HOW TO GET A 1400+ ON THE PSAT: Full Guide to the PSAT

hey guys it's a cèlle here so as you

guys might know I am a rising junior in

high school and that means that I need

to take the PSAT in October so that it

counts towards the National Merit

Scholarship and I have already taken the

PSAT two times I took in my freshman and

sophomore year of high school and I

don't really remember my score for

freshman year but for sophomore year I

got a 14-10 and I don't really think

that's like an amazing score or anything

but yeah so I will just give you guys

today some tips on how I have been

preparing for the PSAT and how I

prepared for it my freshman and

sophomore year of high school and how

I'm preparing right now for my junior

year PSAT so yeah I hope that you guys

find this video helpful and useful and

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get into it

okay so first of all why should you take

the PSAT and ninth and tenth grade one

it only counts in 11th grade well taking

the PSAT in your freshman sophomore

years of high school are really helpful

because they give you basically a sense

of what the test is like and also give

you experience so that when you go into

your junior year you already know what

the actual test is like how long it

takes um what the questions are like

things like that and it's also a really

good way to gosh what are your best in

worse areas and what areas you should

focus on and the College Board actually

analyzes what questions you missed and

what areas are your best in what areas

are your worst so that way the following

year you can focus on those areas and

focus on improving those parts of the

test and

said of just studying everything so I

remember that both years my guidance

counselor gave me an official practice

test to the PSAT so you should

definitely do that if you get one from

your guidance counselor I think there's

also a full practice test on Khan

Academy it's probably the same one so

you should definitely do that because

it's really similar usually to the

actual PSAT exam that you're going to

take so it's definitely great to use

that resource and go over your questions

that you missed and things like that you

should also definitely go over if you

have already done the PSAT a previous

year you should definitely go over your

miss near mistakes

and go over the test again and see what

you got right where you go wrong things

like that so as you guys know it's the

new PSAT last year in October 2015 was

the first new at PSAT honestly I didn't

really feel there was that big of a

difference between the new PSAT and the

old PSHE um they were pretty similar

personally to me when it comes to actual

difficulty of the questions the format

is definitely different but the actual

questions are not really like that

different so I use several different

prep books um when I was preparing for

my freshman year my freshman year PSAT

and then my sophomore year PSAT I use

different prep books because it was for

the new PSA G but it was basically the

same day so I remember when I was

preparing for the PSAT in my freshman

year of high school I really used this

book um it's 500 PSAT practice questions

from the Princeton Review and I did the

entire book I did all the practice

questions and the practice tests and

things like that and I found it really

helpful and they probably will have one

for the new PSAT I haven't really

checked at but you should definitely

definitely check out this book I also

use this book this Barron's PSAT book I

didn't do like any of the

Cavallari and I didn't actually go

through the book all I did were the

practice questions and look honestly the

main way that I prepared for the PSAT

was just doing practice questions and

vocab that was basically it

I didn't really like study for it like

in the specific areas in the book but

yeah I did all of the practice tests in

here and I also used this book a bit I

did the two practice tests they had in

here so those were the books that I used

my freshman year of high school and for

my sophomore year honestly I didn't

study for the PSAT really at all I

probably spent maybe like I did a

probably a couple of practice tests and

that was really it but I still did

practice and the practice books that I

used where the new PSAT Caplin book has

other little things in there I actually

did study like I did go through their

tips and tricks and things like that

which I actually found pretty helpful so

you should definitely do that and as you

can see I went through their practice

questions and things like that so I did

do that and I also did skim through this

Farren's new PSAT book and I just it's

basically just strategies and practice

so I went through it and I did some of

the practice questions and things like

that so those were the two books that I

use the past year and I'm actually

planning to buy a few more prep books

for the PSAT like this week because I've

gone through again these two books and I

feel like I need a little more practice

so I'm gonna do that

I also definitely recommend using Khan

Academy because they usually have really

good analysis of the questions and

things like that and they also have

practice tests there too so I definitely

recommend doing that and when it comes

to sh t vocabulary I use this app it's

this app by no G and you have to buy it

for money

I honestly totally recommend this

because I used it a lot and I really

really recommend it I think it's an

amazing app honestly for the SAT vocab

and yeah so it has like lots of

different vocabulary like 400 words 300

words 50 words lots of different

vocabulary sets and when you go in you

can learn and remember different

vocabulary and it'll actually say the

words out loud and you can also quiz

yourself and you can see which words you

know the best which ones you don't know

things like that and I just honestly

find it to be really really helpful and

I and I definitely definitely recommend

this app because that's the only thing

that are really used for um SAT vocab or

PSAT vocab so yeah I hope that you guys

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and bye guys I'll see you later