PIO Shots (Progesterone in Oil) | Tips for Doing it Yourself with No Ice or Numbing Creams

hey everyone so in this video I'm going

to show you how I do the progesterone

and oil shot and for me it's really not

that painful and I don't use any numbing

cream or ice to numb the area so keep

watching to see what I do


okay so here are the ingredients you

need most of these things you will

definitely need no matter what which is

your progesterone and oil and your

needles and your sharps container and

your alcohol prep pads these are maybe

not everyone uses these these are just

like those heat packs that you can heat

up in the microwave and I have two of

them because one of them I put in my

pants a hundy area that I'm going to

inject to warm up my muscle and I find

that this really helps me at least and

because even like because honestly the

muscles are sore but I feel like when I

can heat it up it becomes a less sore so

and also just since this is an oil you

know keeping things warm and everything

is just gonna help that to flow better

and all that so so I have one did I do

that and then I feed up this one as well

and so once I get draw up my medications

and the needle and everything and it's

ready to go I put it in here I just kind

of fold fold this over stick the needle

in there just to let that warm up as

well so those are and then I also have

these gauze pads so I've just kind of

cut up cut them up and put them in here

and so I just take take one out and then

I have something there for me too

you know if there's a bleeding and

sometimes some of the oil comes out and

stuff and the injection site so I use

that to press on the area and then

massage the area really well afterwards

for several minutes I never really time

it but just for a for a while kind of

till I get sick of doing it I dresses

and I stop but anyway so that's that's

what you'll need


okay guys so while I get the needle


I have heat pack already on the hip just

warming it up as I'm doing this and I

have the other one here that's already

been warmed up and I try to make sure

it's not too too hot because I don't

know really how hot this stuff can get I

don't want to like damage it potentially

so I've got my needle here this is the

20 gauge needle and you know they come

in different ways this is my drawing up

needle so the smaller number is the

bigger needle so this is a 23 gauge

one-and-a-half inch so that's what I'm

gonna inject with but this is what I'm

going to draw up with and something I've

noticed so the last time I did a frozen

embryo transfer was in first off you

want to draw up to your dosage I

actually draw up just more than my

dosage because it doesn't really matter

it's just your putting air in here and

to kind of make it easier to suck out

but in the summer it sucks out much

easier than in the winter because the

last time we did this was in March so

August is yeah I just comes out way

easier so that's a great thing

okay so I got my needle ready and then I

also like to pull back after I've done

this just because there's some some of

the oil in this needle that I'm about to

take off so I don't know I just amount

up it's a huge deal let's apply a small

amount but I just try to make sure that

it's all in there and then this you put

in your sharps container sharps

container is very full it's about time

for me to start using another one and

then I replace would the injecting

needle and then it's ready for me to let

it warm up for a little while and yeah

then I'll see you for the next step hey

guys so it's actually the next day and

as I was editing this video I realized a

tip that I wanted to make sure to put in

there that I didn't put in here the

first time and it was actually something

I saw on a video from Phil and Alex if

you guys probably know who they are

they're very popular on YouTube and are

actually currently doing IVF as well but

she showed so just something I wanted

for videos it's like that is so smart so

your needles when you know you put your

needles and they fill up the sharp

container and everything and mine is

very full as you can see but really the

only part you need to put in here

is this part so you can just untwist it

well there we go

untwist it and this can just go and the

regular or like a recycle or trash you

don't have to worry about putting this

in your sharps container so this goes in

there and you will not run out of space

as quickly so that's a big tip that I

saw and I know some people like to save

these for you know pictures and stuff

like that you know with the needles

around the you know pregnancy

announcement or something like that so

you can also just store these somewhere

have them for later if you want so

anyway I just thought it was a good tip

I liked it and just to help not have to

put as much in these things so ok keep

watching ok so my hip area is pretty red

as you can see so I got pretty warm and

I'm just cleaning it off with the

alcohol and then so now what I'm gonna

do is I'm going and another big thing is

my positioning as I'm in right now so

this is how I do it myself like in the

first video I did it you probably saw me

standing up doing it and I found like

one time I was doing it and I felt a

little bit lightheaded and I was like

this is not good cuz yeah it would not

be good to like pass out we're trying to

be good I didn't feel like it's gonna

pass out but I just was like it's not

worth it so anyway and I found that like

doing this so putting pillows between my

legs like this and laying on my side on

a couch is the best way for me to do it

I don't have to think about like not

putting weight on this leg you know in

this muscle I feel I can kind of stay

more loose and not engaged and relaxed

so as in this position so this is how

I've discovered it's the best way for me

so to find the area I'm going to inject

and I just find my hip bone and so I

just kind of feel around here and then

I'm gonna go I'm gonna find a spot so I

kind of push in to feel a spot that

doesn't feel tender because after you

started doing I've been doing this for

several days now and I'm having to do it

twice a day in the morning and at night

so yeah the hips are sore there's I

don't think there's really a way to make

you over there not

Saur but it's not yeah but anyway so I

try to find a spot that doesn't really

hurt when I'm pressing on it and I just

make sure you know where the bone is

make sure I'm not getting you know gonna

hit bone

basically um so yeah that I think that

feels pretty good right there and I

don't know I kind of just dig around in

there just to make sure it doesn't

really it's not really tender so then

I've got my needle here and I take the

cap off and I because I sucked out some

air from the other one so I'm going to

push that back out now and until I get

stuff coming out the top basically there

we go yeah some oil coming out the top

so it's ready to go

and I just kind of keep sometimes it

still takes me a little while I think

there's still that mental blockage of

just like freaking out over this giant

needle even though I've done this so

many times but for me I guess it's just

still kind of like to hesitate a little

bit and make sure I'm doing it all right

okay so trying to find a spot again and

I find the closer like the closer you

get to your the middle of your but I did

it one time or was a little bit towards

them you know not as much on the hip I

guess like on the side and that one who

is uncomfortable so I think this hip

area is really the best area to do it at

so okay I got the area and then yeah

Casey's doing a great job at helping

just kind of get the right angle and you

spread the skin in take a deep breath in

yeah I just like to breathe out like

that cuz it's just like I said

intimidating and something that you got

to remember it's pulling back okay so I

saw bubbles you probably didn't see that

but you want to pull back and make sure

there's no blood and I've never seen

blood but you just got a check so then I

slowly inject it just takes a while

and it really doesn't like hurt that bad

because I think you're spreading the

skin so it just kind of punctures really

quickly um and he's so like I don't jab

it in real fast

some people jab it and really fast but I

don't know I find it hard to do that so

yeah I don't know but it really doesn't

hurt that like it's not bad at all

comes out put the cap back on and then

get like the gauze pad thankfully didn't

really believe this time sometimes it

believes and sometimes it doesn't and

then I take that gauze pad and I always

put it there and just rub away and

sometimes I'll have KC rub it for me but

yeah that's it and it really like I

honestly feel like if I put numbing

cream or eyes or something it really

wouldn't help me personally because I

like I said I just feel like when it

goes in it's just not like it doesn't

really sting much it doesn't really have

a lot I mean you do feel it but it's

just kind of hard to explain it's not

it's not that painful but you know

whatever whatever you need to do to get

through these shots you do you so if you

need ice if you need numbing cream go

for it but I just kind of wanted to show

an example of someone doing it without

that so that if you wanted to try to do

it without that um you know this is the

way I've kind of found that I feel like

it's helpful for me and I pretty much

don't have any yeah a problem I mean I

think it you know I definitely like I

said just kind of get a little freaked

out at that needle every time I see it I

don't know why but but then when I do it

I'm like oh yeah so anyway thank you

guys so much for watching and stay tuned

because we have our transfer in two days

so I'll definitely be putting a video up


so and make sure just to subscribe if

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would love to hear from you guys so let

me know how you do your progesterone oil

shots do you use numbing stuff how do

you help you figure it out do you do it

yourself does your husband do it

honestly I will say for me I'm more

comfortable doing it myself my husband

has never done it he's totally willing

but I actually feel like I would have

more it'd be maybe more painful or more

anticipatory if if that makes sense like

if he did it like I feel like I know

what it's gonna happen and I just kind

of do it when I'm ready and I don't know

I actually prefer doing it myself so

yeah anyway I would love to hear from

you guys like what are your thoughts on

progesterone and oil how how is your

reaction to it any tips you might have

that I don't have that could be helpful

for people please comment below I'd love

to hear that and I'm sure other people

would love to see that too so alright

see you guys the next one bye