Preparing your garden for spring, ready for tilling and planting.

this is the square patch I'm gonna be

working with hasn't been a garden here

in a few years and that looks like a

better spot for me so I'm just gonna

rake some leaves and see what I have to

work with and we'll take it from there

these are removed I can see what I got

to work with the area is about 150

square feet very small garden but I

don't want more than that okay it's just

out to videos on how to do certain rows

here in Quebec like we're gonna do

carrots radishes a couple of tomato

plants and a couple of spuds and whatnot

and now that I see what I have to work

with I definitely have to remove some

turf okay because my my dad hasn't

planted the garden in a few years so I'm

just gonna take a long shovel here and

start removing the square foot at a time

and shaking the dirt off and putting

putting the dirt back and removing the

turf and when that's all said and done

and raked and all nice and even I'm

gonna put about four inches of Lee's

brown leaves on there so here we go

by turning it around like that it dries

up the soil a few days with his son and

definitely gonna help because right now

it's pretty saturated so that's why

on the side of the garden once it's dry

or somewhat dry I can shake the dirt

back in the garden

and the rest fault can be real barreled


and guys with snakes morning in

in the shoulders

in the jerk

it's all thought out

but guys I'm done removing the turf with

my shovel

and as you see I used a guideline

pretty much square it up

I wanted to look too

so here it is now I'm just gonna rake

start raking all the brown leaves all

over the place

four inches everywhere on this garden

and next week sometime when it's a

little drier I'm going to till the brown

leaves right inside the dirt and might

also buy a few bags of my new work throw

it in we should be pretty good

well there you go this is state one

the grass

made my garden pretty straight

just break the little bit

turn it out

already have to compose Brownlee's right

on top

I'm gonna let its

let it dry

when the sauce was saturated I'm going

to shake the dirt out of the turf and

then get rid of the church back in the



together I will add a few bags of


so this is state 1 we catch you guys


remember this is mid-march

pretty early but hey early is good

see you guys on my second video