hey guys welcome to another nursery vlog

Jacob and I are working on putting more

together for the nursery I'm officially

29 weeks pregnant today and I am really

feeling like the nesting like I'm ready

to get harvest nursery done and get more

things organized so we are now going to

be hanging up or Jacob will be hanging

up some wall decor and also if you

didn't know this - Jacob actually has a

YouTube channel where he does like

handyman type things and shows got to do

all of that so if you want to see more

of the behind the scenes like how to

hang up stuff and his take on it then

check out his channel it's called

know-nothing garage I'll have it linked

below but therefore since we are

officially hanging things up I had to

make a final decision on where I want

things so yeah we're gonna keep it like

this with a dresser and then we have our

little chair here this mirror is going

to go above the dresser and that's how

we have it in our bedroom as well and

then we have the crib over to the side

I'm still trying to figure out exactly

what I want to put above the crib

getting more than ursery together so we

got these two wall prints hung up which

I've had it for a long time yeah Jacob

got these two well Prince hung up check

out his channel for where he hangs them

up you test it up the rocking chair it

worked real good huh that's what I did

and they look super cute do you like the

chick yeah yeah they look good so here's

a look at the nursery now a Jacob hung

up the meter in the shelf obviously it

looks so good I'm just like obsessed I

think it looks so good

I love that we don't have like more pops

of color in here so like brings it out a

little bit more and then over to this

side we have the other print hanging up

so we still need to figure out what

we're gonna do with like this big wall

again I don't want to put any like

picture frames above the crib it's only

define what we want to do right above it

but anyway I think that it's looking

super cute like as you walk in it just

feels so homey and just like the exact

like theme and everything that I was

going for Jacob did lots of projects for

us today and we just had one little

accidents or spackling repainting if you

watch Jacobs video hmm you'll see why

happy little accidents that's right and

then we have to do this one too which is

where we had the dresser mounted earlier

so I'll just recycle and paints I'm good

as new

the next thing on my nesting to-do list

is to clean out our under the stairs

closet yes because it's atrocious and we

want to be able to move the stroller

there because right now it's been in the

nursery so we want to move it to the

closet so it's pretty gnarly we got just

a lot of junk back here and it also

wraps around the corner of the staircase

that's where we keep our Christmas


yeah Christmas and obviously just the

rest of all of our crap that needs to

get cleaned out to leave already packing

come with me I'm not really nice good

we'll get away to a place where we eat

so it's the beginning of March which you

know what is going around so we found

this tiny little bit of hand sanitizer

leftover liquid gold right here


with my own


this is now so much better a lot cleaner

and we're able to fit the whole stroller

car seat and everything for right now

and here obviously we'll take it out in

a couple months but until then we'll

just have it all stored away downstairs

here and this may be a good place to

keep it like regularly to when we aren't

out and about using it we could

definitely keep it in this closet as

long as we keep everything else clean

and then we ended up with a bunch of

empty boxes because we like went through

a bunch of sets and this is all good

we'll just one giant box of goodwill

stuff so feels good to purge and also if

we wouldn't have actually looked in the

closet this stuff would be here for

forever in our in the back of our closet

okay guys okay guys our nesting

continues our yeah because I've ordered

things and you get to put them together

yeah put them up so we've had a few

boxes arrived to the house so I thought

that we'd open them up and show you guys

the things that we got for home and

nursery again I was on a little bit of a

target shopping spree to get things like

for a house to be more settled in we

also did have some things that were

ordered off with our baby registry baby

showers are still kind of up in the air

depending on what the next month entails

for germs but um and we've had people

who are like we're coming to our maybe

showers who just sent us things to our

house so we were sent these crib sheets

which again we still have a mattress but

maybe we will soon these are llama crib

sheets from Target really cute we also

got this hatch baby sound machine I put

this on my registry I thought it was so

cool because it syncs with your phone

and it's also a nightlight time to rise

so he can definitely use this for a long

time so I was really excited about this

sound machine and then we also rejected

a Bumbo floor seat what do we have Jake

yeah actually that's for my grandma she

texted me said that she actually ordered

two oh so I guess you get a coffee

oh you are those cactus mini it's a

cactus by teaming it oh yeah okay so we

got this milk snob nursing cover and car

seat cover thing which is really cute

that I had on my ready to treat and then

also a cactus teething mint which again

just like the theme of his room so I got

a put on my registry like a few like

cactus II think so super cute

oh these I had to order for myself

because I didn't make my order like

enough to buy another item so I bought

little baby mittens that were teeth off

with my register - Wow okay and the big

box is out I ordered these canvas prints

for our haul waves I don't know the best

languages but I thought that they were

cute I think they're cute you obviously

didn't consult your interior design

you're the interior designers okay


there's the big box freaking bars

so I plan to put this up in the nursery

on the dresser to hold like diapers

by the wolf's heaviest trash can I got

this marble wastebasket for our

downstairs bathroom because the one that

we have is for my parents no pens mom

you're not really I got a bath rug for

our guest bath upstairs and a curtain

for our guest bathroom upstairs and it

has like a shelf area with like a

curtain so I thought this was so freakin


what does that say it says powder room

just scribbles I got this cute sign to

put up in our downstairs bathroom and

then got a candle to put as decor in the


I think oh no it's not what else did I


oh oh and this is to hold toilet paper

above the toilet in the bathroom that's

it I think so she's always something was

packed yeah so it's the next day I think

this vlog is just like as the week-long

span of us getting it things ready and

settled but I want to show you a few

more things that I got first off I got

these cactus garland and this llama


I just got these off of Amazon but I

thought they were really cute there you

go this little llama which is really

cute and then these cactus and so these

Garland's I just have sitting right here

over the crib but I'm going to

eventually put them up on the wall here

so I think that those will be cute with

the decor of the room so another thing

that I recently took advantage of was

getting some diapers so the honest

company has diapers that are the cutest


and obviously like good-quality diapers

and but they're typically kind of

expensive but they were actually running

a promotion that if for your first batch

of like diapers and wipes um it was like

40% off or something plus they were

already on sale so I basically got them

for half off I think it was so I spent

like $45 on all these diapers that'll

show you it's like seven packs of

diapers and then I want to say four

packs of wipes ok so here's all the

prints that I got these cute ones that

are just like blue and green stripes I

got a lot of those I got four of that

design and then there were these ones

that have like giraffes on them so I

thought that those were cute there they

are and then these ones I have cars on

them kind of hard to see at all but car

designs and then these ones which I wish

I would have gotten more of these

actually these are doughnut ones so

those are really cute and these are all

size one diapers and then also came with

the packs of wipes so I don't have a

little bit of a diaper supply which is

kind of exciting


so I'm planning to use the dresser as

our changing station and then I have

room here to put like the diaper pail so

I will get like the changing pad here

but I wanted to use this bin to keep

diapers and wipes and cream or like

whatever else I'll need out so I think

this will be like a good use of that

here and so I just put put a pack of

diapers here that's all I'm gonna open

up and these are size 1 so again I'm

just doing this for looks right now

because I a student he'll be in like

newborn diapers when he's actually born

so I will have to probably wait a little

bit to use these but they were just so

cute I just wanted to have them out and

then I'm just going to put some diapers

and wipes in the top drawer of the

dresser here to have stuff put away so I

think that that is all of our nesting

for now so thanks for hanging out and

joining us in our little nesting and

baby prep adventure if you enjoyed this

video don't forget to give it a thumbs

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forward to seeing you guys in the next

one bye