Preparing Vegetable Beds


hello hello guys welcome on this sunny


well it's March just beginning of March

and I got pretty much all the sight of

my clothes thought that when the floods

gonna be but this is when the hardest

work starts so this is what I have to

build see seven beds this is what all

the vegetables gonna be so I'm gonna

have over all seven beds they're gonna

be all eight meters long and beds will

be 30 inches wide in between I'm gonna

have parts which will be 25 inches wide

so as you can see those parts are quite

weak almost as white as as the beds

okay so I'm doing but this way well it's

easy to maintain them because you can

easily cross over the beds you know you

don't have to go around them and the

other thing is that if you have been

exactly the same size it's easier to

plant crop rotation each year and also

it's easier to plant how many vegetables

will fit into each bed and you can see

me doing this in my spreadsheet which

are available online so if you are

starting with growing vegetables that

might be very helpful

another thing is that if you buying any

kind of covers like for example you bar

you might bite pet netting and you might

buy the enviro mesh you can buy them in

exactly the same size and they will fit

on each of your beds so depending on

your crop rotation each year you might

be using different covers and different

beds now the one thing I'm gonna change

this year is the paths so paths were

last year pass were 18 inches wide and

it was okay for most of the time but I

struggle a bit when I was reading

because um you know especially with the

big brassicas it was hard to see all the

weeds under those big leaves

so this year I hope that we've passed

we'll be 25 inches wide it's gonna get a

bit more easier okay let's get busy so

this is what I'm using a lot of wooden

stakes and wool string usually what I'm

doing is trying to measure everything up

and use the wool string to give me idea

where are the pads where are the parts

and so here for example is we measuring

up the path

next thing is one of the hub that's

really this is what I'm scraping the

soil from the path to the bed after that

you have to weed the beds I would say at

least twice at the beginning but also

don't don't worry too much you know

you're gonna see a lot of stones a lot

of big roots but remember that you're

gonna be reading those beds throughout

the whole season so eventually you're

gonna get rid of all those things anyway

now next is adding compost or in my case

here I'm adding course manual so you

know just try to add as much as you have

and then eventually just try to

incorporate this into the soil now one

excess step I'm doing is I'm growing

quince gosh yes that's what I'm doing at

the beginning of the season arm you see

I'm trying to water all those weeds and

what I'm gonna do next is cover them

with the tarp so what does gonna do is

it will encourage the heat which will be

under the tower will encourage weeds to

grow so I'm hoping that through that I'm

gonna get rid of the first flash from

the weeds before I'm gonna start sowing

vegetables I think this day this is

called style seed bed technique okay

so at the end of this video here is the

quick summarize of all the steps that

I'm doing to prepare the bed and as

always guys feel free to ask any

questions in the comments and I hope you

are gonna have a great week and I see

you now

time take care bye