Right Age to start Preschool - Parenting Tips


the right age has changed over the years

and children are maturing earlier they

are ready to go to school earlier so I

think the right age now would be

anywhere between one and half and two

and a half to go to preschool and

separate from their parents now when is

your child ready between one and a half

and two and a half will depend on your

readiness and the child's readiness now

your readiness will depend on your home

situation your job situation it differs

from parents to parent if you are in a

joint family you have an excellent

support system you have a job where you

come back in decent time you are able to

take your child out for visits or in the

park and you think everything is going

fine and you are not in a hurry to send

your child to preschool on the other

hand you can be in the nuclear family

with very or no little support or no

support at all and you have a maid she's

reliable she takes care of your child

safety and bodily needs but what about

this stimulation your child needs where

do you get that from and so you feel the

need to send your child at a much

earlier age so the child's readiness

will depend on a number of factors does

the child have an older sibling very

often children see their older brothers

and sisters pick up their bag and bottle

and go to school and they go to drop the

chairs and sisters or pick them up it's

a very exciting world for them and they

are raring to go on the other hand this

is an older sibling and has had a recent

addition to the family and you choose

this time to send their childhood

preschool they feel very

ejected they feel sent away and it can

cause a lot of behavioral issues which

you will find very difficult to manage

and you will also wonder what happens

health issue is another reason why you

need to rethink sending your child to

preschool some children at earlier age

than two and a half are doing fine

health-wise and they are ready but some

children tend to pick up infections very

easily and if you talk to pediatricians

many of them will tell you that the

child hasn't developed their immunity

before two and a half so there is no

hurry to send them because they will

pick up infections from the other


another reason point that you should

keep in mind is is your child walking

and is your child communicating a

communicating doesn't only mean language

many children communicate very well

their needs without using any language

at all because if they go to a preschool

and they are with different teachers and

maids they will need to communicate

their needs to them not a good time to

send your child to preschool is if there

are any changes in their existing

environment and their lives for example

you just moved in and so the child has a

new house you domestic health has lost a

lot of familiar people from the old

place and you decide that that's the

right time to send the child to

preschool it's too much for that child

to adjust to more than one thing to

adjust to is difficult for a preschooler

so if a child goes to a preschool when

the rest of his life and environment

stays stable chances are he will settle

easily some children actually enjoy the

structure and the planning and the

activities that go in the preschool they

are very curious and though you may be a

family which is got everything in place

you have grandparents as support system

you are a very active mom or dad but

chhai needs more and so there is no harm

in sending your child to preschool where

they will get stimulation and

opportunities and materials and

abundance an ideal situation is when you

are ready to send your child to

preschool and when your child is ready

you are ready from the home front you

are ready from the job front remember

you will need to take time off to settle

your child in preschool and if you are

not able to do that you're tense you

need to get back to work it passes on to

the child and your child is ready your

child will give you indicators of

wanting to go to preschool wanting to be

with other children wanting to learn and

will give you enough indicators that he

or she is ready for it