shows up for you and who kind

of just fades into the background and

that's okay it's just some relationships

are there's a season for them and just

recognize who those people are so for me

when I was expecting our twins of course

my husband Mike was there for me he was

like all on board but he had so many

different responsibilities our two older

kids work like just trying to figure out

the whole financial side of everything

so I had to also rely on other people

one person relied on a lot was my mom I

would call her daily and talk to her and

cry to her and especially through those

hardest days where I felt like I

couldn't move either that I felt like

was gonna faint or my hips hurt too much

to get off the couch and and I would

just stop to hurry I can't do this I

can't do this she'll just walk me

through what I've completed so far how

far I've come and break it down for me

and that was really helpful for me so

another person who really showed up for

me was my friend she started to come

with me to my appointments at the and

she would uproot her whole life and be

there for me and have her kids with her

and she was just really there for me and

that meant so much and she was really

there for me one of my twins were born

so kind of figure out who those people

are and fine you know you gotta also ask

them to help they can't read your mind

reach out ask them for help

okay one of my biggest tips and this is

kind of one that you can really unpack

but I'll just try to do surface level is

you've got to prepare your home I have a

video which I will link or add at the

end card of that it means like almost

right after my twins report it's a

nursery tour and it just explains how I

was able to tan and breastfeed and

bottle feeding my twins solo right from

day one

and I think it's a really good video

I've put every detail I could think of

into it and just how it worked for me

because I think there's a lot of

logistics with having two babies or more

than two babies at once you have to

really think about so beyond the nursery

and beyond what's shared in that video

include which includes the fact that I

felt the needs have a sofa instead of

just a chair to feed them you'll see why

if you watched that um you could prepare

at home so especially for multi level

homes think about where you're gonna put

your babies down so do you have older

kids do you have pets you can't just lay

them on a blanket my first child my

first baby I would they want to throw a

blanket down and put him down and there

I knew it was just him myself home there

were no pets

there was no older siblings and he'd be

safe at least until I started rolling

but at those first days I knew that that

would be fine but then bringing home two

babies and thinking of the logistics

about okay their cribs are upstairs I'm

fine went upstairs because I can put

them down in there but then when it

comes to like our middle floor of a

house and I'm not gonna be carrying them

around all day I'm not gonna be wearing

them all day but I cannot just put them

on the ground

I've got taught a toddler and an older

kid who could accidentally step on them

it's not safe so I did a couple things I

actually had two swings I had two bouncy

chairs that I would move around her

house those are like the activities

chairs I often use them when bathing the

twins like that's how I would kind of

lock the other one in well I was backing

them I could know they're safe they're

right in front of me and they're not

just laying on a towel on cold tile I'll

add a blog post about those as well to

help with information about that but I'm

I I so I had the swings in the main

floor I had a

playpens setup also at times in the main

floor that was just a safe spot to put

them down in so think about that so

almost all of those items I mentioned I

got for free

I just asked around and went on Facebook

groups and there's a lot of twin local

twin Facebook groups that you can ask

for um

Facebook groups like mom it's for mamas

and things like kijiji a lot of people

are just trying to move the baby stuff

out of their house it's such a temporary

phase so there's so much of this stuff

around the swings we got we got the Mama

Roos we bought them used which was

really discounted so a lot of these

things you can get discounted now if you

have a single-story home it's not as big

of an issue because your cribs are right

there I'm sure you have somewhere to put

them now to sleep so it's not as big of

a logistical nightmare it is when you

have a multi-level home couple more

things quickly about preparing your home

is create an area for laundry most weeks

and days you will not get the laundry

put away and that's okay

but find it isn't a good space so it

doesn't drive you crazy we just kind of

gave up our dining room table we have a

second dining room table then our

kitchen table and we just kind of gave

it up for awhile for laundry um it's

great because then you can just have it

there and it's not stressing you out if

you have just like a coffee table or

something just in a corner of your house

just know that's for the babies laundry

and just don't stress about it don't you

know you go to pick your battles and

just don't let laundry overwhelm you now

something that worked really well for us

like I said we have a multi-level house

is having a second change table on or

middle floor so again I'm not gonna

traipse upstairs each time one of the

babies has a diaper that needs changing

or they spot up all over themselves I

scored a free change table from a family

member and I just set it up in our

family room and I stocked it and it was

wonderful that way I wasn't always

pillaging our diaper bag stored every

bag was still prepped and ready to go if

I did go out with them but I had the

second change table and something I

would do instead of putting all of my

twins laundry away in their room I would

take almost all the onesies and all the

sleepers and

keep them in our change table our kids

were really known to spit up like

projectile spit up so I was constantly

changing their outfits and just having

that there in that second change table

save me so much time and stress okay so

the next thing would be prepared for the

people this is different than thinking

about the support people that are going

to be around you but prepare for how

you're going to handle guests and

visitors in the hospital versus coming

home everyone's gonna want to meet the

babies and these are all great tips for

one baby but especially when you have

twins I just happen to have my twins on

the same day as a family member so it

had their baby and it was down the hall

so I had like many many people coming in

and out and that was fine because I had

like this really tough as nails nurse

that had me do skin-to-skin with the

babies the day they were born and she

wouldn't let anyone touch them so they

could kind of walk through the room see

the babies and then have to go and it

was really nice and then I actually

really enjoyed having visitors that

first while and it was almost different

than when I had one baby because I'm

especially the first one holdin we

overdid it and exhausted ourselves and

were new parents and didn't know how to

manage everything and so we were not

pumping the brakes with guests our

second one we did and that worked well

but when you have twins and you you

actually like no come visit but help

when you're visiting and I also felt

like it was a really good mental break

that's the other good thing about having

that designate laundry area so people

will come over and they'll ask you how

they can help point them in that

direction it's somewhere where you don't

mind if they're folding your baby's

clothes it's not your laundry and

they're not all in your space so it's

kind of a safe spot to give them

something to do help you but also

maintain some privacy obviously it's

great to also have them come in and help

with other things it just depends on

your comfort level but it's just nice to

have that laundry area back up for your


okay another thing would be to prepare

yourself mentally the whole thing is

really really a trip and it's actually

something five years later that I still

feel like I'm unraveling and healing

from it is an incredible experience and

in fact I think that I live more

fearless Lee and have done so much more

since having my babies than I did before

but it put me through a lot and

implement body through a lot it put me

through a lot mentally there's days now

that my kid twins are older and they're

fraternal they don't look anything like

each other I actually forget I have

twins and have to remind myself that oh

yes you're tired yes you've had a hard

day you have twins but there's a lot

mentally that goes on and I had some

really low times when I was pregnant

with them like I mentioned I don't speak

to my mom so really prepare yourself

read as much as you can reach out to

other twin moms really just have that

support and and be kind to yourself both

when you're pregnant and then when you

have your babies and know that there

will be rough patches and you will get

through them and just just knowing that

you're going to be kind with yourself

and patient with yourself and kind of

like giving yourself pep talks all the

time is really helpful my tip would be

to make sure you're constantly finding

yourself all these are really good like

tips really but I think the biggest

thing that got me through everything is

I have lost myself when I became a mom

the first time I thought being a good

mom would be to give up like my whole

identity and with my son and that wasn't

the case and I gave up my job and I gave

up my just like my parents and my body

and everything and I thought I'd just

keep giving like I even gave up like

friendships and stuff and I found myself

really depressed after about six months

and I it took me years to crawl my way

back but also realize that becoming a

mother I'm not who I was and so I had to

rediscover who I was

and who goes gonna be and it takes a lot

of trial and error to figure out who you

are after becoming a mom so when I was

praying with the twins

I really promised myself that that

wouldn't happen again of course there

were times where I just had to like give

myself up and be an incubator for these

babies and just survive the day when

they were born but and make goals for

myself and I had self care but it's

beyond self care it is figuring out who

you are and and figuring out what life

is beyond having multiples because yes

multiples take up a lot of your time but

you're still a person outside of your

children and I think that me knowing

that and fiercely fighting for that it

really it it keeps everything in as much

balance as I can including my marriage

and including my my just my identity and

my mental state and so something I even

have to remind myself you know now I had

to remind myself of it just recently is

to compartmentalize and you know still

go on dates with my husband and still

have my job and even if it's a super

stressful time one of the babies is

struggling one of your kids is having a

hard time it's okay to shelf the worry

and go do something else for a bit and

then come back to it and problem-solve

it it's not Quinn your whole world is

not gonna fall apart if you don't obsess

about it every minute of every day so

just really fiercely protect who you are

figure out who you are after having

babies you're probably much stronger now

so that's pretty cool and just keep your

identity during the whole process and

just love those babies hard and accept

the help as much as you can from anyone

who gives it and put up your wet white

flag make sure you ask for help anyways

I'm kind of pouring a lot on you guys

with this video I'm not sure if I'm

gonna make more videos down the road of

breaking down specific topics maybe like

let me know in the comments if there was

something that you wanted me to dissect

more tons of things I touched on I've

created blog post pore for previous

videos for so

remember to link as many as they can

thank you so much for watching and

please share are you expecting multiples

do you know someone who has do you have

multiples or do you just find this

really interesting

I also think a lot of these tips can

apply to someone who's just having one

baby so you know listen up and this is

something that would work for someone

who's having one baby or multiples but

it's just really good general parenting

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