What to Expect When You First Start Using Progesterone Cream

hello ladies what can you expect to

happen when you first start using

progesterone cream well I'm not talking

about the benefits I'm talking about any

little symptoms that might crop up so

listen carefully because I don't want

you to give up some women when they

first start cream may experience slight

symptoms in other words they feel

unusual don't be concerned this is due

to the fact that the estrogen in your

body has been suppressed as your body

tried to stay balanced in the absence or

deficiency of that all-important

progesterone the addition of

progesterone can wake up this estrogen

and estrogen dominance symptoms can be

temporarily exacerbated what are they

you might experience slight breast

tenderness a little headache or feeling

a pressure or even some heart

palpitations these are classic estrogen

dominance symptoms as you keep applying

the progesterone cream your body will

begin to feel balanced and great and

some ladies feel hot after applying the

cream they say this progesterone is

causing me to have hot flashes and they

throw it in the drawer you know that

drawer we throw in the things we don't

want anymore well no no no get away from

that door this is due to the fact that

progesterone increases metabolism and

it's a vasodilator so it's drawing blood

to the surface of the skin and may feel

almost like a hot flash to you give it

time these symptoms maybe will last for

three to five days now some women say

the cream is not working because they

don't feel immediate outward benefits so

they throw it in the jar but while you

are waiting for the outer benefits the

inner benefits are hard at work build

new bone decreased cortisol levels

lower triglycerides lower blood pressure

protect against stroke and protect your

heart progesterone is a little workhorse

so if you're patient you will be

rewarded I was on my third jar before I

felt it really kick in and I confess I

was getting a little whiny but then I

got my pay off depending upon your level

of imbalance it might work quickly or

you might be a lady who needs to be a

little more patient remember

progesterone is the feel-good hormone I

want you to feel good email me if you

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