5 tips on how to prepare your child for starting school

Starting school or returning from school

after a long holiday

can be unsettling for some students and their parents.

I'd like to share with you a few simple tips

to help make that transition a bit smoother.

Firstly it's important to remember that anxiety is a normal feeling to a new situation.

People regardless of age can feel anxious when they're facing something new.

Try to remember to keep calm and also be enthusiastic with

your child about starting school. Being enthusiastic sends a message

a positive message to your child that school is fun,

they can cope and it'll be an exciting time.

A really fun way to help prepare your child is to

role play or act out 'schools.'

Let your child be the teacher and you be the student and swap roles.

It's a really fun and proactive way of talking about feelings

talking about what might be coming up

and who might be there to assist them.

Reading picture books about starting school with your child is a lovely and

comforting way to prepare them for this new stage.

If at any time you're worried or

you feel that your child's not coping you can make a time to speak with your

child's class teacher, your school counsellor or your school psychologist.

Sometimes you may be concerned when your child becomes distressed -

when you leave them at school for the morning.

Remember, the way that you react

to these behaviors, is the way that your child will learn to cope with

these feelings.

If this does happen and your child becomes distressed

remember say your goodbyes but don't stay in the area.

Staying around the classroom can give

your child the impression

that there's something to worry about.

Your child's ability to cope can be greatly reduced if they're feeling tired.

School is fun and requires a lot of energy so allow your child to

wind down and relax after school.

Try not to fill your afternoons or evenings with

too many after-school activities. Even if it is just for a term or so until they

get used to the new routines.

It's going to be an exciting year for you

and your child as you learn so many new things.

Welcome back to school and I'd like to

wish you the very best for the year to come.