Is it safe to delay periods? - Dr. Rashmi Yogish


hi this is dr. Rashmi Yogesh consultant

infertility know why we fertility

Koramangala a lot of Indians al Indian

women think of delaying their periods

when it comes to occasions like wedding

or some ceremonies or poojas and all

that and most of the times people take

tablets from the medical shop

over-the-counter or they take the

prescription from their friends rather

than doctors it's very important that

you consult a doctor before you take

tablets to delay the periods and that is

because especially in women who have

irregular cycles they will never know if

they're pregnant and if they take some

tablets to delay periods there are

occasions where there can be harm to the

pregnancy because of having taken those

tablets apart in that people who have

risk of thrombosis running into your

family these progesterone tablets are

not really safe enough apart from that

we also have women taking oral

contraceptive pills for more than three

or four months to keep the appearance

delay which is definitely not at all a

wise idea one can take the oral

contraceptive pills without a break for

a maximum of two months and not more

than that yes in women now who would

want to delay their periods for

important occasions they can always

consult a doctor to make sure they are

all fit enough to take the tablets and

they can take these progesterone tablets

maybe three or four days before their

expected period date but they should

make sure they don't extend to take

these tablets for more than 15 days as

they can have certain implications on

the flow and they can also sometimes

make the period really heavy because

what the tablets do is that they keep

the progesterone level in the body high

and they prevent the lining of the womb

from falling down because this usually

happens when the progesterone level

falls down so it keeps the progesterone

level elevated and if you have the

progesterone levels elevated for a

prolonged period of time

there is also a risk of facing some side

effects in terms of bloating God

sometimes it could be tenderness in the

press sometimes they it can also lead to

changes in the mood so it's not really

wise to take these tablets for more than

15 days and he has a doctor's

consultation before delaying of before

taking these tablets to delay the penis

is definitely a very wise idea at least

once to make sure that these tablets are

safe for you and then maybe you can take

it for three or four times maximum in a

year's time and not more than that