hey everyone good morning it's actually

not morning but I wasn't sure if I was

going to vlog today because today's

going to be a pretty boring lazy

relaxing day but I decided that I was

vlog anyway since I haven't in a few

days I haven't been feeling too well

shocker but I'm feeling a little bit

better like dizzy and nauseous wise

today so I decided to just pull out the

camera even though we're not doing much

Brandon at work he actually has tomorrow

off so I'm really excited we're going to

do some fun stuff but I just have tons

of stuff to do like as you can see

there's so much laundry I've been like

drowning in it for the past two days

because I've been putting it off so much

so I've got so much laundry to do addy

is down for a nap and I think that she's

starting to get sick she's been coughing

so I'm hoping that she doesn't our house

has just been hot mess lately like

everyone but anyways and I think that's

all that we're going to be doing today

but I do want to make a call to my

doctor because they said that if I was

getting anxious or frustrated about the

bleeding that to just call and I don't

need another ultrasound I think that the

baby sign is just stressful and it's

making me really anxious and it's just

frustrating so I want to see if there's

anything that they can do and I want to

check my labs and everything like that

that I got done on Friday yeah Friday

see if any of those came back and what

they say in everything so he thinks I'm

just going to call and they never answer

you know you have to leave a message so

that's what I'm going to do right now

and wait for ID to wake up I've been

doing some computer work some folding of

laundry so that's what I am going to do

until she wakes up okay I just left a

message with the doctor's office just to

see if there's anything they can do I

know that some of you were saying that

maybe taking progesterone or checking my

progesterone might help and they did

when I first found out that I was

pregnant and they might have on Friday I

don't know what

like there was so much blood taken so

many labs so I'm sure that maybe one of

them was so I guess we'll just see

and I don't know we'll see what they say

so what you know if they call or fatty

weeks the doctor still hasn't called but

I don't think that he is sleeping she's

been just talking and there she has not

been wanting to sleep which I mean she I

think that she's getting sick so that's

really weird but I really want some

fries from this local place I've been

thinking about it for like two days and

I think that if she's awake I'm going to

go bring her there because they're going

to close soon so I'm gonna go see if

she's awake and then we will probably go

get some fries

okay not sleeping you're not sleeping

what the heck do you have what the heck

oh my gosh she's been getting into so

much lately move but let me back you

have the monitor cord how'd you get that

how did you even get that huh you

stinker why aren't you sleeping huh why

aren't you sleeping


should we get up you want some french

fries with the fries oh yeah me cue

let's get you up


how are you not tired huh you're crazy

let's get you your car seat and we'll go

get some french fries I was watching

some mash video while I did the laundry

where's your car see more Jews here six

I'll be right back here we go let's go

get some fringe bag we're home I got the

goods I'm so excited and just in case

you're in the area Heroes is amazing but

something kind of funny happened daddy

is asleep she fell asleep in the car on

our way home so I just changed her and

then put her down for a nap why does

this keep on on we really need to get a

warranty for that monitor because it's

just I really hope that we can return it

anyways yeah we just went and got the

french fries but while we were there I

didn't why are you doing this how do i

shut this off oh it's been going off all

day no matter how many times I turn it

off it's so annoying and I don't think

that there's even any batteries in this

thing anyways um so while we were there

she went

poop and I didn't realize that she was

up against my leg she knows she's on my

hip on my side and I was carrying her

and so it kind of leaked out a little

bit so I didn't even notice until I left

and after I changed her but I have poop

all over me yes my house is a mess so

she literally pooped on me in public

there's really embarrassing because

after I noticed it like right after we

left I was like

my gosh I don't nobody smelled it or saw

it but I'm going to eat this she's gonna

take a nap and then yeah I'm going to

change the shirt

hey everyone it is the next day I didn't

vlog anymore because I started feeling

really bad and just did not feel good so

I didn't vlog anymore but I just decided

that I was going to hop on here today

and end the vlog and update you all on

what my doctor said she did call back

she ended up calling back and she said

that I can take progesterone sometimes

it helps and sometimes it doesn't so she

did prescribe it to me and she said you

can take it and at my help but you know

there are always side effects with every

medication so I'm trying to make the

decision because she didn't say that I

had to have it because the baby was

doing well on Friday so it's just the

bleeding and just in case you know it's

good to have progesterone as a backup if

anything is going to go wrong but I

don't know I've got a weight probably

I'm going to fill the prescription but

I'm not quite sure yet definitely know

let me know any experiences you have

with progesterone side-effects if it

helped your bleeding stop everything

like that and if you have any experience

this is bleeding too I know some women

say that they believe their entire

pregnancies which would not be fun but

anyways yeah brainian is outside doing

the lawn work and addy is down for a nap

we will see you on the 4th of July we've

got some fun stuff planned so we will

see you all tomorrow can I